Is Basketball PDC fully operational?

Submitted by StephenRKass on December 13th, 2011 at 9:57 AM

I'm curious if the Player Development Center (PDC) is completed and fully operational. Last I heard, they were using the offices, locker rooms, and I think the weight room and treatment areas, but the new gym area had problems with the floor that delayed things. Is that all done yet?

I also was curious about where they put visiting teams for locker facilities. Is something built in to the PDC, or do they just put visitors in the same visitor's locker facilities they used at Crisler previously? Are they doing anything with the old home locker room, now that the team has moved their locker facilities to the PDC? Where do they do postgame pressers, etc.?



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This photo was posted on December 5 via umichbball twitter with this caption: "Practice courts are finished and being played on in the PDC"

Also possibly of interest, both the men's and women's teams are having a "PDC Dedication Night" at games in in early January—the women's on Jan. 7, the men's on Jan. 8. From the men's basketball promotions page at

PDC Dedication Night -- A special presentation will be held as we dedicate the brand new Player Development Center!


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For the PDC to be comparable to the Deathstar would imply that it has a fatal vulnerability.  I reject that possibility on basic principle, this is Michigan fergodsakes.

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All of it is fully operational. Visitors used to be in the wrestling locker room. They are now in old men's locker room. (or old women's for women's opponents). The cheerleaders get the other locker room depending on if a men or womens game with officials in the wrestling lockerroom. Officials used to be up in the football coaches lockerroom IIRC.