Basketball Open Thread: NW at Michigan

Submitted by michfan4borw on January 11th, 2012 at 5:31 PM

(EDIT update: UM 66 NW 64 final; OT) Michigan looks to continue its success defending home court.  A win tonight would move Michigan into a tie with Illinois for second place in the conference.  Of course no game is guaranteed for the favored team (e.g. OSU losing again last night).  Game starts at 630 EST.  Current standings:



Michigan State 4-0 15-2
Illinois 4-1 15-3
Indiana 3-1 15-1
Michigan 3-1 13-3
Purdue 3-1 13-4
Ohio State 3-2 15-3
Iowa 2-3 10-8
Northwestern 1-2 11-4
Wisconsin 1-3 12-5
Penn State 1-3 9-8
Minnesota 0-4 12-5
Nebraska 0-4 8-7 




January 11th, 2012 at 5:50 PM ^

Taking care of business against Northwestern and Iowa gets us halfway to a tourney bid (I think 10-8 in the conference makes us a lock for the dance) and opens the door to big possibilities if the guys can win a few against MSU, Indiana, and OSU. 

It has been mentioned that the team has basically just held serve all year (winning the ones they were supposed to, dropping a few that were tough/expected losses) but that is how you give yourself a chance for a great season and make sure you're always in contention for a tourney bid.

Hopefully they can keep it up tonight.


January 11th, 2012 at 6:05 PM ^

This isn't necessarily considered a huge game, being against NW and all.  Tonights game, (Edit:) HOWEVA, is a typical must-win game.  If Michigan loses tonight, not too much is lost.  This is a game that good teams win though.  Michigan is in the hunt for being considered a good/great team again, and games against NW at home are games that SHOULD be won by good teams.  Shut down Shurna (a high quality player).  Go Blue.

JR's Flow

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Someone was wearing a helmet, Van Bergen was rocking the polo and beanie hat, and then David Molk was doing his best Hoke impression with the white dress shirt button down a bit with the blazer.

I love this place.