Baseball Bracketology: Baseball America still has Michigan In

Submitted by ChalmersE on May 16th, 2018 at 9:48 AM
Michigan is one of the last four in despite last weekend’s series loss to Illinois. Baseball America has Michigan in the Chapel Hill regional as a three seed. UConn and NC A&T complete the quartet in the regional. Other B1G teams in: Indiana a 2 at Stanford; OSU a 2 at Oregon State; Illinois a 3 at Mississippi; Minnesota a 1 at home. Purdue is among the first four out.



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Indiana had quite a successful non-conference season.  Also, when you have only 42% of your games in-conference, that's pretty different from most sports where about 2/3 of your games are in-conference.  As a result, conference results can be pretty inconsistent with seeding.

Indiana took 2/3 from Pacific, 3/4 from San Diego (all on the road, of course), plus wins over Coastal Carolina and Louisville.


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The B10 baseball schedule is even more variable than hoops, if you can believe that. You only play 8 of the 13 other teams. M has played the bottom 3 teams and don't have much in terms of non-conference. Indiana has played 4 of the top 5 teams in the B10.

Purdue is a good opportunity to get some more solid wins.




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According to what BA seems to think, the 3 games at Purdue starting tomorrow might be a play-in series, with the winner in the tournament and the loser staying home.

Of course, there's always the opportunity to win your way in during the conference tournament.  It will be interesting to see if Michigan starts playing with the rotation a little; the best pitchers aren't necessarily the ones getting the earlier starts right now.  


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Whether they end up making it this year or not, I'm still so impressed by the job Bakich has done with the program. Good days ahead.