Behind Enemy Lines (quotes from NW blog articles)

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So, I want to test this out, although it is cruel somehow, but such an inspiring comeback sent me looking for every single article, blog, video or anything to get me to enjoy this even more..

Unlucky for NW, one of their blogs is filled with that. For Every win that makes me feel that way I would love to go and search for comments out of the articles and blog posts written by the other team's supporters and just smile.. this is just a test, if you don't like it just say it in the comments (I know no one is shy on MGoblog!) so I never ever do this again.. Btw, if I ever post something like this again it would actually have structure not random like this.. So excuse the mess/

  • On their coach : "Fitz’s Antics On Colter’s Late Hit – Fitz acted as if we’d just won on a Hail Mary, Instead, it was a downright silly overreaction to Kain Colter getting a late hit prolonging the ‘Cats final drive. This is the same guy who was asked not to carry Barnett out after the ND win because we need to act like we’ve been there before."
  • Final Play Coverage – "I don’t get it. We had three down linemen, yet seemed to be in single coverage over the top on the Wolverines best receiver. You can’t bash Jones for batting the ball down as that is textbook defense, but man, how was he in that scenario? Even when we went ultra conservative, we messed it up."
  • I love this one - "Alright fans, let’s pick ourselves up and get ready for the one team we’ve wanted as much as any all off-season long. It’s time to put the hurt on Sparty, our recent nemesis and start priming for our first bowl win since 1949."
  • "STATS TO STEW ON Northwestern lost its first OT game vs a Big Ten team (7-1) Brady Hoke remains undefeated at the Big House Northwestern racked up 481 total yards (248 rush, 143 passing)" "Fitz is the best head coach in the country off the field, but on the field, he has NO CLUE what is going on."
  • Nice to feel envied for a change - "What did Brady Hoke do when he got to Mich? he surrounded himself with great coordinators, and assistant coaches. He focused on the GAME, the feel, the flow of it. and it worked."
  • On Roundtree's catch - "Then, Michigan’s #1 receiver somehow was single covered when it was Hail Mary time. Let’s face it, Roundtree made one of the more ridiculous catches on the batted ball, but as soon as it was complete, you could feel the air go out of the balloon. I don’t need to rehash what happened from there, but it seemed like our program had crossed some sort of karma line."
  • On Their coach - "yet having his players make physical errors and an unconscionable cover scheme in the waning seconds that led to a game that will be known in NU lore as the Michigan “Hail Mary” Game."
  • Inches - "A finger tip, a tiny opening, the nose of the football, a jump offsides. Those inches in the fourth quarter went against Northwestern in the end as Michigan came from behind (again) to win 38-31 in overtime at Michigan Stadium." (On the other hand, They completely forgot that inches put them in a spot to win the game)

I think this is enough, I'm bordering on the area of being cruel, there is just so much material to work with.. I'd love to do a much organized post next time if enough people like this concept.. Otherwise I'll just go back to reading these comments alone at home :) GoBlue, what a comeback..

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Thanks for all the comments, as sarcastic as some are I do deserve it because this was a test.. I will work on a much better piece next time.. Lets beat Iowa and I will start working right after that game.. Thanks for all the comments good and bad..


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if this were Sparty.  The difference between the tone of the NW message boards and Sparty message boards speak volumes of the type of character we are dealing with.  Even though the NW fans are upset or disappointed, no one is using death threats and the complaints are at least well thought out.

As for the concept of your post...I like it.  Keep doing it....but please organize.


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How does someone with an account opened in 2010 not know how to format a post?  You have to have read a few.  Also, you must also know that Brian has beaten you to TWIS by quite a few years, thus rendering your "test" to be a pale imiatation.  

I'm sure you meant well, and had plenty of great info, but my eyes started to hurt after the abbreviated ellipsis, due to the lack of white space that has already been mentioned.  I really have no idea what is in there after the first couple of sentences.  

I hope this helps.

Mmmm Hmmm

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This is true, although if they were consistently competing for Rose Bowls rather than alternating between doormat and bowl eligible (with a couple of aberrations), they might have higher expectations as a group and thus a bigger group with unrealistic-type "Fire Fitz and bring back Gary Barnett we are Northwestern we are better than this!!1!!!111" comments


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the effect of this post was probably contradictory to your intent.  Instead of sharing in your joy, I  respected the articulate, rational, and justifiable disappointment of the NW fans.  The vocabulary alone separates them from other fan bases=) Just my 2 cents. (Had a viceral reaction to the jumping by Fitzgerald, but he's young and will hopefully learn from it.)


November 11th, 2012 at 9:49 AM ^

I liked it, even though it's kind of TWIS-y. That said, I think Brian specifically tries to steer clear of UM opponents for TWIS so as not to oversaturate with "Michigan Wins!" (and that's an excellent point of view, considering there are 121 other FBS teams). It's kind of neat to see what other teams are saying after a game without needing to go do the trolling myself.


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This could make an interesting Sunday morning feature for the  blog really, and indeed, this actually inspired me to go and take a look at "Lake The Posts" myself to get an even more comprehensive perspective on how Northwestern fans saw yesterday's game. Maybe it leads to someone interesting inter-blog communication even.

There was even one poster over at "Lake The Posts" with a  compliment for us and a little fire in his reply to someone. I enjoyed reading this in particular.

In reference to people whom this poster found to be "settling", if you will:

" I never want to be compared to Illinois or Iowa. I want to be compared to Mich, OSU, and nebraska. and to do that, we need to expect victory and expect that coaches do THEIR JOB. We have to get out of this mindset of settling for mediocrity. "


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Like the concept, as long as it doesn't devolve in weeks where we play the likes of Michigan State and the Buckeyes. I don't need to hear all the uneducated trash that comes off their boards. But I would like to hear the posts that are relatively thoughtful and have some insight. 


November 11th, 2012 at 10:31 AM ^

I have to admit that I like NW and Nebraska fans the most in this conference.  They both are pretty classy overall and actually use some common sense when talking about games. 

On the flip side are OSU and MSU...obviously. 


Everyone Murders

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If you do this every week, please include links to your sources.  I did not see those in the original post.  But I like the idea and the focus on the schadenfreude that we're particularly interested in.

As far as the disorganization comments, I suspect most of the complaining board members are doing this in a good-natured teasing way (BiSB's comment was for the ages).  Most of us saw that you admitted a lack of organization in the post, and committed to address that moving forward.