Bears run the most Harbaughish play of all time and it worked

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Saw that while watching the game last night and was pretty sure Harbaugh would see this and perhaps build his own version.  JBB goes out with a TD catch at the Peach Bowl.


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Michigan has had players switch jerseys mid-game several times in the Harbaugh era.  I think it was JBB (but maybe I am thinking of Strobel?), who wore #96 as a sixth OL in some of the tackle-over packages.  The referee comes on and makes an announcement like "Michigan player #75 is now wearing #96" or whatever the case may have been.

I remember looking up the rules afterward to see why that had been done. :)

Any player can catch a backwards pass.  I don't actually see any rule that restricts a college team from fielding 11 players with lineman numbers, except that no forward passes would be legal, so it might not be particularly effective.

Well, it might be a good way to get the opposition to burn a timeout. :)


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How does that work exactly?  Like, the number determines eligibility not where on the field they are?  If we line up JBB in the outside receiver slot, or Runyan at running back, could they not catch a pass?  I get you can't declare a like, in line OL eligible but how exactly does eligibility work?

rob f

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Gutsy call, seeing that the score was 8-6 Bears at that point and a turnover there is a definite risk when you have several players not accustomed to playing those offensive positions.

Space Coyote

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This is one of those plays that a guy is a genius for when it works, but the same exact play that impacts the defense the same exact way but for whatever reason doesn't get executed and a coach is an idiot.

End results matter, but fans should be smarter when evaluating coaching.

By the way, love the single wing, so I'm all for the play


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"The Bears scored a touchdown out of similar formation last week by letting Hicks do a William “The Refrigerator” Perry impression, and it looked like they were lining up to do the same thing last night. But head coach Matt Nagy added a new wrinkle, using a play fake to Hicks to clear out airspace in the end zone for Sowell."

Not sure I approve of this concept of adding wrinkles to something you've done before so that you're a bit less predictable. Isn't that unmanly? Or at least unsportsmanlike?


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in the late 90s was living abroad and heard the Lions were moving back downtown.  I scrambled online to hope to find if it would be an OUTDOOR stadium... Was so disappointed when it wasn't.   Its a pleasure to eatch a team like the Bears play in cold, with a stout D... I like watching them, TRUBISKY is pretty good.... Cohen does have a few Barry attributes (i said only a few, relax)....  Wish the Lions played kills the soul that a blue collar team plays inside.  


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Dome teams are 4-23 in the playoffs when they’re outdoors and it’s 35 degrees or colder.

The record of warm weather and dome teams in outside cold weather locations in the playoffs is pretty miserable overall.

The Lions voluntarily gave up an advantage against warmer weather teams by moving to a dome. I can't see them ever getting to the Super Bowl unless they have home field advantage throughout the playoffs, or by pure luck get a playoff schedule that has them playing in other domes or warm weather locations.


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I’m a bears fan in Chicago I love this new coach we have he has the it factor and a ton of balls.  He does not fear anything and writes in a new goofy play every week.