November 20th, 2011 at 10:18 PM ^

I don't get the SEC East love by the computers, or the Auburn love either. The Big XII actually seems somewhat deep (although without any defenses) - but Georgia's best win is over Auburn, while SC's best win is over Georgia. Auburn at least beat SC, but got taken to the woodshed by every other ranked team they played. I get that human voters see "leading the SEC East" and rank them up there - but what do computers see in these teams that I'm missing?

Likewise, Arkansas - congratulations on beating overrated Auburn and SC, and escaping against A&M and Vanderbilt. And getting blown out of the water by the #2 team in the country.  Prepare to be a two loss team, both by blowouts. You'll have proved to me that you're slightly better than Clemson.

Polls have human bias, which is understandable, and somewhat desired. What did the B12 and SEC do to get an advantage in the computers over the B1G? Is that all based on Penn State losing to Bama?


November 20th, 2011 at 11:53 PM ^

They are higher than I thought...i was thinking 16th, but fifteenth awesome. They have a real good chance of getting in since I dont think the following teams will be outside looking in on BCS Games:

1. South Carolina - Spurrier, what can I say! No Lattimore, No BCS. Also there are three teams better than you.

2. Arkansas - Going to get Honey Badgered and miss out.

3. Georgia - Loses in SEC Championship Game. Richt keeps job. Good for him.

4. Boise State - Houston will be a conference champ keeping them out oh but one more time!

5. Oklahoma - I predict a 45-35 OSU win next week in Stillwater, especially after the Iowa State debaucle.

Well by my calculations that puts Michigan at a 10th best BCS option.  No wonder the Fiesta Bowl Representative was there this past week. The question is who would you want to play?

Id play Houston...oooohhhweee our Defense on that Keenum dude!