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Allright if there has to be a fight at Bennigans. Who would you pay good money to see Harbaugh square off with and you can only choose one and why.  A. Meyer  B. Franklin  C. Dantonio  D. Finebaum



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It'd be funny but there's no fight there.

My ideal scenario goes something like this... Jim, Meyer and Mike D sit down at a bennigans after the B1G coaches meeting to share a delicious Monte Cristo sandwich.  Meyer and Mikey each take one piece, while Jim goes in aggresively and grabs the last two.  Fight ensues which results in Jim claiming all 4 pieces and even licking the dusting of powdered sugar off the fingertips of his vanquished foes.


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In his recent interview on the Pardon My Take podcast, Harbaugh was asked when the last time was he got into a fight. The interviewer thought he'd say he was like 8. Harbaugh's answer was he got into a full on fist fight against two other guys at a Bennigan's when he was 39.


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Thankfully, May, aka "Let's Talk About Random Hypotheticals Because We're Between Seasons and Bored Month" is almost over.


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What about June though? I mean, that's "Let's discuss the hypotheticals spawned from May's hypotheticals month". It's also "What Shows Are You Currently Binging?" time, so we do at least add that to the mix, and in June we also memorialize the greatest cratering in the last five years or so, which was the "Laquon Treadwell saved a bunch of mony by switching to GEICO" moment. 


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because it's due.....

Franklin, he already has.

"fin - well, its just not fair.....

And MD - He is not even on the level of being in the discussion anymore


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Serious answer to a loopy off-season question: Meyer. I think Harbaugh could take him and it would be delightful to see that smug bastard get whupped. I'd be OK with Dantonio / Franklin doing the honors.


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all four of them at once.  The results would be the exact same as if you put the representative symbol of each item into a cage match: once the Wolverine ate the mountain lion and disemboweled the Spartan, the tree and the bespectacled penis would fall in line. 

S.G. Rice

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I don't think I've been near a Bennigans in 20 years, so I'm not sure what kind of patrons it attracts these days.

I'll go with all of the above plus the OP, OP gets to go first due to the uninformative thread title.