Bellomy making headlines & converting Texans

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Obviously our newest QB sent in his letter this morning.  His ceremony has been postponed for a second  time due to the ice age coming to Arlington, Tx.  We blame the Steelers and Packers for bringing it with them.

Russell is getting all kinds of love down here and has plenty of local fans jumping on the Michigan bandwagon and even chatter about more Texans heading north to play ball in the future.  ESPN Dallas did a short write up on him and Michigan that you can read

7 Martin HS players signed Div 1 letters today.  I caught up with 3 of them the other day and the only thing they could talk about was Russell and how great this match is for him and Michigan.  So we have Russell and two other Texans in this class, along with our current boys (Stonum, T Robinson, Woolfolk, Hopkins) to keep the pipeline going.




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You are correct.  It is quite the thing around here.  The championship game this past fall drew 43,321 people.  The practice facilities are so outrageous that the Packers are practicing in a HS indoor facility in Dallas this week.  I was at a game this past year (regular district game - non playoff) between two West Texas teams that had 22,000 people in a 22 Million dollar stadium.

"Friday night lights" are legit.


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Well, the big programs (read: rich) are the ones that have these insane practice facilities. Some of them can even rival a small college. Texas in east texas is huge. It used to be more of the panhandle permian basin area (Friday Night Lights is a pretty good depiction of the small texan football town) but now its become a money sport and all the money is in east texas.


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I was actually far more impressed by Bellomy's tape, than I was Gardner's....and that is not knocking Gardner.....  and think Bellomy is the future, over Gardner.  Though Pike may have something to say about that, but I still think its Bellomy.  His tape is great.


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Dude, I am happy for Bellomy but the guys is really a career backup, maybe one year starting as a RS Sr or something like that. DG is sick and will lead our program to greatness (that is assuming that Denard doesnt do so before DG will be continuing our run of greatness).


GO BLUE!!! Everyone get pumped for a strong recruiting class. I have a feeling like there are a few sleepers in this class that will make us happy for 4-5 years to come.


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This is tough for me.  Since I am personally connected with Russell I am quite biased and excited he is wearing a winged helmet.  However I love me some Dilithium, along with everyone else, and have been anticipating greatness from Devin from the second I saw his highlight reel.  Add in the talk about Pike and it is difficult to not feel good about our QB potential.


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Everytime I see a post from Michigania I get annoyed. You completely ignore that Gardner was invited to, and raved about, at the elite 11 camp. Additionally, you ignore his actual game experience, time in the weight room, and familiarity and trust he has gained with the other players in the locker room. Gardner is a stud. Hyping Bellomy is fine, but at the expense of Gardner, without basis is irresponsible if not ignorant.

Indiana Blue

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The kid is excited to be a Michigan Wolverine and that is great news !!!  I doubt anyone here has even seen this kid play a single full game  -  yet that doesn't stop all the opinions of what his career is going to be.  You see the point is you get the best you can all the time.  He'll compete for the job, and as everyone knows injuries can change plans in the blink of an eye.

Saying Bellomy is a career backup is just very simply a dumb comment !  A hearty welcome to Bellomy and the other 19 signees ! 

Go Blue !


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Devin is sick? My God man, what's the prognosis? I guess it's good we have Bellomy after all! Whew, let's all take a moment to pray that Plague-Sending-Angry-Michigan-QB-Hating-God steers clear of Russel.