Beilein first NCAA game with Michigan

Submitted by goblue85 on April 17th, 2018 at 7:38 PM
I’ve been trying to find beilein first team that made ncaas against Clemson with manny sims Novak and Stu? I can’t find anything on YouTube. I know there use to be a torrent for it on mgovideo back then. 2009 NCAA tournament. If someone still has it be awesome? Ps how about adding final four banner to the header on site?



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It’s a damn shame I never recorded that game. I didn’t have the ability to record it at the time and the basketball team was still trying to get out of the gutter

UM Fan from Sydney

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Sorry, OP. I cannot answer your first question. I simply don’t know if you have been trying to find his first team that made the tournament against Clemson. If you tell me that you have been, I will believe you.


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Oh yes.  One of those games where we played great for about 30-35 minutes and then nearly blew it all with a disastrous stretch - only to have Manny get that huge and-one in the final minute.


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Winning builds fans.

I freely admit I was not as plugged in to the basketball team at the time, though I did follow their progress--I always followed the hockey team more intently. But my intensity has grown as the program has roped me in. 

Back then, you were happy they made it. Now, people show up at places like DC and MSG expecting and getting greatness. 

Bando Calrissian

April 18th, 2018 at 9:12 AM ^

I was going out to Chicago to visit my family the day of that game. My Amtrak ticket was right in the middle of gametime, so I had my brother-in-law DVR it for me, then escaped all spoilers on a train full of Michigan folk leaving from Ann Arbor. Got to the house, he sat me down on the couch, and proceeded to delight in watching me freak out for 90 minutes, knowing all the while that Michigan won.


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I was in possession of my parent's season tickets but had not been using them, as that was the state of the program at that time. It was a very snowy early December Saturday and I had no intention of leaving my apartment that day. 

 I was living in the Sans Succi @ Main & Keech, right across the street from the northwest gate to the Big House. My roommate and I agreed if U of M was in the game at halftime we'd run over to Crisler to catch 2nd half in person. Or course we ended up running over and since that game he and I have been all in on Michigan basketball.  



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who want  a copy of something chances are I have it...If you are willing to pay shipping Ill work with you to get you a copy ..I have alot ...mostly vcr...Ive been taping Michigan games for a long long time..The wife frankly wished Id get rid of it cause I have a whole big closet that these tapes take up...BUT theres nothing like popping in a tape of the the 1989 Regional Final blowout of UVA every now and then or the 2005 Samantha Findlay Home run in the 10th to win the World Series over UCLA....I travel alot for work and am gone for long periods of time so be then I have to find it cause I have no logical filing systerm as there may be 3 or more games on one tape...some of its old so the quality has faded BUT if you really need a copy of something check with me Ill give it my best shot to find it and get it to you..I will send you the original you will copy or do whatever you need to and return the original to me (I am NOT a tech guy) me at [email protected]


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of my most treasured possessions is the 92 game on VCR at Notre Dame where all five freshman started.  It is on the same VCR tape as the second half of the Desmond Heisman pose.  It is so, so grainy.  It is hard to believe that is how we all watched games growing up.


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Clemson's best player got kicked out after wanting to fight Zack Novak. Clemson had maybe 200 fans there and they were all behind the bench. It was a blowout in the first half by Michigan. In second half, Clemson started taking advantage of their size and nearly came back and won. Sprint Center in Kansas City didn't have a bad seat in the house really.