Beat Virginia.

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With all of the attention on the BCS snubs, and the "travesty" that the Sugar bowl apparently is thanks to Virginia Tech , I think it is time to build some positive energy towards our bowl opponent. Beat Ohio worked out well. How about some Beat Virginia.



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I don't think "Beat Virginia" works as well as BEAT OHIO.  Maybe use Beat the Hokies instead.  But then that sounds like we're almost cheering against Hoke.  Hell.  Just win, baby.


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I've lived and worked in Northern VA for ten years now and let me just say, I detest Hokie fans.  Virginia fans not so much.  They remind me of our fans in their pleasant demeanor.  The problem with Virginia is they refer to themselves randomly as "Wahoos" which is beyond retarded.  It's a cold fish...  For real?  Went to a UVA b ball game and almost every cheer was "Go Hoos" or "Go Wahoos."  Just change the name already to Wahoos because not a single reference was made to Cavaliers all night. 

I digress.  Back to the Hokie fans.  So at work, I'd say it is about a 50/50 split in terms of population.  50% are UVA grads, 50% are Tech grads.  Yet from how arrogant and fanatic and geared out they are, you'd think Hokies outnumbered Wahoos 5 to 1.  But seriously, Hokies and Wahoos... WTF?  Cartoon names... Impossible to cheer for any team here, pro or college. 

Beside that, what gets me is this sense of greatness they have.  Sure Tech's been a decent program the last ten years, but on a national level?  What, one Michael Vick led championship game loss ten years ago? 

My concluding remark on Tech fans is they are the Sparty fans of the East coast.  Like Sparty, their focus seems to rest entirely upon how they stack up athletically relative to their academically superior in-state rival - UVA.  Like Sparty, as long as they are ahead of their in-state rival, then they are masters of all time, space and dimension, and ready to  let everyone know about it.  Unlike Sparty, they actually have been ahead of their rival for a while now.

We MUST defeat Sparty's East Coast doppleganger.  We must and we will.


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Went to a UVA b ball game and almost every cheer was "Go Hoos" or "Go Wahoos." Just change the name already to Wahoos because not a single reference was made to Cavaliers all night.

But that's not that uncommon. How many of our cheers contain the word "Wolverines"? Should we call ourselves the Blue, à la Stanford?


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or anything like that. If we do it for every team, it cheapens the effect when we say, "Beat Ohio." When we say, "Beat Ohio," I want all my hatred and passion to be communicated in those two words. I want it to be an event. If we say, "Beat Virginia," saying, "Beat Ohio," isn't special anymore.

Gorgeous Borges

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No. They are Virginia Tech. We have never played them and thus currently have no rivalry with them, and no reason to call them any other name than they would like to be called. If we call all schools by their state names, we might end up very confused when we play MSU.


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Va Tech bears no relation to MSU.  It is an excellent engineering school with rabid but polite fans.  UVA, on the other hand, has students who attend games and alums who attend games who are more polite than the Tech fans but not nearly as engaged in college athletics as Tech fans or Michigan fans.  While there are some similarities between UVA and Michigan, from what I have seen in my nearly 40 years in Virginia, the Tech fans more closely resemble our fans than do the UVA fans.  I have never heard of wanton destruction of property in Blacksburg after a Tech loss.


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I agree. Living in the DC area with a lot of Penn State alums as well, I think PSU and VT fans are very similar for some reason. I wouldn't lump in VT fans with MSU fans. VT and Michigan are similar, but sports means so much more to Michigan fans, it is hard to compare the two w/ respect to athletic engagement which is a big part of the student/alum experience. 

duffman is thr…

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This game is not as important as the Ohio game, but after hearing the national media jump all over this matchup, particularly VaTech, I really don't want to lose this game. I liked the matchup at first, now I wish it would have been Boise.


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Although VT will definitely have plenty of reason to get up and play well in this game. Everyone has been ragging on them for being in this game, losing to Clemson in blowout fashion..twice, having a weak schedule, losing big games and bowl games. We all know that Beamer and Foster are not inept coaches, and with a month of prep, I think they'll come to play. I just hope that the Michigan players also feel like 132 still has something to prove. 


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whenever I hear "Virginia", I just want to say "vagina".

I know it's immature, but I can't help but think "Vagina Tech".

I apologize in advance . . . . 


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Concur.  VT fans are brutal.  But UVA calling themselves "Wahoos" is equally offensive.  It's a random cold fish fergodsake.  It originated as a derisive remark by Washington & Lee fans about UVA cheers back in the dark ages of colleage ball, and somehow, UVA embraced the name like it was a good idea.  "YEAH!  COLD FISH!  WAHOO!  WE LOVE IT!" 

Why does it piss me off?  Becaues I hate VTech fans around here, and WANT to root for UVA, but just can't get past the retarded adoption of a cold fish as their nickname.  "Go Hoos!" /cringe



December 6th, 2011 at 1:16 PM ^

Lemme ease your mind a little bit.  I think you've got the UVA-VT relationship down pretty well (I've thought of it as what U-M/MSU would look like if MSU were actually better at football, and it's been four years so the similarities are beginning to appear) so lemme tell you about the fish: it's just a coincidence.  The idea that "Wahoos" are a fish that drink twice their own weight every day and so do UVA students is a reverse etymology, kind of like how "fuck" doesn't really stand for "Fornicating Under Consent of the King."

You've got the etymology of "Wahoos" more or less right, though, so just forget about the fish. It's easy.  I do.  Except for when I cringe when some dumbass on TV talks about the fish story like it's the true one.  Besides, wahoos are delicious - I've had one freshly caught - and a great game fish, and nobody seems to think that "Florida Marlins" is a bad name.

"Go Cavs" just doesn't have the ring to it.  I mean, blue is just a color, right?  One that at least half the teams in the country use.  But Go Blue sounds a lot better than Go Wolves.  At least there's a pretty strong Cavalier element to UVA's theme and game days.  If you didn't know Michigan was the Wolverines, you could go to a whole football game, leave, and still not know.  I happen to really like that UVA is the only team in the country with two interchangeable nicknames.

duffman is thr…

December 6th, 2011 at 4:06 AM ^

I pretty much agree with all of you guys. I guess my intentions were'nt so much to call Virginia Tech, Virginia from now on. More so the sentiment that we are not happy with the season yet, there is still a big game to play, 


December 6th, 2011 at 6:14 AM ^

It's actually a compliment to VT to call them Tech as if no explanation was needed. The school that's earned the right to be called just Tech is Georgia Tech (more tradition, better research and academics - not that VT is terrible in any of these things.)

I've been told that they hate to be referred to as "VaTech" though.


December 6th, 2011 at 10:11 AM ^

 It's bizarre to refer to any school as Tech or State outside of their region b/c it's confusing. It depends on geography. In the DC area, if you tell someone you went to Tech, they're gonna assume it's Virginia Tech. Similar to "State" in Michigan. And nobody calls Virginia Tech VT or VaTech, and the abbreviation, VPI, hardly anyone uses, either.

Rodriguez Fami…

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Beat Virginia doesn't work because Virginia is UVa, not Virginia Tech.  Very very different.  UVa even sells car stickers that are"Virginia" while all things Virginia Tech are VT.  Having lived in Virginia it makes a very big difference.