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Others includes Ohio State, who just offered.  And of note, his childhood favorite just won the national title and he chose Michigan.  Very interesting!


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Wasn't sure how reliable JerseyShoreWarriors were (took it off of Brook's twitter account), but Evan Daniels, Scout's Director of Basketball Recruiting just confirmed.



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Seems like Michigan has been moving more quickly in making offers since the new assistant coaches joined the staff.

EDIT: The article linked in the tweet says Brooks visited Michigan last month (Father's Day weekend).

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Then Brad Davison committed to Wiscy and Beilein offered Eastern. This may have been a bit like Xavier Simpson's recruitment. Brooks just got the offer he was looking for from Nova, but actually preferred to come here. Looks like he let Beilein know he was ready to commit and it was now or never for an offer.

edit - I bow to Raoul's greater knowledge.


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Strengths: his biggest strength is his ability to run a team. Brooks plays the game at a great pace. He never allows the defense to speed him up, and makes his teammates better every time he touches the floor. His jump shot has continued to improve and he his now knocking down outside shots on a consistent basis.

Weaknesses: lateral quickness. During the high school season he is not challenged to defend on a consistent basis; it will be interesting to see during the AAU season how he keeps more athletic guards in front of him.

Overall: Though he might be relatively unknown in the Philadelphia region, Brooks is one of the better college prospects in the state. He has great size for the point guard position. His court awareness and IQ jump out to you right away




Brooks is a 6'1" point guard from Spring Grove, Pa. who plays for the non-sponsored Jersey Shore Warriors AAU program. Because the Warriors don't play on one of the major AAU circuits, Brooks has mostly flown under the radar. A strong AAU season has led to more offers, with Kansas State and NC State jumping in the mix recently.


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A tremendously steady lead guard with a stellar outside shot and feel for the game, Brooks been the star player for the Warriors this AAU season, leading them to tournament victory after tournament victory; they’ve only lost two games all summer.

Brooks’ recruitment had skyrocketed of late, after a junior season where he led Spring Grove to its first-ever state tournament appearance.

He picked up offers from Ohio State, Villanova and North Carolina State this week alone, adding to a list that already included Rice, Kansas State, La Salle, Penn, George Mason, Monmouth, Drexel and more.

“I think it got around how good he was,” Sagona said. “He made a major jump just drastically, playing. He’s a phenomenal player, he really is, just makes everybody better. And he’s a wonderful kid, just a good boy, no attitude, respects everyone.”


Beilein and a Michigan assistant tracked Brooks closely the last two weeks, watching every game of his with the Warriors at the Hoop Group's Summer Jam Fest in Manheim, Pa. this past weekend.

. “He weighed his options, he looked at whatever he had to look at, John Beilein did a great job -- great coach, great school. I guess he just figured it out. They’ve been there for a while now.”



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Nova didnt have space for him cause according to to their coaching staff theyre saving spots for Lonnie walker and Quade Green. Both local kids for Nova and both some of the best in the country. Lonnie is someone I have met multiple times so I have heard it from him and his family about Nova being all or nothing with their recruitment of him. 


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makes sense. I saw the kid Quade Green play in the Peach Jam tourney and he's pretty good. The "dream school" stuff is overblown because if the coach isn't prioritizing you over others it doesn't matter. Now if Eli doesn't sign early and Nova doesn't sign eithr the two kids they are saving spots for then it might have some merit.


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We were at our best when we had talent (duh!) and were young.  We were the youngest team in the tournament the year we went to the finals.  The approach of getting lower rated guys to play in your system for 3-4 years isn't really a good way to consistently be good or great.  I think Bo Ryan was the master at this approach (Izzo is good at it as well).