(Belated) Hello: Freshman Safety AJ Pearson

Submitted by Blue boy johnson on October 19th, 2012 at 8:35 AM

I've never seen AJ Pearson mentioned on this blog, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if he contributes on the field, maybe as early as next season.

AJ Pearson is a walk-on Safety on the football team. His HS video reminds me of Jordan Kovacs, he like to hit, and could be a Special Team star. Great to see kids like this make a huge personal sacrifice to be a Michigan Wolverine.

Has anybody noticed young Pearson on the sidelines this fall? He should be sporting 36

36 AJ Pearson DB 6-0 195 FR Johns Creek, Ga. (Northview HS)


Personal Statement I am a 6'0, 193 lb strong safety/outside linebacker from Johns Creek, Ga.  I am looking for a school that will challenge me both in the classroom and on the field. I value my education a lot and would like to go to a school that has the same values and expectations that I do. I I want to feel comfortable enough with the teachers and professors to ask them questions before, during, and after class.  I would like to be in a competitive athletic environment and to have a chance to make an early impact on the team. I am a very hard working and self motivated. I pursue my goals on and off the field passionately. I keep working until the job is done and I never give up on a task. I give my all on the field and more. I lead my team in the weight room, in the lockeroom, and especially on the field. I have a diligent spirit and look to make the best of myself with the oppertunites given to me.



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I am looking for a school that will challenge me both in the classroom and on the field. I value my education a lot and would like to go to a school that has the same values and expectations that I do.

He sounds like a great student athlete.


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As a fan of Michigan, I hope you succeed on the field beyond your wildest expectations. And as an alumnus, I hope you find challenge and reward in the classroom. Welcome to the Michigan family; you've chosen well.

Sextus Empiricus

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He's not playing SS in many of these videos. His pad level is basically in the heavens. He does have a nose for the ball like Jordan.

A walk-on is by definition a project players. The sacrafice he is making coming to Michigan is financially extreme. It's admirable.

This is the sort of walk on that Hoke likes I take it. That said ... I will take it. I don't think the road to walk on success is as golden under the current coaching staff is in Jordan's underclass years. The success walk ons have enjoyed recently are more due to dire need than work ethic. Any walk on is going to have to overcome the hurdle of low expectations from the coaching staff - and Magnus (I kid...).

If the coaches thought he had what it takes they would have offered based on his film and character. As it is they let him walk on (there were no open tryouts right?) It will be interesting to see if a walk on can get on the field where need is not dire and RSs don't need protection.


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What is his sacrifice?  I might have missed it, but being an out of state student and enrolling at Michigan is not a "sacrifice."  Now, if you tell me his parents have no money and he's doing it all on loans, then I would inch closer to "sacrifice," but still wouldn't call it that.


The Wolf

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This is a great story, and Mr. Pearson sounds like a great young man.  Hopefully GREAT things are also in his future.  Stories like this remind me how lucky we are to have such a respected institution in this state.


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I wish this kid nothing but success. However, I think it will be damn near impossible for a walk-on to become a weekly starter in the Brady Hoke era. Unlike Rodriguez, Hoke has an excellent penchant for strong recruiting. Not totally impossible, but damn near impossible. 


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Indeed, a belated "Hello" to A.J.!

He sounds like a great kid who wants a challenge, and I would say he came to the right place both academically and athletically. Coming from out of state and walking onto the Michigan football team involves financial sacrifice certainly as well as time sacrifice away from your family, as well as time sacrifice to be on the team. He is definitely giving much of himself for this opportunity, and I wish him nothing but the best.


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I did see PEARSON on a jersey on the sideline last week. Can't confirm it was 36. He's not listed on the official roster and I wondered who he was. [edit: he is on the roster at 36]

Thanks for the post. Sounds like a quality program kid.


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Lots of starting the sentence off with 'I'.  Actually, every sentence starts with 'I'.  Sounds like a great kid.  May need to work on his writing skills, though.


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Welcome, AJ - glad to have you on board and I hope you get some opportunities to find the field and do your thing, and of course do the good work in the classroom that you mentioned. 


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So do commitments still come in pairs and if so, does this mean we get another one this weekend?

(Realize that this occurred awhile ago, just wondering if we have found some loophole with the delayed "Hello" post)