Basketball transfer list

Submitted by jimmyshi03 on March 23rd, 2017 at 2:29 PM

Obviously would love to have Mo Bamba, but just in case, here's the current list of transfers. This particular list makes a distinction between grad transfers and normal, Charles Matthews-type transfers (scroll down). Obviously, Michigan could also roll the scholarship forward



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Hello, my name is Nathan LeClair and I maintain the VC database.

Thank you for posting our link! It's been crazy hectic right now with all these transfers.

Leaders And Best

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Marial Shayok was the only surprising name to see on that list for me. I think the other two were not major contributors.

Remember Michigan had four players transfer last year: Spike Albrecht, Aubrey Dawkins, Kam Chatman, and Ricky Doyle. It's just part of college basketball today.


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Really would love a grad transfer PG that can start right away for another serious run next year. I hate the idea of not using the 13th scholarship for a 3rd year in a row. Next year's team has potential to be better than this year's team.

Maize in Cincy

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This really depends on if Mo and/or DJ come back. If one leaves you need to go after a big man or keep Donnal. If they both come back you could use it on guy who has to sit a year or add guard depth. If they both leave it doesn't really matter, just give it to Dakich so we can keep the podcast around.


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Has Andrew Dakich been the most spirited bench player in Michigan basketball history?  He’s still a very valuable part of this year’s team, but wasn’t his main reason for wanting to take a redshirt year so that he'd have the chance for a full season of being a regular rotation player at another school?
Consider Spike Albrecht and his graduate transfer decision. He has been the eighth man in Purdue’s eighth-man rotation this season, averaging 12.5 minutes and 1.7 points a game in 27 games played. In choosing to transfer to Purdue, besides bringing himself closer to his home and possibly getting more playing time, he might’ve figured that he wouldn’t have received much more playing time this season at Michigan.  He also might not have imagined that Michigan, as well as Purdue, would be playing in the NCAA Sweet Sixteen at tournament time this year.
While it would be nice for Michigan (and the Dak and Dunc Show Podcast) if Andrew Dakich has a change of heart and decides to stay in Ann Arbor, I wonder whether his desire to get more playing time will influence his choice to be at another school next season.  Could both he and his roommate, Mark Donnal, be thinking about going to a school together where they’d be regular rotation players next season, getting substantially more playing time than they’d get at Michigan?


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by the name of Hans Brase. Played at Princeton, by way of Germany. 6'9 senior, immediately eligible. Got hurt this year, but he's a career 34% 3 point shooter. Not terrible for a stretch big off the bench.


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Does anyone know if there is mutual interest here? I am not one who thinks XS is a bum by any means, but having a scoring PG who shoots 40% from 3 seems like something that would interest JB. Add in the fact that his dad is a NBA coach, and he seems right up Michigan's alley.