Beaver Stadium-Seating Questions

Submitted by strick23 on August 28th, 2013 at 6:54 AM

So, we're planning the trip to Happy Valley.  Looking at tickets on stubhub.  Questions for those who have been there:

1).  Which section is usually the visitors section?

2).  Has anyone ever sat in the lower level endzone sections?  Those are currently the cheapest tickets, but wondering why that may be.

Thanks for the help! 



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I'll be at the game, too.  It's my birthday and my in-laws have a cabin about an hour from the stadium.  Unfortunately, I will be bringing an MSU fan and a couple of OSU fans.  Yadda... yadda.. company you keep... yadda...

I had a chance to buy two tickets front row on the 10 (with front row parking) for $500 but the morans I am going with did not want to split up.  I'll probably try for upper deck sideline.  Lower corner tickets would be the worst, from a perspective deal.  If you go to the ticket reseller sites, they have previews of what it would look like to sit in each section...


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on the west (NW) side of the stadium (the side opposite the student section). It was filled with Penn St. season ticket holders one of whom must have sold his tickets on stub hub.

The majority of the visitors seemed to be in the corner to my left (essentially where they are in Michigan stadium).

BTW, despite the large capacity, I was wholly unimpressed with the stadium. It seemed (as it is) a poorly planned and added on collection of sections. My visit was the RichRod/McGloin debacle. Hope your experience is much better.

Six Zero

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Has traditionally been at the corner of the stadium near Gate E-- looks like NK, NJ, NL, somewhere in there as I look at the chart. However I thought I remember reading somewhere that there was increasing plans to move visitor seating to the upper level in the North end zone.

Last time I was there was the Sheridammit game, and the visitors section was still in the corner. I've been to tons of games there and sat all over the place-- there's really not a poor seat in the place. Once I even sat in the Nittany Club section once for a Temple game, where you can touchscreen your food from a custom menu (hand-carved prime rib, even ice cream from the dairy) and choose what quarter you'd like it delivered to your seat.

I think I'll be there this year... I'm about an hour & 15 minutes away, so it always seems ridiculous not to go check out our boys so close to home, esp. now that PSU's become less regular on the schedule.


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The 'visitor' tickets haven't gone out for that game. (at least I haven't gotten mine).

So, if you want to sit with the Michigan fans, you'll need to wait till our tickets come out.  

Not sure what section they are in.


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I sat lower to middle level endzone a couple of years ago.....pretty much the same as any other stadium in that regard.....not bad, not great.

One piece of advice...remember where you left your car parked, as we have had a few interesting instances of trying to find ours when parked in distant cornfields.  Sam Webb tells a good story about losing his vehicle.

In the past, I have found most of the folks I ran into at State College and surrounds to be generally very friendly.  I have also found that getting in and out of the place is a real pain in the ass, although I haven't been there for a couple of years.

Indiana Blue

August 28th, 2013 at 8:16 AM ^

Impressive from a distance as you drive in but is run of the mill when you get there. Be sure to buy a parking pass from PSU ticket office. They're $10 and color coded for lots. We park in a Yellow lot. I've had great seats the 2 times I've been - but I've heard 3rd deck sucks. Both my trips there was during that last coach we had (forgot his name). Hoping to be Happy in the Valley this year.

Go Blue!


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I'll make sure to make a thread about it before the game.  I'll be tailgating up there all day, just not sure where.  Our cabin is right next to Shawnee State Park, but we'll be up in State College in the morning.


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Coming up from Virginia Beach, picking up a fellow MIchigan fan in Alexandria.

FWIW, just bought the parking pass from PSU for $10 - if you wait until day of game, it goes up to $40.  Not reserved parking, but worth the savings to order early.


August 28th, 2013 at 9:18 AM ^

If you call the PSU ticket office (1-800-NITTANY) prior to the game, you can get a parking pass mailed to you for $12.  You need to call at least 10 days prior to the game (which is October 2 for the U-M game).


But if you just roll into town and purchase parking the day off, it's $40.  (obviously, a $28 difference).  PSU really takes advantage of out-of-towners/visiting fans in this regard as an additional means of generating revenue.  

Bando Calrissian

August 29th, 2013 at 12:41 AM ^

This is no-joke great advice. We were shocked when we went in '06 that it was so easy to get a parking pass, they were so friendly about it, and that we could get such a great space so close to the stadium without incident. It was pretty much the anti-Ann Arbor in that regard. 

Even if the drive totally blows, I would do the State College trip again in a heartbeat. Everyone was absurdly nice, the campus is pretty, the atmosphere is great, and the ice cream is no slouch, either. Had people offering us food and beers all afternoon. 


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We always stay in Altoona since all State College hotels are reserved for PSU fans. The Best Western usually houses the U of M Club that makes the trip and is sold out this year. We booked a room at the Econo Lodge, which is much cheaper. This is in north Altoona close to a new mall area and the minor league baseball stadium. The Best Western is off of Plank Road.

Careful when in State College looking for a place to dine. If you are new to the area and ask a local where to eat, there is an unspoken prank to lead visitors to Chumley's, which is a gay bar. Nothing wrong with Chumley's (as Seinfeld would say) if that is the establishment of choice.

Our family has not missed a M-PSU game in State College since they began playing there in 1993. Lots of good memories there.

PA Wolverine

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I am a U of M fan who just happens to live about 10 minutes from Beaver Stadium.  I would be happy to give recommendations on places to eat/local bars to visit while visiting State College.  I am also looking for 3 tickets in the MIchigan section of Beaver Stadium.  Go Blue.


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Went the last time we played there. It was a night game on Halloween weekend. Never tailgated so long after a brutal night before.

You will appreciate the big house when you walk for 30 mins on that ridiculous concourse Just going up/down.


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will be going to game with gf and 4 friends, we are seating at EJU section, entering at gate E. If anybody is interested in tailgating with some fellow wolverine fans, id be down to meet up. thanks.