Beating Team Canada all day long POSBANG

Submitted by KansasBlue on February 22nd, 2018 at 8:55 AM

As if the women's hockey victory wasn't enough, team USA men just took down Canada in curling (who have been olympic champions the last three games in a row) to go to the gold medal match for the first time EVER!  

Me watching the last stone going down the ice:




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Sparty could show their contrition for past misdeeds and a change in culture by dumping their men's basketball and football programs and replacing them with women's hockey!  I, for one, would begin rooting (grudgingly) for the greenies on occasion.  Of course, I don't have to worry about that happening.  ;-)


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for those who choose a Canadian frame of reference.

I agree about Canadian money, put notable Canadians and Canadian landmarks on the money.  Heck, put Vince Coleman's profile on the obverse and the Halifax Explosion memorial on the reverse. ( For those who have not read John U Bacon's _The Great Halifax Explosion_, Vince Coleman was the telegraph operator who sacrificed his own life to save an train from arriving at the scene of the fire which led to the explosion.)

Nobody Likes a…

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1-4 in Olympic finals I guess is something that’s celebrated now? This is the first time Canada has lost a game at the Olympics in 20 years and it was in a shoot out. Enjoy the win but this isn’t a rivalry. Canada has owned womens Olympic hockey since its inception and one loss doesn’t change that