Best Michigan wr in college?

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Got into a debate with my cousin today at dinner concerning the best Uof M WR. Braylon Edwards, Carter, or Howard?
Personally I believe Edwards. Although he dropped some balls that made me pull my hair out, he was a freak of nature. He insisted Howard due to the heisman. 



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Only because I'm watching the '88 Game on BTN right now, and I met his mother once at the grocery store.

In all seriousness, Braylon played in a different era, so it's comparing apples and oranges, but I'd give him the edge over AC based on Braylonfest.  I'm too young to have seen AC anywhere other than the USFL and with the Vikings, but Desmond was a better all-around player than Braylon. 

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I would put Desmond slightly below Edwards and Carter in terms of greatness at the WR position.  Desmond more than made up for it with special teams, but if we are saying just as a wide reciever, I would probably put Edwards on top.


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AC, but some earlier players should be in the conversation, too, event though Michigan didn't always pass a lot.  I would include Jim Smith on any list of top wide receivers (though he didn't always line up as a wide out).  I'm sure there are others that go back even farther in time that were very good a well.


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It isn't even close.  The best receiver ever in a Michigan uniform was Anthony Carter...all the No. 1 nonsense and everything else that followed was based on his accomplishments.  No receiver that has followed to date has equaled what AC did, regardless of whether they wore No. 1.


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It's a somewhat unfair comparison, given that Carter played in a run-centric era. By my lights, though, he was the most dominant and dangerous WR I've ever seen in blue. A man among boys.


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I've seen them all. Howard, Carter then Edwards.
<br>Carter pioneered new offensive era. My favorite player of all time.
<br>Edwards does not have good enough hands to be in same stratosphere as these two.
<br>Howard. Heisman trophy winner. Td within 25 yards. Useful on special teams. More dangerous than other two. Better um career on field ( not stats) than others.
<br>If ac played on Howard era team he would best this list. Casualty of era's offense for this debate.


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AC played for Bo in the run era.  He would have put up sick numbers in today's game.

Braylon had three great years, while Desmond had two.  But Desmond did catch 19 TDs in 1991 (plus three others for a total of 22) while winning the Heisman.  I can't choose.


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Howard only had the stats for the Heisman because of Alexander's injury. Not sure that Braylon was any better than Manningham. AC played in a totally different era. The only player comparable to him in my lifetime is Denard. So yeah, I'd have to say Yale Van Dyne.


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I used to think this was true but I am no longer convinced.

Desmond had exactly 4 catches more in 1991 than he did in 1990, when Alexander was clearly a no. 2 receiver. Alexander was also not as productive a receiver as Desmond was in college. Sure, he was having a good game against Boston College when he was hurt but he'd had better games in 1990 when Desmond was clearly the no.1 receiver.  So it's not clear to me Alexander would have taken away that many opportunities from Desmond. It's also possible that Alexander's presence would have helped Desmond statistically by drawing more of the coverage.

Returns are a different story, but Alexander didn't begin returning punts until after he came back in 1992. He would have taken away kickoff return opportunities, but I believe the only kickoff return touchdown Desmond had was against Boston College in the game where Alexander was hurt.


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Using someones speical teams accomplishments to justify them as the best WR is pretty weak.  If that was the case, then it is Woodson hands down, he also played defense better than anyone else. 


Based on ability to play WR, I would say AC then Braylon.


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AC was All-American for three years and UM MVP twice.  Braylon won us some games by himself and was awesome.  Desmond won the Hiesman and word on the street is that he was pretty good.

But AC was just fantastic and did it over three years.  He did it on a Bo running team and really changed the way UM played football.

I don't think the arguement is neccesary b/c they are all awesome and "apples and oranges", but if we're having the arguement, then the answer is AC.

Also, when I was a kid, I wore a #1 Michigan jersey in the park every Saturday after watching or listening to the game.  It has to be AC.


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Bennie Oosterbaan is one of the top recievers all time at Michigan:


Michigan's first, and one of only two, three-time All-Americans. Considered one of the greatest pass receivers of his era. Chosen on the All-Time All-American team in 1951. Also a National Football Hall of Fame member with his team-mate Benny Friedman to join such other Wolverines preceding him as Snow, Heston, Schulz and Kipke. Named to Michigan Hall of Fame as well. One of the greatest all-around athletes in Big-Ten history, All-American in basketball and All-Conference in baseball as he won nine letters. With Friedman, formed one of football's foremost passing combinations. Later coached his Alma mater when the Wolverines won or shared Big Ten titles three times, captured the 1951 Rose Bowl and earned national football championship in 1948. Football Coach of the Year in 1948.

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I understand the comments about statistics. I even understand the comments about not including special teams. I also understand people who weren't born when Carter played, However, Carter was the best college wide receiver, not just Michigan wide receiver, I have ever seen. I wish I remember the source, but a year or so ago I saw a national piece in which two sportswriters named their All America teams for something like the last fifty years. They disagreed a lot but their wide receivers were both Larry Fitzgerald and Carter. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of Carter to the program. Without Carter, the history of great Michigan receivers (and I would suggest, passers) is at least delayed. He was so good that he changed the way our teams played. And none who followed, neither Desmond, nor (certainly) Braylon, could have done that.


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If I could just interject something here. I never saw Carter play live so I will have to defer to someone of greater wisdom on that matter. I have seen some games in replay and heard former players speak on his greatness. So that is not arguable. 

So let me preference my comment by saying that the best receiver I have seen was Braylon his senior year. The guy was lights out. He made Henne look all world as a freshmen. He was clearly unguardable. Much like that tandem of David Terrell and Drew Henson. All of this is very subjective, with that said, Edwards is my favorite. 

Howard was the most electric player on Michigan's squad. I remember watching them go up against Notre Dame in their last heyday and everyone was hyping up Raghib Ismail and I kept saying to myself, but we got Howard. That guy was lighting in a bottle. If he got to the second level put 6 on the board. 

They are all dynamic in their own right. And truthfully, I am glad they all wore the winged helmet. Lets pray that 20 years from now we will be able to have this same argument about the receivers that come through and set up residence in the big house. 


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It is AC.  He changed the game as some have said.  Remember how Woodson shut down one side of the field which made our defense dominant?  AC scared the shit out of the opposing defense so bad, he made our run game dominant. 


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AC did it all - receptions, kickoff returns, punt returns. His moves after the catch were simply amazing. He juked guys so bad you can't even imagine. All this before Michigan started pumping out NFL-caliber quarterbacks.
<br>I had the good fortune of going to games as a high school student in this era. I went to one nationally- televised game (which was uncommon then) and prepared a sign which read "1 AC + 5 JW = 6 TD", hoping to get on tv.


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AC is still one of my favorite players of all time.  4th in the Heisman voting in 1982, behind:

Herschel Walker

John Elway

Eric Dickerson


That is a heck of list right there. 


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... above AC and Howard must be under 30.  This is not a criticism, it's just that if you saw how dominant AC and Howard were, it's not even close.  

The number one jersey is the number one jersey because of AC.  Braylon gave us a few good memories, but that's it.  

AC by a country mile, Desmond, then Braylon.  I'd even put a couple other guys before Braylon, as well.