The Barwis Method

Submitted by Zone Left on July 24th, 2010 at 7:30 PM

Is the Tony Little Gazelle not doing it for you?

Do you want to date her

but are stuck with her?

Mike Barwis has the solution!

As a professional athlete you sleep better when you know you took it to the max and Mike Barwis’ program offers that.  His program took my hitting to a whole new level. 
Larry Foote, former two time Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers, All-American, Detroit Lions team captain, and Linebacker

I have seen a drastic change in my conditioning and core strength in a short period of time working with Mike and his staff.  
Mike Hart, U-M’s all-time leading rusher and Indianapolis Colts running back

Seriously, this looks like a personal training program available to anyone, including a full workout program for only $300.

The website looks like it's in a somewhat fledgling stage, including the somewhat unfortunate "BM" label, but his methods do work for anyone that's interested:

After nearly 2 years of physical therapy, I finally started using Mike’s workouts and making tremendous strides towards walking again. My spinal cord injury had limited the movement in my legs to muscle twitching; now I am walking in crutches, soon to be running again one day. I have been amazed at the way workouts can be customized to an individual, especially with the nature of my injury, and lead to amazing results by putting in the right amount of time and effort. 
Brock Mealer

I hope it works out for him, but not to the point where he becomes too big to be a great strength coach in Ann Arbor.  I'm going to stick with Crossfit...I'm a little intimidated by any program that created this:



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P90X is no good for getting any bigger.  It will get you shredded, but the strength and size gains are severely limited.  It works really well if you've really never worked out hard before or you are just starting, but in that case, most programs will.  Not worth the money.


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I still have the old Bowflex Select Techs. I got a helluva deal on those, and 5-10 years from now, that 50 pound setting is still going to make that weight weigh 50 pounds (at least it better).


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@ldoublee -- actually, the logo on the back of the shirts is the head of a dragon.


The personal training programs can be customized for your needs and can be tailored to your current fitness level. 

Also, clinics for coaches and certification for trainers are available as well.



July 25th, 2010 at 4:08 AM ^

Barwis needs some help with his marketing if this venture is going to succeed.

First of all, I mean really...  Under no circumstances do you want the letters "BM" forming the cornerstone of your branding.

Secondly....  Using "Mail Chimp" for your email marketing is a suspect choice at best.  I opted in to his list and still haven't gotten a confirmation suspicion is that it's going to the spam folder right next to the message from "Genuine USA SexPils"

If anyone here knows Barwis for real, I can do better than what he's currently doing from a marketing standpoint.  I thought about sending an email to the address that's listed on the site, but, I'd bet dollars to donuts that address is answered by the marketing guy, not Barwis, hence wouldn't accomplish much.