BBrown: M finished a narrow 2nd for DT Hjalte Froholdt

Submitted by Brandon Brown on December 21st, 2013 at 1:22 PM

A couple of weeks ago Warren, Ohio, DT recruit Hjalte Froholdt surprised quite a few people by committing to Arkansas over thought-to-be front-runners Michigan, Florida State, Alabama, and Ohio State.

I spoke with Hjalte today. Froholdt told me that it just came down to "a gut feeling," which probably isn't as interesting to you as the fact that Michigan finished an extremely close 2nd place to the Razorbacks:

"I just had a feeling that Arkansas was a better fit for me. Just the whole feel of Arkansas. I could just picture myself there for the next 4-5 years. The campus was just awesome to me and the coaching staff is excellent there. Michigan was so close though, it was marginals separating the two. They are both great and amazing schools!"

Froholdt was a great kid to talk to and had a really unique preparation and recruiting process being a native of Denmark. He went to high school for one season in Ohio and is now back in his home country finishing high school. He will return to the US for his college football career with the Razorbacks.



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We have an impressive list of recruits who had us #2 which is frustrating to be sure.Any idea if there is another team that has such a list? Any reason why these guys come sooo close but in the end go somewhere else?


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Yes, every team has tons of players they finish a close second. Last year, we offered 153 kids and signed 27, meaning that most of the kids we pursue will go elsewhere. This is true for every school, and will continue to be true in the future.

Also, most kids have about 8 'close seconds'. 


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and our play improved by the end of the season, and we had a BCS bowl game. I'm sure many of these kids would have had us number 1 on their list and we would be turning them away, since we would have reached our limit of scholarships. May be in 2015 we can turn the tide and win 10 or 11 games, win the B1G and have the top recruits lined up to play here. We could return to a top 5 recruiting class.


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I agree:  I don't understand why you were downvoted. But suck it up, and don't ask why. It happened.

You obv. have irritated some people. Maybe they feel Michigan is doing a lousy job recruiting. (We didn't get Hand!! We didn't get Froholdt!! Campbell decommitted!! The sky is falling!!)

Maybe what you point out doesn't fit their narrative. (Hoke sucks!! Fire Borges!! Lloyd Carr was great!!)

Regardless, qvetching about points and why you were downvoted doesn't work, and sometimes leads others to pile on.


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are always competing well in the strongest man contests.  Maybe somebody ought to fly to Europe with a suitcase full of Krone (no Euros for Denmark) and meet his father.


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I forgot that game is already scheduled.  Well if he's still around, I hope we destroy his team and make Brett Bielema's wife so distraught by the loss that she tweets nasty things to Arkansas fans who will be calling for her husband to be fired.  /

But until that day, best of luck.

Michansas Wolverback

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This. Fayetteville is an amazing college town and the U of A has an incredibly scenic and fun campus. Northwest Arkansas (Fayetteville, Rogers, Bentonville) is completely isolated from the rest of the state and is a very educated and prosperous pocket of the South.


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I recently spent a week in Rogers for a golf tournament, and my parents and I were very surprised having never been to Arkansas before. We loved the area so much we are taking a trip back to play in the same tournament next year. We took a day and went to Fayetteville: it was a cool college town with a lot of school spirit and culture.


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One of my good friends in Chicago is from Denmark and works at the Danish Consulate. Another buddy just married one of the Danish interns. I'll see what I can do to influence this situation...


I'm kidding, obviously, but I do find it odd that he would choose Arkansas over the Midwest. I asked my Danish friends about it and they said, "whats there to do in Arkansas??". To each their own I suppose.


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My grandparents came to Michigan from Denmark in the 1950s. Michigan has a nice Danish American population. I don't think Arkansas has the same, but it's just college, not a permanent move I suppose.

Still bummed because I take pride in my Danish name and heritage. I would have loved a Dane on our football team.