BCS CHANCES with a OSU win

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If Michigan beats OSU, do they make a BCS game? I say yes. [zl]



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Bowl tickets get distributed in weird ways (a third of Rose Bowl tickets belong to the Rose Bowl organization rather than the participating teams).  If it isn't the national title game you can pretty much show up with a bag of pennies and get tickets ten minutes before kickoff to any bowl game.


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Yes, but would you be in the first 10 rows?  I don't enjoy sitting in the upper deck for the same price as people that are 5 rows away.  Outback bowl tickets are same price all around.  Buying tickets early is what got me 4th row blue line for the Frozen Four NC last year for face value.  While the people around me paid 600+.


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Do you want to see a Wolverine - Bearcat showdown in the Orange Bowl?

I know that the BCS has very substantial financial implications for the school, but I don't want this team to be in the "can you believe this is a BCS game" game.  Might very well rather see them play an SEC power.


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Houston has yet to play @ Tulsa. Tulsa has a similar potent offense, but also a pretty ok defense, and homefield. When we win we'll likely get a birth with the second place record in the conference (that is after one team loses in the B1G Championship Game) We'll likely get matched up with an SEC school since so many of them will end with 1 or 2 losses and be ranked in the top 10 or 15. I'd guess they'll pick either the Pac or Big 12 champ to play Bama and we'll play Arkansas if they lose to LSU.


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You do realize that the Fiesta Bowl gets to choose their first team before the Sugar Bowl gets to choose their second right?  Big 12 Champ will be in the Fiesta Bowl...


Not to mention that if Bama and LSU are in BCS games, Arkansas can't make it...I'm not sure you have any clue what you are talking about.


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No conference can have more than 2 BCS teams. Arkansas will prob be Cotton bowl bound. Best bet for Michigan is OU beating OSU or Tulsa beating UH. I would say if either of those happen, we're in. If neither of them happen it will come down to us vs. Oklahoma for the last at-large.  


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has been so-so, but still significantly better than OKStates. I'm hoping that and homefield is the difference for them. Even though Okstate has the bye and is coming off of a loss, I'm still hoping they won't suddenly grow a defense. Where would they put Houston if they do beat Tulsa, though? 


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If Arkansas loses to LSU you can cross them off the BCS roster. Only two from any conference can play in the BCS. Incidentally, if the Pac-12 champ doesn't end up in the national title game they are contractually obligated to go to the Rose Bowl against the B1G champ (either Wiscy or Sparty). The pick order for at-large bids by the Bowl committees this year goes Fiesta, Sugar, then Orange. If Michigan wins Saturday I'd say they either head to Tempe to play the Big 12 (Ok St. or OU) or down to New Orleans for an early preview of next year's Bama-Michigan game in Dallas.

Here is a link to the BCS selection procedures - http://www.bcsfootball.org/news/story?id=4819597




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Now I know, and knowing is half the battle. Am I right that the only time the B1G champ doesn't play the Rose Bowl is when the B1G champ is playing in the National Championship and that venue is not the Rose Bowl that year? Or if the Rose Bowl is the National Championship venue and the B1G is not playing in the Championship like when it was Texas v USC one year?

Red is Blue

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I think the only way the B1G champ doesn't go to the Rose Bowl is if they get selected for the NC game.  You are right about Texas/USC but I think that when the NC game rotated between the bowl games.  Now the NC is a separate game.  So even if the NC champ game is played at the Rose Bowl venue, it is not the Rose Bowl (which would be played earlier).


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"I believe they are around 85% (depending on who plays lsu) " - Michigan4lyfe

Our chances of going to a BCS bowl can be quantified almost precisely at this point based on your formula. What would the formula be, out of curiosity?

Incidentally, I essentially agree that those chances are pretty good if we beat OSU, but I want to know how you arrived at your conclusion. This is Michigan, fergodsakes.

Larger point, statistics and beer are a bad combination. 


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Beating Ohio would be bigger than any bowl game.  If we go to a BCS bowl then great, but what does a BCS game matter if it isnt the national championship game?  

This weekend's game is bigger than Sugar/Orange/Fiesta/Rose, let's win that one.


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I am amazed at how well this season has gone, but Michigan is not obviously one of the ten best teams in the country.  I'd be plenty happy with ten wins, especially a win over OSU. 


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What if Oklahoma beats OSU? Stanford still has Notre Dame. Lots of football to be played. Not sure Michigan wouldn't get taken over a notoriously poor-traveling Stanford team, especially if it's to the Orange Bowl. As messed up as it sounds, an 11-1 Stanford team is by no means guaranteed a BCS bid.

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Both OSU's need to lose against their rivals (Oklahoma and Michigan) and then there really is no scenario where we are not in the BCS. If Oklahoma St. recovers against OU then BCS may still choose a two-loss Sooners over us but with us just having beat OUR big rival ... well, all I know is that I'd pick UM. Wouldn't you?


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Any bowl in Florida, I'm going. Didn't go to the 2008 Capital One Bowl, wanted to punch myself in the face. Didn't go last year, wanted to punch myself in the face (because they got smoked, not because I didn't go). This year, not going to happen. I'm praying for the Orange Bowl (not going to happen) because the CEO at my previous hospital is on the OB committee and they are the official sports medicine provider for the orange bowl. Every year, they give out tickets to the staff (upper level, but who cares?) They get up to six tickets if they are not sold out. I may have some to give away if that is the case. We'll see.


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Each season boils down to the ohio game.  Win next week or the rest of the season didnt mean much.  Yes a 9-3 record for a first year coach is very good.  But a loss to msu and ohio is not ok. 


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Its looking like itll be:

Big East Champ
ACC Champ (VT will not jump Michigan losing its last game of the year)
Big XII Champ (again a two loss team that lost their last game wont jump Michigan)
Big Ten Champ
Pac 12 Champ
....and Michigan!!!