Basketball road game cheering help needed thanks

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I have a confession to make:  In all my years as a Michigan fan and in my time as a student, I have never once attended a mens basketball game.  In my defense, I only had enough cash for 2 sports' season tickets, and since I attended school in the Amaker era it was a no brainer to go with Football and Hockey.  Tomorrow night, I am attending my first Michigan hoops game, when the team visits Northwestern.  Are there any fan cheers that occur at road games? 

Basically, I am looking for help from current Maize Ragers with any tips or specifics on current cheers used by our fans for hoops, since I only know the hockey specific cheers (and I doubt I'll be able to use the C-Ya chant all that often at a hoops game).  Are there any things we do at home games that also happen on the road?  If so, what are those cheers?  I'd like to know so I can join in on them if/when they occur.  Hopefully I'll be able to make it up to Ann Arbor this year for a home game so I can put your shared knowledge to use there as well.  Thanks in advance for the help!



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If your from the Chicago area I suggest taking the purple line and while on the train consume as many "pops" as possible . Wear some Michigan gear and cheer loudly for your squad in what feels like a High School gym. Northwestern fans are a docile bunch so be as loud as possible. Go Blue


Break out a Robbie Reid jersey, get a sweet bowl cut and ask where Tommie's Troops sit.  Tell everyone you were raining tre's before Stauskas was itchin his daddy's pants.


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I can't tell which of these are sarcastic/trolling answers, and which may actually be legit, considering some of the random stuff that went on at Yost.  keep them coming though, please, for real.


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Honestly, unless your sitting with Michigan students who went on the road trip with you, there are no special cheers that you need to know.   Cheer like a normal basketball game and there'll be the usual go blue and lets go blue.

If your at Crisler, the use your gun is a real chant.  The maize rage also chants the names/nicknames of the players during the starting lineups.  On offensive posessions they will cycle through a couple of chants like "Here we go Michigan, here we go" or "Lets go Blue". 

On defense, lots of "ooohs" except for the special player of the game who is nominated "bum".  Whenever he touches the ball, everyone just chants "bum" until he shoots or passes.

Chant "hey" sarcastically when the other coach argues a call to the refs.  Also late in the game there will be a possession where the maize rage says everything the other team is doing.  A dribble is "bounce", a pass is "pass", and a shot is "shot". 



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That was an extremely helpful and detailed response and I thank you for it! That'll also help me for when I am able to get up to AA for a game later this year.  I'm not going to be sitting with a bunch of Michigan fans unless it's by coincidence, this isn't a road trip for me as I live in the Chicago area so any time UM comes to play at NW its usually my only chance to catch a game in person.

I really like the "bum" thing, that's pretty funny.


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The Amaker era was really fun in the Maize Rage, you should have made it out to some games. In fact, I had the most fun during the Amaker era. It was less of a front-running crowd, everyone knew everyone else, and we were all passionate.

The basketball, was much better after TA sans JB's first year, however.

Here's a couple Rage Pages/Full Court Presses that were always fun to read:

Here's an old one from what will go down as my second favorite attended game (after Duke of '09)