Beano Cook: Tressel will be gone after next year

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I did peruse back several pages of this forum and didn't see it, but thought I'd share that on Maisel's section on ESPN, the radio portion has Beano Cook predicting the end of Tressel next year and Urban Meyer taking over.  Not that anyone cares much what Beano Cook says, but he obviously has more inside access than 99% of us, so it was interesting.   He quoted Meyer as saying that aside from Florida the only places he would coach are UM, ND and OSU.  Cook then said "ND is out because Kelly will win, and UM has a new coach who will get 5 years, so Meyer will end up at OSU next year."

Not sure how I feel about it, but honestly, given the last 10 years, any changeat tOSU is welcome.



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He said that Kelly would stay because he was winning and Hoke would get five years (no mention on winning).  What's up with that?

I think that ND's trajectory is on the way up but I think that Michigan's is too.  I definitely expect to see a Big Ten title (or two) in the next five years.  Let the games begin....



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Actually, I think he's just taking a neutral stance on it. I don't think he knows either way. And to be fair, I think a majority isn't sure how Hoke is gonna do. We just have to wait and see. I'm stoked about it, though, I will say that much.


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What kind of robots do you think they would be? I say they would be robotic insects, such as bees or Mosquitos, that carry a biological agent in their stingers that they attack us with, like on the x-files. But many people I talk to say that military weaponry will undoubtedly acquire its own consciousness and, due to all the wars we have waged on our fellow human beings, attack us in some kind of ironic justice.

no joke its hoke

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"lack of institutional control" which the may very well get the NCAA has to clear any hires made by the program. How sweet would it be if Tre$$ got canned and the NCAA wouldnt allow them to hire Myer.  I knowits a dream but damn what a fun dream that would be!


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A) Yea, saying "Tre$$" makes you look dumb. End of discussion. MGoBlog tries to be more than that. That's why our discussion boards are exponentially better than ESPN or RCMB or wherever else that kind of stuff is considered funny.

B) It's Brian's blog. If you don't like what he has to say, you can stop giving him your business by not clicking on the site, or not clicking on the ads. Otherwise, you can email him and hope he takes what you say to heart.


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I have no interest in getting into a flame-war with you. This will be my last post about it, but I can tell you definitively that this is the way things are done here. Brian's take on it:


Stupid, juvenile nicknames
Most relevant to Michigan fans is the infamous "scUM," but this idiocy affects many fan bases. Any "State" school is liable to find a dollar sign replacing the S in their abbreviation. In a rush to damn the NCAA people will completely disregard the fact that "NCAA" doesn't have any S's in it and go ahead and make the same swap anyway. Penn State gets called "State Penn" whenever a player gets drunk and frisky. Morons spell out "University of Spoiled Children" over and over again to display their disdain for USC.

"scUM and the University of Spoiled Children are playing in the Ro$e Bowl because the NC$$ needs the money."

This person is a moron who is under the erroneous impression that he is being funny, like that one uncle who tells the same joke every Thanksgiving for 30 years. This affliction is always, always a sign that you can safely ignore anything the person says, as they are either twelve or have Down's Syndrome.

Insert bullet travelling at extremely high velocity into skull.

Most common with universities best described as "technically not high school" or fanbases in areas where there is no pro alternative. Obviously, then, this is an absolute plague amongst OSU fans, and is rampant at MSU as well.

"tOSU" is permissible to use in a slightly disdainful fashion since OSU fans tend to use it themselves.

03 Blue 07

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No, this is a categorically false statement. MLive, Rivals, Scout, DetNews, ESPN's Michigan page- those are in the Michigan blogosphere, and certainly exist, and allow the type of juvenile douchebaggery that is "O$U." You have other options. Use them. That kind of shit didn't go on here, and would get people fisked by Brian- the "M$U" shit, and I'm fairly certain has gotten people banned.

It's the influx of people who I surmise used to/still do also populate those boards, which has happened here in the past...6-12 months, that has changed the ethos of the comments section. Which Brian acknowledged in his post Tuesday. And will lead to reinstituting negging. Which will be a great, great day.

If you think this is pretentious, you're right: It is. That's one of the things this blog was/still tries to be: too "pretentious" for the kind of juvenile shit that is okay on other blogs.