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I noticed the article on Yahoo also and was actually a little offended by it.  In particular, I thought it was just lame to begin the article with:

It's probably not a good sign for the future of Michigan basketball that there may be more star power in the stands at Crisler Arena next season than on the court.

Not only that, but the author made it a point to note that Beilein couldn't bring Glen Rice's son to Michigan.  Maybe I'm just overly sensitive but I thought the article was a waste of internet space.


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According to the author, Michigan is in sad shape because they don't have more star power than 3 ex-NBA players, two of whom had a combined 11 All-Star appearances.  

The credibility of this reporter was exposed in his first sentence. 


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I'm not positive about this, but after doing some digging, it doesn't appear that Beilein ever really pursued Glen Rice Jr., and I could find no evidence that he was offered by Michigan. So the Yahoo author's contention that Beilein "tried to bring [Rice Jr.] to Michigan but failed to land [him]" is quite likely false.

I just don't think this writer knows what he's talking about. He also says, "Big Ten fans might be curious why Robinson wouldn't attend Purdue like his father, but the answer is because the Boilermakers haven't shown much interest so far." But I found an article on Robinson III's commitment from an Indiana paper that indicates that bigger schools, including Purdue, were beginning to show more interest in him:

The big schools were starting to shadow the "Big Dog's" son this summer.

Among Big Ten schools, only Michigan had made a solid offer.

Monday, the Wolverines were rewarded for their diligence when Glen Robinson III, son of former Roosevelt and Purdue star Glenn Robinson, committed to play basketball in Ann Arbor starting in 2012. Robinson didn't make the decision public until Tuesday.

LSU, Clemson, Purdue and IU were all dancing with Robinson while Valparaiso, IUPUI and Missouri State had long ago offered Robinson a scholarship.

Edit: Free Press article also contradicts the Yahoo writer, saying, "Though his father’s alma mater, Purdue, made a push, Robinson was sold on the Wolverines."

This passage was also interesting given the commitment of Trey Burke:

“I’m trying to take my own little path, make a name for myself,” [Robinson III] said. “I know at Michigan they didn’t call me Glenn, they called me Trey, my nickname. It’s some about forgetting who he was and playing for myself.”


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with season basketball tickets was 1993-1994.  This was the Fab Five season sans Webber.  The game between Purdue and Michigan at Crisler was epic.  Big Dog was unstopable and, I believe, he hit a jumper as time was expiring to give Purdue a one point victory.  I've experienced some gut wrenching losses first hand and that one ranks up there as one of the worst.