BBrown: Quick Update with 2015 QB Alex Malzone

Submitted by Brandon Brown on August 13th, 2013 at 8:19 PM

Michigan has only offered 1 quarterback from the 2015 class in Josh Rosen, and he himself told me that he has ZERO interest in Michigan so obviously another target will receive an offer at some point.  Alex Malzone (Brother Rice HS - Bloomfield, MI) is one of the quarterbacks in the class that is getting attention from the coaching staff and Alex tells me that the interest is mutual. I spoke very briefly with Alex after his first day of practice Monday, which followed a weekend trip to Ann Arbor.

How as the visit:

It was good. I didn't watch a practice, I just went to the media day. I talked to one of the QB assistants and I got Coach Borges' number. I loved the campus and everything. The QB assistant said they were going to get me down to a game. I'm not sure which one, but I think it will be one of the first 3 games.

Malzone will get attention being an in-state kid, but I'm not convinced that he is option #2 behind Rosen. It will be interesting to see if Malzone makes it back for a fall visit and how much the coaches pay attention to him as he heads into his junior year.



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"he himself told me that he has ZERO interest in Michigan"

That's news to me, not that I have followed 2015 recruiting that much. Bummer I guess.


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I posted this Rosen interview about a week ago on a different thread - probably got lost in the mix.  My comment was that "reading between the lines of this interview it doesn't seem like Rosen is very interested".  The only comment about Michigan as he waxed poetic about other teams was how a Michigan fan got his # and called him out of the blue.   When asked if the call swayed him to check out Michigan the response was "Not really."  So no surprise here.  (yeah yeah I know the link is from everyone's favorite website  )

Space Coyote

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I honestly believe Malzone is pretty far down the pecking order and would list off at least a half dozen names I believe would get an offer before Malzone. I think Malzone can be a lower level B1G player or a good MAC player, but I just think there are better options at QB out there for Michigan.


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Last year, Brother Rice won their second straight Div 2 title with Cheyne Lacanaria as the starting QB.  By mid-season, however, Malzone had picked up the offense so well that the coaches were forced to give him playing time, and start a platoon with the defending state champion qb.  Not that bad.  Lacanaria has graduated so the door is wide open for Malzone to take over the job for himself.

Randy Marsh

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Didn't know that about Rosen's (non)interest. If Malzone comes here that would make four Catholic League QBs on the roster. Morris (DLS), Cleary (UD Jesuit), and the new walk-on Garrett Moores (CC).

Thanks for the update Brandon.


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Arm strength looks like a pretty serious issue for him at the next level. The talent levels in that video didn't look particularly high, and I'm guessing most of those passes are broken up at the next level because the ball simply takes quite a while to arrive to the receiver.


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I can't speak to the specifics of each clip, but Brother Rice played just about the toughest schedule in the state last year. Cass Tech, AA Pioneer, Toledo St Francis, and Cincinnati La Salle before the Catholic League of De La Salle, Catholic Central, Orchard Lake St Mary's, UD Jesuit and then the state playoffs, including Muskegon in the Finals.  Malzone's only now entering his Junior year, so there is time to strengthen his arm.


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why would coaches offer a player that early who has ZERO INTEREST IN UM? I would think his hs coach would have told the coaches this

Eat Your Wheatlies

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Because it is the coaches job to identify the top talent and convince them that UM is a great place to be. It's probably not common knowledge as to whether certain kids (specifically West-coasters) have any mutual interest in a school until you toss it out's not like the lack of interest hurts our recruiting of other players.


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A lot of guys Michigan offers has little to no interest in Michigan initially, that's where the whole recruiting bit comes in. I doubt we had much chance with Peppers, Campbell, Green, or Hand, but we flipped their opinion real quick once they got on campus

I'm sure the coaches were hoping (like they do for everyone else) that they'll land a visit and show em what we've got


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Is that all 3 of their top choices last year were primed to accept the offer as soon as it came, so they had to be very selective.

I don't think they have that issue this year, so they can take a flyer on a 5-star like Rosen. I bet they are hoping some of these top-tier prospects slow the process enough so they get a chance to see the "new-look" M offense with DG12 at the helm.

Also FYI - Sam W's fill-in on WTKA today noted that per Scout's WC guy both Rosen and Dillman may be more open to leaving CA than people think. So there is some conflicting info out there.


August 14th, 2013 at 10:30 AM ^

You don't offer a QB that is number 15 on your board who would commit instantly before you gauge the interest level of top-flight recruits by offering them first. Even more so when there will be severly limited numbers that year. The only top guys Michigan won't offer are those who are either academic risks or character risks. That's why it is called recruiting and not throw offers against a wall and see what sticks. Relationships need to be built and work needs to be put in to get the desired prospect to reciprocate interest.


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There are positions in college sports that are considered an honor to play. We just heard today about an Ohioan PG that was ready to spurn Ohio State in favor of Michigan to come be the next "Trey Burke". Before that Darius Morris also played well.

Like the hoops team, football needs to play for big-time games like BCS bowls and the national title. Eventually, the role of Michigan QB will be revered again, and the position will practically recruit itself, like USC QB, Wisconsin RB, Alabama DB and so on.


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Given lack of interest from Rosen, who do you think would be most likely to get offer #2 once they move on? Just basing it on the stuff Ive read about Michigan looking a qb's for this class, it seems as if Kevin Dillman (also from CA) would be the most logical. Is that your sense also?

Tyrone Biggums

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I think Dillman might be next on the board if Rosen really has no interest. Dillman is a really athletic kid from Sweden and has played multiple positions up until this point.  This (Jr) year will be his first year being a qb full time so I think the coaches will give him a good look before they hand out another offer.  


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I may be biased as a Rice grad but Malzone has the size and arm strength to be a top level prospect, he will also play one of the toughest schedules in the country this year with Rice so we will find out how he holds up. Malzone's older brother goes to U of M and he is a big fan. The 2015 QB spot  is a critical one in Hoke's recruiting


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Considering we're talking about kids with years to go before NSD, I don't read too much into a player saying he has zero interest in a school.  Might not know much about the school, might not feel it is a good fit, etc., but lots can change over a couple of years.


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that there's no chance at getting Rosen away from the west coast.

Sure, kids can change their minds, but if you were Hoke and you heard a kid from Tom Brady's home state say that he had zero interest in Michigan, my guess is that you're going to shift your recruiting focus. I wouldn't yank the offer, but I'd go to the next guys on the list.