best day and time to go to Blimpy burger?

Submitted by newfoundhbomb on August 25th, 2011 at 2:11 PM

 heading into Ann Arbor Thursday afternoon and staying till Sunday afternoon.  Whats the best day and time to stop in and get a burger?  I know it can get really busy and crowded there.  Any info is appreciated.  thanks. GO BLUE!!



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Thirded.  I once had them grill onions and not 15 seconds later I said, "you know what, can you grill some mushrooms with that too?"  She said "No, I've already started the onions."  I laughed it off and asked if she was serious.  She told me "next time get your act together before you waste my time."  So I just left the line and walked out.

Sure it's an iconic place in the only town I've ever felt was home, but I'm not interested in paying for a burger that isn't made how I want by someone that is rude.

EDIT: Flamebait?  I guess I underestimated the loyalty to that particular employee around here...either way, don't care, this was my experience.  Take it for what it's worth.

LSA Aught One

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I was a freshman in 1997 and she was just as tough then as she is now.  She's part of the fun of going to Blimpy.  I used to get mine in a paper bag to absorb some of the grease while I walked home.  I recommend mid-day on Saturday, if you don't have anything else planned afterward.  You have to give yourself a good 2-3 hours to recover post-Blimpy.

el segundo

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Her name is Devi (sp?) and she's worked there forever.  I think she works Friday nights now.

She's terrific.  She was always very solicitous of my sons when they were little.  She did not invent the strict rules for ordering, but she always enforced them vigorously, and with a sense of humor that many customers just did not get.  

Unfortunately, the newer employees don't seem to take the ordering procedure seriously and let customers order however they like.  It's a shame.  Those rules were part of the fun of Blimpy's.  Something will be lost if customers feel free to say, "I'll have a triple cheeseburger with cheddar."


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The old school culture of Blimpy Burger is just as legendary as the burgers are.

I once witnessed the chef (not Davee) tell a guy currently on his phone to get the **** out of the restaurant.  He did.

I've witnessed a chef tell somebody who was holding the door open to walk outside and take a 15 minute timeout before rejoining the line.

They run an efficient operation.  It's a pleasure to watch.  People failing at ordering = entertainment for the rest of us.  They have a sign for Blimpie Virgins (ed - they did.  Now its hit or miss).  Don't read the sign at your own risk.


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I would normally say avoid weekend lunches (especially game day). But really anytime I have gone at a normal lunch hour (say between 11:30 and 1) it is always a huge line. Probably just going to have to bite the bullet and wait in line.


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This week it's tough to say, because I'm sure kids from the West Quad will be in there all week. I usually go either right when they open (11AM), or for dinner at like 7-7:30(sometimes 4-4:30 is a good time also).

Right when they open, you can sometimes walk right up to the front, and at 7:30 you usually don't have to wait more than like 10-15 minutes. This also makes seating a lot better.


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If you're not working, don't contribute to the lunch rush.  Go before 11:45 or after 1pm -- it'll be vastly better, and you may even find a place to sit!


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When Davee is working! She's the best chef they have, and was featured on the food network spot. She used to work Fridays, not sure if she still does.

I vote Friday at 2:00

Zone Left

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Thursday afternoon. The student population is going to rise significantly this weekend and they'll want their fill after a summer away.

Also, their onion rings are overrated. Someone had to say it.


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But seriously.  There is never a bad time to get Blimpy.  But come back and visit for a hockey game, and go before you go to Yost.  Mmhmm.


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best day to go is payday, as you'll be spending a good chunk of change. and also, dont forget to hit up an ATM since they don't take credit (it's 2011 retards). Enjoy your overpriced soggy bun burger. p.s. if you get fries ask for them well done or else you'll get mashed potatoes.


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It seems like it has been busy in spurts.  Last time I went it wasn't too bad but I've been cutting down going there.

the black woman works Friday nights and Saturdays and I don't have a problem with her.


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In a nutshell, right when they open, after lunch, before dinner, and after dinner. If you know a good cardiologist, visit and eat at all these times during the course of one day. Good food and worth the personal abuse. 


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When I was still in high school, I was lifeguarding at a waterpark in Dundee, MI.  Lo and behold, in walks Devee with a ton of kids - I think it was like a Boys and Girls Club or YMCA - something like that.  She walks away to set up camp at a bank of picnic tables. 

Unable to leave my post, I whistled for my manager to come over, and asked her to run over to the tables and tell her that I think she makes the best quint in the state.  She came running over, totally geeked to be recognized, and said she'd give me two free ones the next time I was in.

Never cashed in on that deal...But I can tell you what, she isn't on a power trip.  Some of the others can be, but never her.


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Five Guys, besides being a soulless chain, is considerably pricier.  A burger, fries and drink is what, $10?

The rudeness of the Blimpy staff is way overblown.  If you know how to order (and there's a sign on the wall telling you how), they'll be fine.  Actually, even if you don't know how, a lot of times they'll guide you through it anyway.  The only time I've truly seen them be tough on customers is when there was a huge line and they wanted to keep it moving.