Baseball: More Larkin Love (MGoBlue)

Submitted by formerlyanonymous on April 27th, 2010 at 6:15 PM

MGoBlue went with their Barry Larkin post, quite a bit more Michigan centric, and you know, written by a writer. Much better than mine. You should read it.

Larkin Stays a Wolverine Throughout Storied Major League Career

A little taste:

It was a Friday in August at Wrigley Field, and Barry Larkin was about to step to the plate for his first-ever road game at-bat in the major leagues. The 22-year-old, just a few months removed from one of the most storied careers in Michigan baseball history, had been called up to play for the Cincinnati Reds a week before.

As the announcer introduced the rookie and the Wrigley Field organist started to play, Larkin suddenly heard the first few booming notes of "The Victors" resonate through the ballpark. He looked up, trying to find the source of the sound, and saw his teammates waving at him.

"I just kind of thought, 'All right! That is cool as heck,'" Larkin said. "I can't tell you how extensive the tradition of the block 'M' reaches. The extent of it, it's just amazing."

He couldn't have guessed on that day in 1986 that four years later, the tradition of the block 'M' would extend to his 1990 World Series championship team, on which Larkin played with former Michigan teammates Chris Sabo (1981-83) and Hal Morris (1984-86). Sabo, in full uniform and holding a coffee mug, would sit in the Reds clubhouse a few hours before Sunday games and blast "The Victors" through the clubhouse loudspeakers.