BBall Question: Who is the mystery hugging woman?

Submitted by BigShotDave on February 1st, 2013 at 11:43 AM

I'm a long time Michigan basketball season ticket holder and for the last three seasons, I've observed a strange ritual before each home game.  After the players finish their warm-ups, they all leave in a single filed line, walking by the student section on their way back to the locker room.  However, before getting to the locker room, each player proceeds to hug and kiss the same woman one after another until each player has done it.  Who is this woman?  Is it Beilein's wife? 



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She's the "team mom." Don't have any more info than that, but I've sat by her a few times and she's real nice and super supportive of the team.


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I think it's hillarious that people on both threads are naieve enough to suggest that the lady is the Beileins wife.  WTF kind of world do we live in?  "Uh yea, hey guys one last thing before we start the game, make sure you give my wife a big hug and kiss". 

Feat of Clay

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I guess I might seem like the world's biggest creeper here, but it wouldn't be all that weird to me.  If that were happening, I'd assume that the coach's wife was often around, and took on the role of "Second Mom."   I am sure some of them, in some programs, do.


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She's attended 1,025 of the last 1,030 bball games and the 5 she missed are only due to the death of her mother and father.

She's also attended every football game that did not conflict with basketball since 1971 I believe the article read?

Wow.  I should hug and kiss her for her dedication.