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The Michigan coaching staff continues to successfully tap into the strong California baseball pipeline, picking up their third West Coast commit in the last couple of weeks. Joining the 2015 class today was Jonathan Engelmann, a 6-4, 195-lb. outfielder from Burlingame H.S. (near San Mateo). Like the previous two California commits, Troy Miller and Will Tribucher (as well another Michigan commit from the Chicago area, Charlie Donovan), Engelmann participated in the prestigious Area Code Games, held last week in Long Beach with about 240 invitees from around the country.

Perfect Game's profile page for Engelmann includes this scouting report on him from June:

Jonathan Engelmann is a 2015 OF/ with a 6-4 200 lb. frame from San Mateo, CA who attends Burlingame HS. Big strong well proportioned athletic build, lots of physical projection. 6.75 runner, outstanding base running instincts and aggression. High level defensive tools, covers ground with his speed, very strong and accurate on line throws, speed for centerfield, arm strength for right field. Right handed hitter, exaggerated inside approach, leaks his front side very early to get his hands through, tends to hit from under the ball, has hand speed and obvious strength but approach is holding him back, has the tools to improve with adjustments. High ceiling athlete if the bat comes around.

They gave him a grade of 9.5 (out of 10), meaning they see him as a potential top 10 round draft pick (possibly going in an early round) and/or as a highest- to elite-level college prospect. Under "colleges interested in" are Arizona State, UC–Santa Barbara, USC, and Washington—an impressive list.

Engelmann would seem to be an important addition to the 2015 class given the decommitment of Nick Plummer earlier this summer, who had been the only outfielder in the class.



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Also found a local news article—Engelmann showcasing tools at Area Code Games—with some coverage of his play for the Athletics at the Area Code Games:

The Athletics — managed by Oakland A’s area scout Jermaine Clark — are off to a 1-0-1 start. After finishing in a 3-3 tie with the Royals Monday on opening day, Tuesday the Athletics rallied in their final at-bat to top the Royals 6-3. Engelmann has had three hits through two games, including a pinch-hit single Monday and an RBI double Tuesday amid a three-run rally in the third inning.

“I’ve been hitting the ball really well,” Engelmann said. “I’m striving to hit more extra-base hits as the summer has gone along. I’ve made some adjustments with some coaches and … am hitting in the middle of the lineup and driving guys in and getting it done.”

The article says he only recently began playing centerfield for his travel team, having previously played third base, first, and right field for his high school teams. It also says he ran a personal-best 6.68 60-yard dash in Long Beach, and "his throwing velocity from the outfield [was] clocked at 94 mph."


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I'm guessing that the 2015 class has to be pretty close to complete with Engelmann's commitment, given the large sizes of the 2013 and 2014 classes. Not counting Andrew David (a definite walk-on if he does end up playing baseball at U-M), the class is now nine strong; five of the commits have occurred in the last month.

A catcher might be the missing piece to this class, but perhaps that need will be filled in 2016.

Here's the usual list, with rankings from Prep Baseball Report (which unfortunately doesn't cover California) when available:

  • Nick Azar – 6-3 SS, #37 in MI, unranked overall (Hello post)
  • Jack Bredeson – 6-6 RHP/3B, #19 in WI, #222 overall (Hello post)
  • Andrew David – 5-10 SS, unranked (from OH) (Hello post*)
  • Charlie Donovan – 5-11 SS, #1 in IL, #6 overall (Hello post)
  • Jonathan Engelmann – 6-4 OF (from CA)
  • Ricky Karcher – 6-4 RHP (from FL/MI) (Hello post)
  • Ben Keizer – 6-2 LHP, #9 in MI, #98 overall (Hello post)
  • Troy Miller – 6-3 RHP (from CA) (Hello post)
  • Ako Thomas – 5-7 2B/MIF, #19 in IL, #86 overall (Hello post)
  • Will Tribucher – 6-3 LHP (from CA) (Hello post)

*Hello post is Ace's from the front page. David will be on a football scholarship but has said he also plans to play baseball at Michigan.


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Frucken time dude! As I've been saying for 2 years on this board, CALI is where all the talent is, stop messing with all this mid tear mid west talent and go get the CALI kids!!!! I just got back from NEW YORK playing in the World Series and my 12 year olds throw 83mpb there is so much talent here under the age of 16



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I take it you or no one else has ever heard of the National Youth Championships

It's obvious that most of you here know absolutely SHIT when it comes to baseball!! SGV HUSTLE 12 U, go look us up BIG MOUTH! We hit well over 20 HR this weekend in New York and are the #1 Ranked team in the COUNTRY again! And yes we have many pitchers that are league age 12 moving up to league age 13 that throw anywhere from 78 to 83 mph this weekend. We just beat the Bandidos from Texas and there guy hit 76-79 mph all day. We were all over Tv on CBS Sports all week.

So before you open your big mouth please know what you are talking about! As I've said before that YES we have pitchers that are 12 that throw over 80mph and it's not that rare as you think of. Our team was well over 115-3 this year and have won every major tournament in the country for the last yr. that is our record for just this year alone. Cecil Fielder all weekend was praises us as the best team he has ever seen in youth ball anywhere, o ya and we won the USSSA World Series, steamboat spring, Cecil Fielder World Series as well deuche!

Sorry that you know absolutely nothing about baseball! So stop opening your mouth about something u know nothing about! I've said it once and I will say it again, I can tomorrow give u a list of kids that are 12 to 13 that will throw 80mph

Jeez your an idiot


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But his stock on the rise, so there's a good chance he ends up getting drafted high in 2015 and signing. Prep Baseball Report had a quote from him on his reason for his commit change:

Plummer stood out at the Music City Baseball Classic last month, turning heads with his offensive prowess and made headlines when he switched his verbal commitment from Michigan to Kentucky.

“It's the best pitching, the best players in the country,” Plummer said. “It's SEC baseball. If you want to get ready for the pros, you have to play with the best and that's what made me switch over.”

I don't want to criticize a high-schooler too much, but he's pretty much insulting anyone who chooses to play at Michigan (or in the Big Ten, for that matter). The fact is that you can decide to play at Michigan and make it to the majors.

Eat Your Wheatlies

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You can play anywhere and make it to the majors...scouts will find talent.

I coach high school baseball, and consistently get parents who feel like their kids won't get exposure playing for's garbage. Scouts find players, hands down.


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If u give me your email inwill send you a still from this weekends Tourney where yes our 12 year olds throw in the 80's big mouth, and a video if possible

Hate when people open there mouth and don't know what the F there talking about


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From the San Mateo Daily Journal: Burlingame slugger Jonathan Engelmann commits to Michigan. As the article points out, Jackson Glines will be a senior next season, so Michigan will be in need of a center fielder after that.

“They offered me to play center field for the University of Michigan,” Engelmann said. “Obviously, I have to earn my spot there from here on out, but it was enough to get me over there. I’m very excited about their offer. It was very generous.”

Engelmann recently returned from the Area Code Games in Long Beach. At the annual showcase featuring 250 of the top high school prospects in the nation, Michigan manager Erik Bakich attended the first three games. Engelmann had offers on the table from three Division I programs, including UC Santa Barbara and UC Irvine.

Monday night though, Bakich flew in to SFO to visit the Engelmann household to make the senior a formal offer. After enjoying a dinner of barbecue steak kabobs prepared by Englemann’s father, Tim, Engelmann verbally committed to the longtime Michigan baseball program in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

“Everything he mentioned about the program seemed to fit my playing style,” Engelmann said. “I think the aspirations I have to play beyond college and play professional baseball, they have a great development program for that.”