BBrown: Teryn Savage Update

Submitted by Brandon Brown on September 24th, 2013 at 10:29 PM

Since the "Names to Watch" article I posted about Mr. Savage spun ridiculously out of control, I thought I'd try to forget about that and relay some actual information. After all of the commenting and counter-commenting tonight, Teryn himself posted on the board to say that it's really no big deal, he's not offended and his opinion on Michigan has not changed. He also told me that he is talking to Coach Hecklinski tomorrow about setting up his visit, possibly for the Minnesota game.



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I just read that thread and to be honest I can't find the insulting part. Is it the part where they said he looks young? Maybe it's because I'm 22 and people still tell me that I look like I'm 15, but I don't find people saying that you look 2-3 years younger insulting at all. Or is it leftrare's weird comment about only being interested in girls on a recruiting site (which I didn't get)?


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It's there.


...I've about had it with the tone of many comment threads. Butterfield and chitown, I'm looking at you. All you do is get in fights. If all you post is how other people aren't living up to your standards, leave. There will be a benighted place for you somewhere in this crazy internet.



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Also, I for one, feel left out.

Chitown has just been banned.

It feels like a purge is coming and quality veteran posters are going to be the primary victims of it.

When I see the vast majority of long time MGoPosters, people who I've come to e-respect over the years, lining up almost categorically on one side of the issue, and a few of them getting banhammered and/or reprimanded for it....that tells me something.


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I don't care to comb through MGo archives for threads to support my belief, and it wouldn't be worth it anyway, as you are indeed delusional. (This truly isn't about just you, but you are the one currently discussing it.)

You and others have indeed taken tone or stance against people numerous times on this board. Yes, perhaps there are some like Section1 who go out of their way to rankle your feathers... Most times however it's one of you just trying prove less worldly/savant some poor poster who disagrees with you. You are indeed either delusional if you don't realize your actions, or, you truly take some form of perverse enjoyment from it, sitting there playing dumb while cackling aloud and rubbing your hands together behind your keyboard.

The fact that any of you have provided witty, insightful material at times does not excuse your normal behavior. Condescending attitude does not jive with acting like you're somehow taking the higher moral road all the time.

Finally, the whole "Brian isn't fair because he's only worried about making money..." meme is just tired, and naive. It's an easy cheap shot. It's the ultimate example of trashing someone while sounding righteous. You and most of these others need to decide if you can post in a civil manner, or move along, or get caved by The Man. If it's so like living in a dictatorship around here, for your own health and peace of mind, find a nicer sandbox to play in.


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I can't speak for others, although ChiTown has a loyal bunch of long-time backers so he must have been doing something right.  As for me, while I am capable and have, at times, been incendiary, I think if you did actually take the time to look at my posting history, you'll see about 99 percent of my comments/threads are positive in nature and don't involve arguing with other posters.  When I do find a reason to argue, I'll be the first to admit I have a tendency to drag those battles out in a thread, but those instances are indeed rare - believe it or not. 

Also, where did I say anything about this having anything to do with Brian making money?  I standby my opinion that he overreacted, but I never once posited the reasons why he may have done so. 


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"That's what puts food on the Cook table."

Seems easy to pick out. It's something you and others always fall back on. The idea that he captains this conformity-laden vessel called mgoblog, solely for the sake of $$.

It may not have been relevant to the original topic, but as usual, when it came to defending your opinion, you went straight to the notion that you're up in the higher moral ground crow's nest, while he is in your theory ignoring the moral rocks while navigating to Dollar Island.

It's a DISSERVICE to someone/something that has always been first and foremost a labor of love, and I can't believe none of you realize it/are more thankful for it. I certainly wouldn't have had the patience to keep some of you around.


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Whoa, whoa, whoa - wait a second.  The "putting the food on the table" refernce was used because it was employed on about 4 separate instances by Bryan Mac (a moderator) to explain Brian's actions in the original thread.  I suggest you read through that thread and I believe you will find that youhave a beef with the mods, not me. 



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type this slowly enough for you (and other pretentious blowhards who think because they have a million points that their opinion means something) to understand: the vast majority of the MgoCommunity do not come here to read you and your posts. We do not need you to be our moral compass. We do not need to have every little gol damn thing you people disagree with argued down to the tiniest of slivers. We do not need you - or Brian for that matter - telling us how to spectate properly or be a proper fan.

I don't agree with half of Brian's problems with DB, this is one of the very few times anyone on this blog will know about it.

I don't care about UFRs. So I don't fucking read them.

I don't care about breaking down plays. So I don't read those posts.

I don't care about soccer. So I don't read about that.

I have only a passing interest in UM Hockey so whenever I see a thread or a blurb about it I lightly scan it or ignore that piece/section altogether.

I think Mathlete has a pretty good following here and I can see a lot of his content is valuable to a lot of the MgoCommunity. I could not care less about breaking things down into that level of minutia so I don't read him either. I hate to even single him out because there's no need for me to mention it other than trying to point out to you people how easy it is to just STFU.

Point? Point. I don't have such an overly bloated opinion of myself and my epinions as to feel the need to comment on EVERY gol dammned thing I disagree with on this blog. Take some advice, we don't need to know every effing thought that pops into your damn heads every effing day. Sometimes, please, just shut up. 



September 25th, 2013 at 12:14 PM ^

Are you addressing me?  I don't post in threads that I don't have interest in.  I'm not a "this isn't thread worthy" guy. 

Like you, I don't enjoy the UFRs and have never to my recollection ever posted in a UFR thread.  I don't like hockey and skip those too. 

I do like soccer, and will participate in those threads. And if "soccer sucks guy" shows up, I will likely question why he felt the need to make an ass out of himself when it is clear others are enjoying the conversation. 

But when quality, long-time posters are being mistreated because of what a good chunk of this blog's readership agrees is an overreaction, I will speak up.  It's a matter of defending principle.  I wasn't raised to walk away when you see injustice. 

In conclusion - what the hell are you talking about? 


September 25th, 2013 at 2:11 PM ^

I'm perfectly happy. I'm usually happy when I'm on the blog. It's just the incessant hand wringing by a number of posters and the eternal bitching just to bitch. Take a break. Not everyone needs to see your epinion every effing time you don't agree. 

Yes, I could just skip by anything those people write and I usually do. It's just this time I happened to catch someone thinking the "old guard" is somehow made up of posters to be revered. I'm pointing out that that's not always the case.


September 24th, 2013 at 10:39 PM ^

You are not at fault here, nor is the blog.  There is a demand for this information as evidenced by the cash raked in by Rivals, Scout, 247, ESPN.  Do I think the industry is grimey?  Certainly, but I also follow it religiously and would be a hypocrite to pass judgment on the work you do.  As for Brian's reaction in the prior thread...a bit over the top and defensive.  Its your blog, post what you want.  But accept the fact that certain people, especially parents with children at similar ages as recruits, may find the whole thing a bit creepy, as they are already paranoid of social media and all the way their kids can be exploited or get in trouble on the net.


September 24th, 2013 at 10:51 PM ^

The industry is undoubtably grimey, but just because MGoBlog does partake in elements of the industry doesn't mean people can't express concerns about the level at which the blog partakes in this industry.  Scout, Rivals, etc do a lot of things that MGoBlog choses not to do and I don't see the issue with people on the blog expressing concern about how deep into that industry the blog staff dives.  

After all, it was called the MGoCreeper Van because when TomVH started out, lots of people jokingly expressed concern about a dude driving around to various high school games for the express purpose of posting footage on the internet.  Moving forward with hudl pages and all that the game has changed.  That being said, it is still an ongoing discussion.  Both posters and staff comment negatively on some of the offers made to 8 year olds by coaches, so it stands to reason different people would have different thresholds for where that age cut off is.  


September 25th, 2013 at 12:22 PM ^

is mind numbing.  This blog's success is largely contributed to the recruiting news.... news that drives the traffic here and helps to keep this blog free.  Is there any among you who can say that you haven't enthusiastically clicked on a "Hello" post? 

Let this sink in..... Every high school football recruit is a minor. 

Debating an age that would be appropriate for recruit contact is futile.  Age is a terrible measure in determining whether 14 to 17 year olds are mature enough to have conversations with recruiting "analysts."  I think there is a valid argument that a 14 year old would be less naive than a 17 year old who has had it beaten into his brain by everyone close to him that he is the best thing since Barry Sanders.  And what is getting permission from parents and coaches really going to solve?  For every noble coach and involved parent there is another who, intentionally or not, is fully engaged in the exploitation of the athlete. 

We all acknowledge that recruiting is getting a little obnoxious.  So where does this blog go?  Recruiting services aren't going away.  Either we keep up and we continue to enjoy one of the best fan websites in the internets, or we don't.... and this blog goes away.... and some of us go to pay for the exact same information that we see here, some of us go to the next free website that steps up to replace this one, and the rest of us go sit on the rocker on their fronch porch waving their cane at all the kids that step foot on their lawn.

The more realistic solution is that the site lives on and that the recruiting contributors stay respectful and appropriate (in terms of how they contact these young men and the questions they ask), which they have been, and that those responding to posts about potential recruits be respectful and appropriate, which, infortunately, not everyone has been.

For people getting salty when the owner of this blog feels that a particular user is behaving in a way that reflects poorly on the blog and the owner....  Why wouldn't there be consequences?


September 25th, 2013 at 1:53 PM ^

I did preface my statement by saying..."I would be a hypocrite to bash" said recruiting reporting activities.  However, I can both eat up the recruiting news like most fans and objectively observe the industry as grimey.  In no place have I preached against the interviews, just trying to remain rational and self-aware in this debate....IE I understand the concern of the parents on this blog, especially given some of the shady characters running around in the recruiting world AAU booster types, Oregon recruiting leaches, etc.  I would not want those people contacting my theoretical 16 year old via twitter either.  My best analogy would be over using abusing meth while knowing its bad for me.  I can be aware of this and still be a user, but I only become a hypocrite if I start preaching against it while still using the drugs.