Beilein getting some Izzo style love from ESPN

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This may not be as impressive to some of you, but it struck me as impressive.  In a recent article on ESPN by Jeff Goodman, he discusses how UM will suprise the B1G this year in Basketball.  The article talks about a lot of different things, but attributes the first reason to the "Beilein factor".  In the past we've all seen how it doesn't matter if Izzo is playing a group of 3 year olds, he will have them ready for the tournament and make a run at the B1G because he's Izzo.  This is one of the first articles I've read whith a similar type approach. Just a good feeling to have.  

Quoted line of referrence:  

However, this team will figure it out for a variety of reasons. It begins with the “Beilein Factor.” 

Beilein is one of the best in the game at developing and managing players. His most recent example is former Ohio University signee Caris LeVert. Beilein and his staff have helped turn LeVert into one of the most complete players in the nation and a guy who will likely become the go-to option now that Stauskas and GR3 are in the NBA. 


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to see the team play this year! Levert is going to be a BOSS and I'm very excite about the new talent that Michigan has along with the development of Irvin. This is going to be a great season no matter what!





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I know that no one wants to think about this, but how sad are we gonna be when he decides to retire? I think it will be the exact opposite of the football situation, and that no one that we will hire will be good enough. I don't know what the point of me saying this is, but damn do I love Beilein.

Sorry if I made anyone sad.


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Yep. Bacari gets alot of the pub because of his personality and social media status (even though it's not always him tweeting), but Jordan is viewed as the better HC candidate at this time. 


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The one thing that would be undeniable is that Beilein would be leaving Michigan basketball in a far better place than where he found it, and if he can keep up this success and the tournament runs until then, whoever comes next - while no Beilein to be sure - is far more likely to be someone quality who could possibly pick it up and run with it. That's definitely my hope when the day does come anyway. 

Yinka Double Dare

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There's a non-zero chance that Jordan will be coaching Butler next season. No one but a few people at Butler seem to know what is up with their current coach (on leave for unspecified medical reasons), and I'm not totally sure that the assistant they have heading them up on an interim basis (who was previously a HC at Gardner-Webb) would get the full time job if Miller ends up resigning rather than just being on leave.


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our assistants in tact will help us out a TON when Beilein decides to hang them up! I just wonder how much longer it's going to be before someone throws a ton of money at Bacari or LaVall....I would take either one of those guys as our next head coach to be honest. Gosh, I feel bad even thinking about this.... 


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I don't think that's too realistic.  We're going to end up losing one or both guys eventually.  

It actually might not be so bad if they leave before Beilein retires.  We'd miss them but they could gain head coaching experience at a mid-major and then potentially come back here as a finished product.  If they remain loyal assistants to Beilein to the end of his career, that'd be great for Beilein's program but then we'd probably be replacing Beilein with a rookie HC who might need time to grow into the job.




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The only love stronger than Izzo love is SEC love.   That's rare to get though.  I don't know if we will ever achieve that!

EDIT:  Amost forgot about LeBron Love.  That might be highest.

EDIT #2:  Does someone want to do a diary ranking the levels of ESPN love?


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You mean the type of love wherein the reporter glosses over reality and just keeps yelling "Tommy Terrific" for 20 minutes?

Izzo is a good coach, but he's become a demigod thanks to a charitable media following.  That said, to be mentioned with him is just another confirmation of how good Beilein has made UM.