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Submitted by Brandon Brown on December 17th, 2013 at 3:23 PM

Until about two weeks ago when the Wolverines offered David Sills, Josh Rosen was the only quarterback from the 2015 class with a Michigan offer. Rosen's name has been popping up a bit lately and his interest in Michigan seems to have grown slightly.

I first spoke with Josh back in June after he was offered in late May, and at that time he had virtually no interest in Michigan. He said the chance of him choosing Michigan was slim to none and cited the cold weather as the main deterrent.

Fast forward to today and he's singing a little bit of a different tune. While I still think the chances of him becoming a Wolverine are slim to none, he's at least flirting with the idea of checking out Ann Arbor in person. He told me that nothing has really changed but he does have the desire to see campus.

He also says that with almost a year before he has to make any kind of decision he has no idea if he'd visit Ann Arbor for an official or anything like that.

Rosen also says that right now his main focus is on winning a state championship, which he will try to do this Saturday.


As I said back in June and above I just don't think the Wolverines have much of a chance at all with Rosen. That being said it's easy to see why the coaches offered him so early and are still recruiting him. On film he is one of the more polished passers I've ever seen in high school. He appears to be very deserving of his 5-star status. He honestly reminds me of Tom Brady the way he stands tall in the pocket, pulls the trigger quickly, and reads defenses. He has more athleticism than Brady did and against high school competition his pocket presence is pretty similar to what Brady does now.

If he does end up visiting I'd be surprised and at that time anything could happen because once a recruit is on campus things change. It'll be a while before anything like that might happen.



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There are what appear to be reasonably complete stats here at MaxPreps - LINK

This year, he is 167 for 245, good for a 68.2% completion percentage and has thrown for 2,753 yards with 33 TDs and 7 INTs. They give his passer rating as 133, although I would think the NCAA calculation would put these numbers close to 200 (a bit of mental math - could be off), so that must be the NFL calculation. 


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Though I can't decipher how one could read it any other way than as Erik clarified, but no worries.  Yes, Brandon went to the best source, the "primary source" and presented the info.  It's as simple (and appropriate) as that.


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I read your post with the Webb link as a shot at Brown because Webb had a report on it too. Like "are you just reporting the same thing Webb already did" type of thing. But of course worded in a sarcastic or snarky way because, obviously.

Then I read ontarioblue's reply and that cemented my ignorance. I then read your "source" post as another shot at Brown for not crediting Webb as his source. My head officially hurts.


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NJ and that there are a lot of northern teams, warm weather almost seems like it makes QB's soft. Football is a cold weather sport for a reason and the Northeast (aside from SU) hates domes.

Class of 1817

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...but allow me to be a tad uncouth here.

If a kid doesn't want to come to Michigan because of the weather...

...screw him. That simple. It's a primadonna reason that speaks volumes about a player's priorities.


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Why does that make him a primadonna?  If you have no connection to Michigan why would you go there over, say, Stanford or UCLA.  Better weather, better academics (or equal in UCLA's case), and lately, better football.  Noone in their right mind would choose to live in crappy weather with all other things being equal, and thats assuming all other things are equal.


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It would be a prima donna reason if that's why he refused to go to an NFL team that drafted him and was going to pay him millions of dollars.

It's not a prima donna reason when he has his choice of schools to attend all around the country.

Personally, I think you're a prima donna for choosing the free Bahamian cruise as opposed to the free Alaskan cruise. Why would you want to go hang out with girls in bikinis and bask in the sunshine when you can bundle up and walk on an iceberg?

(That last scenario is made up, in case you were wondering.)

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...but they are going to have their hands full with De La Salle (#6 nationally and home to Amani Toomer and Matt Gutierrez) in Saturday's CA Open Division Championship. Would love to get him on campus, and see where it goes from there...even if it is a long shot. Thanks for the update Coach!

Charlie Chunk

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The Brady comparison is a laugh.  WTF?  You throw the Brady comparison up there and then one-up his skill set?

You do know that Brady is only the best quarterback ever!  C'mon Man!