BBrown: Nussmeier Already Reaching Out To Alabama-Recruited Targets

Submitted by Brandon Brown on January 12th, 2014 at 2:37 PM

Coach Nussmeier has made quite a name for himself by having success in every position he's held, with his most notable success being at Alabama. Nuss has officially been a Wolverine for about two days and he's already reached out to recruits he recruited while he was at Alabama. That's not really surprising but it's been cool for me to find out about some recruits who didn't even think about Michigan, that are now highly interested in the Wolverines simply because of Coach Nuss.

I went through who Coach Nuss follows on Twitter and have been able to to confrim that he has reached out to 2015 TE Jackson Harris and 2016 QB Josh White as recently as yesterday. His direct message was simple to both, "GO BLUE and I'll be in touch soon." Both young men went from having zero interest in Michigan to now being very intrigued and anxious to speak more in depth with Coach Nussmeier about the Wolverines.

I will continue to dig and research to see who will be thrown onto the big board now that the offensive scheme has changed and a new man is in charge.





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if he does well...we will only get about 2 or 3 yrs of Nuss so I hope he makes a big splash for us in recruiting. Would think he has some ties to the west coast that should help us.


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We want him to be getting major offers from other programs in 3 years. Why? It means he turned our currently incompetent offense into what Michigan used to be, has had and deserves: An offense to be feared. Further, it likely means he recruited his ass of here. That's good for us as if we keep him = awesome & if he takes a HC/NFL/etc gig somewhere that is a step up he left having upped the cache of being a Michigan OC. We want this, oddly. We want this guy getting HC offers within 2-3 years as that means he slayed the competition while here.

I dumped the Dope

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if M could develop some Southern recruiting ties.  There seem to be a lot of speedy players who could be game changers in the B1G if they would attend and use that to competitive advantage.

I would think the same type of players (i.e. fitting the general scheme of our offensive style of play)  would be interested from what I saw thus far.  However I think we will get this answer later on when his plays and calling style start to go on film.

I dumped the Dope

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I Dumped the Dope is a reference to Wayne DeNeff who was an AA News sportswriter.  I was a 10-11yo kid and cut out this little form from the paper, checked my selections of who was predicted to win the upcoming week's games, and mailed it back in before the deadline.

If you picked more games correctly than DeNeff you got a bumper sticker...I Dumped the Dope with a cool maize and blue graphic of a guy throwing darts at a board with a hand in front of his face.  This is circa 1980-1981.  Few years back when the AA News occupied the massive stone building at Huron and Division.  Times have changed just a bit.  It was kind of a cool way to get kids involved in football.  In my case it appears to have worked.

I've never done any actual dope.  Sorry to disappoint.

True Blue Grit

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level talent-wise, we will need to be even more of a presence nationally in recruiting.  If you look at recent classes, we've still relied heavily on Ohio and Michigan for talent.  But moving forward, I think to get to the next level, we will need to be more productive recruiting areas of the south, southwest, and west.  Don't get me wrong.   We still need to keep up a lot of visibility in Michigan, Ohio, northern Illinois, and Indiana.  But, Florida, Texas, Virginia, California, and Georgia to name a few states, have so much more talent that it behooves us to go after more players there.  Ohio State has done this pretty successfully.  Nussmeier will help right away with being more competitive in these southern areas.

Minus The Houma

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Sorry if I missed it on another post but where does he recruit the best? What region does his name go a long way? I know he was just at Bama but seems like he could have good connections in Cali too.

Thanks for your updates, Brandon!

Brandon Brown

January 12th, 2014 at 2:45 PM ^

I'm not sure where he's MOST connected, but Harris is from Tennessee and White is from Georgia.

I know Manning recruits New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Ferrigno is the west coast guy. Hoke does a lot of the midwest for obvious reasons. I'm not sure about the rest specifically.


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I know a lot of people, including myself, that reached a certain management level and don't want to go any higher. The pay doesn't justify the added stress. I'm sure there are a ton of OC's/DC's that never wanted to become HC.

For all the "Jon Gruden is being considered for ____" posts, it's noteworthy that he doesn't want to be HC. He appears comfortable where he is. I can't comment on how much he makes vs. what he could make as NFL HC, because I don't know how much he makes (/obvious). Maybe he is leaving some (short term) money on the table in exchange for long term happiness.

What if - hypothetically - Nuss wants to be the best OC he can be? Maybe that's at a premier University; maybe it's in the NFL. He's making a pretty good paycheck, gets to see his daughter at UM, gets to help young quarterbacks get to the NFL, etc. What if he decides to stay 10 years?


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I think the reason he took this job is that they offered him to become Asst. or Assoc. HC with the meeting/exceeding of expectations after a year or a couple years. That's a big, BIG boost to his HC stock nationally. It's possible that he didn't land Washington is because Petersen had HC experience. Saban would never have made given him the additional responsibility/title because he didn't like the play-calling (or something).