Baseball: Big Ten Tournament Preview @ TheCBB

Submitted by formerlyanonymous on May 25th, 2010 at 9:12 AM

The College Baseball Blog has their Big Ten Tournament Preview up. I think they're fair to Michigan.

The Wolverines had a huge set back to start the season when Preseason All American Ryan LaMarre suffered a fractured thumb at Texas Tech. The offense went ice cold for the following three weeks before some sort of semblance began to emerge.

That semblance was on the shoulders of team captains Chris Berset and Mike Dufek. Berset, a Johnny Bench semi-finalist, was hitting over .400 for most of the season, but has finished the year at .377, 7 homers, 49 runs, and 49 RBI. Dufek has been the silent leader. Following his break out junior season to lead the conference in home runs, he’s relied more on the double this season, racking up 51 RBI on 19 doubles and only 6 homers.

With LaMarre back, the offense has been on quite a pace, mounting tremendous comebacks, such as the 14 run comeback that graced ESPN just over a week ago.

But, as any 14 run comeback would suggest, the Michigan pitching staff hasn’t been there all season. Despite stellar work during LaMarre’s absence, since his return, several players have been wildly inconsistent. Michigan lacks a true ace, but throws Alan Oaks as their #1. After that, Michigan has a ton of more than capable arms, just none that have been 100% dependable. Even junior closer Tyler Burgoon is showing signs of fatigue, blowing two games late out of the last 3 weekends.

Seems like your normal team capsule, except that guy has a bit better idea of the Big Ten than normal. Definitely a suggested read. There is an Easter Egg for people who follow the link.

I'll have a Michigan-centric preview sometime tomorrow. I may wait for our opponent first, as that guy did such a great job previewing the field.



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Echoing the above statements, less than 1%. Michigan is 1-6 against the top 50, 8-12 against the top 100. Neither of those will be good. There's pretty no room for improvement either. Indiana is the only other Big Ten team in the top 100. And to not win the Big Ten Tourney means Michigan would have two more "bad" losses. No good could come of it.


May 26th, 2010 at 1:07 PM ^

No official word yet but I have to assume it's Oaks.

In a strange twist through, Purdue is starting Matt Morgan instead of their ace today. HUGE gamble. They have to hope a guy that lost to Iowa last week and isn't a top pitcher in the Big Ten will beat Iowa to stay out of the loser's bracket. It's working right now as Purdue leads 2-0 on Iowa in the 4th. Morgan has given up just 2 hits in 3 innings.

If Purdue loses this thing because Morgan doesn't finish, huge error on Boilermaker's coach. If he wins, he's a genius as he has Bischoff to go against Minnesota or Michigan (anyone's guess on who).


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The problem is the Bischoff being held back threw my bracket. I had Iowa eliminated first. Now they're likely headed to Friday night. Bischoff was the game changer for me. Not so much anymore.

Purdue is down to an out. If they lose, we're rooting for Indiana in the night cap. We want to play Iowa and have Indiana face Minnesota. Both those matchups REALLY help Michigan.