Baseball: OSU's CF from last year caught with PED in MiLB

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Zach Hurley, Ohio State's leader on the field the last few seasons, was drafted in the 29th round by the Houston Astros this June, and he's already in trouble. After just 18 games played, he's going to miss the next 50 for testing positive for an illegal substance:

Hurley was a respected three-time scholar athlete at Ohio State, which described him as "a leader in the way he acts and practices." He was chosen by his peers to co-captain the 2010 Buckeyes team after beginning the season as a .320 career hitter. [...]

Methylhexaneamine is a substance originally intended to be used as a nasal decongestant that has gained popularity as a recreational drug which reportedly gives users an adrenaline rush. Side effects include nausea and stroke. The drug was recently linked to several Jamaican track stars in 2009.

This is the second Buckeye to face a 50-game suspension according to Buckeye blogger Chris Webb. Ron Bourquin of the 2006 OSU squad, currently of the Tigers, was also suspended (June 4th article, now archived) this year for a banned substance.

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in the process of weeding out the PEDs. Makes me wonder how many players juice now compared to 10 years ago. I guess we'll never be able to know for sure, but I do like that there is an effort being made to change things. Not only for the health of the players, but for the integrity of the game (my favorite game of all-time)