Baseball: Derek Dennis spotlight from the Cape

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While Dennis isn't quite the star that Ryan LaMarre was going into the Cape Cod League last year, he's still important to Michigan's future succcess. Because of that, and because Michigan has slowly built a pipeline of journalists from the Daily heading to Cape Cod during the season (Auerbach last year and now Rohan), Dennis was lucky enough to earn a player spotlight on CapeCodOnline.

A taste:

Do you think your defense at short will get better with experience?
Even from high school to college, with the pitching and how strong guys are, the ball comes off the bat so much harder, so you have to react much quicker. As the year went on, I felt more comfortable seeing it off the bat. Even in the Cape League, I feel so much more comfortable in the field than I ever have.

They also discuss things like the comparisons between Dennis and Jeter and things like Dennis being a 3-pt specialist in high school and receiving basketball offers from some smaller schools.



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You missed the best quote of the article:

I also like how Jose Reyes (of the New York Mets) plays. He's so smooth and makes everything look so easy. I try to put that in my game.

I'm just kidding. Kind of. But, hopefully I'll be able to make out it for a league game, I'm working out in Mass for a project this summer, so I hope I can break away and check it out. I've heard great things about the summer leagues.


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I can't say I go to the Cape all that often but the traffic is notoriously bad.  Leaving early in the morning or late at night is the way to go.

I grew up about 15 minutes from Franklin in a small town called Hopedale.  There's even less to do there.

A good Franklin bar is Cole's Tavern.  Good food and they have outdoor baggo (cornhole), boche, and horseshoes: