Basketball team wins 80-58

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Maybe this got buried after a depressing loss yesterday to Wisconsin, but the Basketball team won today against Gardner-Webb 80-58 to go to 3-0 on the young year.  Morris had another good game with 21 points and 10 assists.  Jordan Morgan also scored 20 to go along with 8 rebounds,Tim Hardaway Jr. added in another 15 points.  Next game up is Syracuse at 7:30 on Friday.


Wes Mantooth

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I think the way they've been winning so far is the real story.  Last season, Michigan's shooting % was generally pretty poor, even against bad teams.  So far this season, the team is hitting their shots, protecting the ball, and grabbing a good # of rebounds.  These are all good signs even if the competition has been sub-par.  Syracuse should be a pretty good measuring stick, though.  Hopefully they can keep it going against some real teams...


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Cuse has been starting games really slow so far. That's been a trend even going into last year. This year, their 2-3 zone hasn't been clicking as well as the last few seasons. They've been forced into playing a lot more man to man so far. I think Michigan might fair better that way.

I think Michigan should keep it interesting through the first half, as long as shooting is at least consistent to what we've seen this year. Obviously, if we go cold, we go cold.  If we can force the Orange into another 1-for-21 stretch like they went against Detroit in the first half, I think we could even keep it close late into the 2nd half.


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but this:

If we can force the Orange into another 1-for-21 stretch like they went against Detroit in the first half, I think we could even keep it close late into the 2nd half.

is such a great summation of what it's like to be a Michigan fan at the moment. It sure is going to be nice when the young talent on Michigan's teams becomes experienced talent.


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Honestly, if we pull out a defensive effort to pull out a 1-for-21, I really think we'd win. The keep it close to the 2nd half was more a commentary on how all sports are going for me right now.

That NFL open thread should put my perspective more plainly. The Texans recover a fumble, score, intercept, kick a field goal. I make mention that this is either too good or just setting me up for a more epic defeat. They're up 4 with 50 seconds to go, Jets have no time outs. They must go 72 yards. Texans still lose.

At this point, I just wait for my teams to find ways to depress me. It's like I'm a Lions fan or something.

duffman is thr…

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Before watching the first two games this year that Syracuse game looked scary, but now it's starting to look like we might be able to compete, not necessarily win but play them tough.  This team may only be a year or two out from what we initially expected with Beilein.  I am starting to feel like this team is on its way up, officially this time.  Now that he truly has his players to go along with his style, I am excited again.


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Congrats to John Beilein on his 600th career coaching victory:

Notebook: Michigan basketball coach John Beilein reaches 600 wins, a smaller Fab Five reunion and more

Also: The Syracuse game on Friday is scheduled for 8:00, not 7:30. That's an approximate time because it's the second game of a doubleheader. Georgia Tech faces UTEP at 5:30 in the first semifinal game of the Legends Classic. Will be televised on HDNet.


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Cable/satellite channel cofounded by Mark Cuban. You can check this page to see if HDNet is available where you are. It's not available in Ann Arbor on Comcast; these appear to be the local options:

HDNet is available on Providers:

AT&T U-verse Channel #1105


HDNet is available on Satellite Providers:

DirecTV Channel #306

Dish Network Channel #362


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Not trying to discount the victory too much, but that Gardner-Webb win over Kentucky came three years ago (Nov. 2007) and with virtually an entirely different roster (this year's squad has only two seniors). I don't think this year's Gardner-Webb team is very good.

As I mentioned on another thread, I'm pleased with the team's start, but the next three games (Syracuse, Ga. Tech or UTEP, and Clemson) will provide a clearer indication of how good a season Michigan might have.


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Is the key. If he finishes like he did today that will keep defenses honest and open up space for our shooters. Hardaway has a ton of confidence in his game and everything looks like it comes easy to him; he is going to be a beast. Smotrycz was getting a little emotional during the game but he has a lot of upside and his jumper looked pure. Colton Christian is an high energy player with great athleticism and he looked good playing next to Morgan. I know it's early and the comp has been subpar but we just look more balanced and the ball is really moving. The unselfish play should lead to a lot of open looks and (hopefully) a higher team shooting percentage.


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Beilein's been splitting the time at center between Morgan, McLimans,and Horford. It's possible Morgan could get more minutes if he keeps playing as well as he has been, but he hasn't exactly faced stellar competition.

The odd thing is that McLimans was supposed to be more of a scoring threat than Morgan, especially from three-point range, but he has yet make a three-pointer.


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Thanks for clarifying this because it seemed puzzling to me. I suppose this is open to interpretation, but I just watched the press conference video posted at, and I think Beilein was talking about Morgan when he arrived in Ann Arbor last summer--not the way he is right now. (On the video, Beilein starts talking about Morgan around 2:38.)

Beilein first says that coming into summer school (in 2009) "he's got this really bad knee injury" and then he says "he also weighs two hundred--he weighs too much, let's just say that." He's using the present tense but he's referring to Morgan when he arrived on campus--not now.

On a related note, Rothstein wrote a good article about Morgan that talks about him getting into better shape and also has a telling quote about Bacari Alexander and the impact he's already having:

“The more I work with coach (Bacari) Alexander, I just get physical and finishing in the paint, and I guess I feel a little bit better in the paint,” Morgan said. “… He makes a difference not only in skill level but in intensity you bring on every aspect, every play, whether you’re away from the ball. A lot of little things that help you in your all-around game.”


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I gave the big ten network money so I could watch this game.

Regardless, the game helped get some of the bad taste out of my mouth after Wisc, and it helped me mentally transition to OSU.  

So I guess it worked.  $8 well spent 


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Well, yeah I get all that, but the quality of their announcing is awful.  I guess I should be thankful that there is a media to watch all UM games.

This game was particularly terrible, though.  I think they let students announce these kinds of games.  The sideline reporter was pathetic, though you could tell she was trying


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The game against Gardner Webb is being re-aired tomorrow at 2:30 under Student U on the BTN....Great start so far for a young team. But are def. playing as a team which is great to see from passing the ball for 30 seconds and then letting Manny go one on five. Tough test Friday. Go Blue!!!


November 22nd, 2010 at 8:26 AM ^

The game against Syracuse is at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, and while I am not a college basketball expert by any means, I remember reading about how the shooting background there is very odd due to the configuration of the venue (it was in a larger article about the strange venues that have assembled in the proliferation of Thanksgiving and Christmas tournaments).  Syracuse is used to Dome shooting, which might exacerbate the situation.

It's something.  It might be nothing, but it's something.

Kilgore Trout

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Morris' improvement to this point is really phenomenal.  I know everyone always says the biggest improvement is between the freshman and sophomore years, but his development is amazing.  If he can consistently provide what he's done so far, that really changes the expectation level on this team.  Maybe he just needed the year to adjust (played lower level HS ball in California) and Manny to be out of the way of his running the team.

Morgan's touch around the basket is great to see.  He is decisive and quick and seems to have really soft hands.  He looks like a legit Big Ten 5 and that is something we haven't seen in a while.

McLimans just doesn't look like he has "it."  I know this is a rush to judgement after only seeing two games in person, but I just don't think he'll ever be a factor.  I thought the same thing about Vogrich last year, and that seems to have panned out.  Horford is small and raw, but I would venture he'll be the primary backup at 5 by the time the conference season comes around. 

If I had to guess, by the time the Big Ten season comes around, we'll see an eight man rotation of Morris, Novack, Douglass, Hardaway, Smotrycz, Morgan, Christian, and Horford.  Vogrich will probably still get 7-10 a game, but I think his and Blake's PT will fade.


November 22nd, 2010 at 10:09 AM ^

Given that you declared Morris to be a bust in this thread from last month, I for one am not going to put much stock into your assessment of McLimans after he's played all of three games at the collegiate level.

The bottom line is some players take longer to develop than others. It's still too early to write off Vogrich, let alone McLimans.