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Submitted by Ziff72 on April 13th, 2010 at 10:39 AM

I haven't seen anybody press the issue of why these coaches are leaving with no jobs lined up. It would appear to me that Beilein fired these guys, but seeing that they have been together for a while it seems a little strange. Anybody with some insight would be helpful. It appears to me that recruiting is going well and Beilein is pretty hands on as a strategist so I don't understand the move.


the Bray

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Dunn had health issues (I believe) and was more or less gone since the middle of the year. Someone may know, but I'm guessing he wants to either be home more or at a place with less demands than Michigan at this point.


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That they have been together awhile may actually be a reason for the departures. New coaches are likely to bring in some fresh ideas--could be just what the programs needs at what is a time of transition with the departures of Sims and Harris.

For what it's worth, Rothstein at got the following from Beilein on the coaching changes:

“Change is everywhere,” Beilein said Monday before the Michigan basketball banquet. “I can’t say there’s anything specific. Change is part of our program and we’re going through that right now.

“I’m the head coach at Michigan and I have to make changes, let’s say make decisions as I see based on what I think is best for the University of Michigan.”

That article, by the way, also indicated that Cronin's career is definitely over but he will continue to help the team during practice, and that Kelvin Grady is unlikely to return to the team next year.

There was also this bit of good news, which I think could help further elevate the program's profile and help with recruiting:

Beilein said Crisler Arena will “actively pursue” hosting the MHSAA state finals in future years after the building of the Player Development Center.


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...scholarship experts, please opine on the effect the decision to return Akunne to walk on status has on the number of available scholarships (if any). When asked about Ziegler, Beilein said this:

“It all depends on how it lines up right now,” Beilein said. “We’d like to sign at least one more but if we don’t find that right guy, depending on who that person is, now, it dictates some other things. But I could see us signing a couple more.”

Zeigler and Sykes? Sykes and someone else?


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If Beilein wants recruiters - and so realistic (ha!) - Norm Oden (coaches AAU Mustangs) or "Book" Richardson (currently at Arizona).

Book can recruit nationally, and has great ties on the east coast. Best recruiter in the biz, in my opinion. But...he's probably staying put, or he may be in red at St. John's next year.

Norm Oden would be a stellar counterpart to Mike Jackson. Mustangs have been a mortal lock to go green; it's a pipeline that needs to be opened. Family and Mustangs need to Go Blue!


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Don't believe Akunne's return to walk-on status has any effect on the available scholarships. If they sign two more for 2010, they would essentially be out of scholarships for 2011, given Brundidge's commitment. That's of course barring any other departures.

See chart here.