Beat Ohio

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No one expected Iowa to win today.

We still have the biggest game of the season tomorrow. Playing to go 7-1 in the B10 and send our seniors out with two straight wins against the Bucks.

BCS potential, bragging rights, spoiling OSU's undefeated season.. lots on the line tomorrow but only one thing matters.



singler makes …

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TLDR: root for Clemson, Florida State, and Oklahoma to lose, and no upsets in the conference title games.


10 BCS spots. After auto bids plus Notre Dame makes 3 spots left. The SEC will get a 2nd team in, but can't get a third. That leaves 2 spots. 

BCS can choose 2 teams in the top 14. Likely canidates include:

-Florida State or Clemson (root for both of these teams to lose to SEC teams tomorrow). Florida State plays in the championship game against Georgia Tech. Root for FSU to win it to ensure the ACC only has 1 team. If FSU beats Florida but loses to GTech who knows.

- A 2nd pac-12 team (2 of 3 out of UCLA, Oregon, Stanford). Root for UCLA to beat Stanford, and Oregon to win the championship game, as Oregon will likely be picked regardless. This would leave likely leave UCLA outside the top 14, and bowls likely won't pick Stanford as they travel terribly.

-Oklahoma. Root for them to lose. Also, root for K-state to bea Texas.

-Us if we win. WIN


Let me know what I missed.






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to move into the Top 14, provided we BEAT OHIO.

The Texas loss yesterday moves us into #18.

Further, I think just winning over Ohio (#12 in Sagarin ELO CHESS rankings) will help us enough to jump over the Big East winner (Rutgers is #28 in Sagarin's ELO_CHESS while Louisville is #44).  Rutgers also plays #88 Pittsbugh) which places us at #17.

We then need at least 3 more losses from the teams above us,


BCS Standings


10 Florida State 10-1
11 Clemson 10-1
12 South Carolina 9-2
13 Oklahoma 8-2
14 Nebraska 9-2
15 Oregon State 8-2
16 Texas 8-2
17 UCLA 9-2
18 Rutgers 9-1
19 Michigan 8-3
20 Louisville 9-1
21 Oklahoma State 7-3


I doubt FSU or Clemson would drop below us in the BCS Ranking Order if they lose.  (Clemson below us in the at-large desirability is a different story.)  IME, FSU would drop below us only if they lose both of their remaining two.

Another team to keep in mind is Nebraska.  A Top 14 spot opens up w/ a Cornhusker loss to Wiscy.

Another odd combo, if we can get to 14 through other losses, would be Okla winning out and KSU losing to Texas.  Who would be more attractive to a BCS bowl, winning streak, travel-strong Michigan or travel-weak KSU riding a two-game losing streak?


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Anyone hear/see or know about the team bus being pulled over on 75 right by the 23 interchange? Team was out of the bus. Ohio shenanigans?

Sorry cant start a thread from my phone


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Beat Ohio State, I guess, but I don't see the BCS impact here.  I think we're ranked too low.  Kinda like what MSU ran into last year.  It would be amazing to get a second BCS bid but I don't see how.  Maybe someone is more enlightened than I am?


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Beating an undefeated Ohio team in Columbus would probably get us close to that many, plus there are several guaranteed losers in front of us. I think with a win we're definitely in the top fourteen, but we still need to worry about Oregon missing out on an autobid, among other possibilities. The recap above does a nice job with all that.


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The only thing singler left out for BCS chances is to root against Louisville and Rutgers this week. A win over Ohio State should, and most likely will be good enough to jump Louisville and Rutgers, but just in case root for both of them to lose.


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This game is huge. It is an absolute must win. Hoke has stated our number one goal is to win the Big Ten championship, well we didn't get that done. We must win this game if our season is even going to be a partial success. Beat Ohio, Go Blue!


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I have never posted here but I do read often (I get turned off by the negativity on boards but my love for this program always draws me back in to follow the discussions, and there are a lot of very intelligent, reasonable, knowledgeable posters on here)

My top 10, in no particular order...

A win today would...
1. Make me a much more enjoyable person to be around this week
2. End the trend of road games against tougher opponents
3. Start our own streak against Ohio
4. Knock them out of any NC talk
5. Give urban his first loss
6. Shut up, at least for a while, the small but vocal ridiculous minority of Michigan fans irrationally and ignorantly critical of Hoke/Borges (not saying some criticism isn't warranted, but come on...)
7. Put us into BCS contention
8. Give us a piece of the division title
9. Piss off state fans (both kinds)
10. Be a gift to our seniors who have overcome so much