Barwis affect?

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First off I want to say that I have been a believer in Mike Barwis.  He looks and acts like a guy I want running the S & C progam.  But this is year three now.  Have we seen any real affect of having him on our staff.  He was one of the main guys in the NCAA investigation. 

It seems that especially on defense we get pushed around.  I know we want to be fast, but in my opinion we need a little more mass.  Are the players on defense just not good enough?  Are they not smart enough to know what to do?  Do we not have enough depth?  How is any of this an issue in year 3 of RR and Barwis?  Is it just youth?

I think that people go crazy over Barwis.  I just think he is overrated, and we need to see some real evidence that these guys are getting stronger and faster, and more importantly it has to translate over to the field.  Again, this is more about our D.



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In the Craig Roh presser this week, someone asked him if the D was tired, and was that why they didn't play well, particularly in the 4th.  Craig Roh responded essentially with "No, thanks to our Conditiong Coach Barwis, we do not get tired."

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Martin and Roh. Just look at them.

As for everyone else, it is mostly just inexperience and depth.

I'm sorry, I don't mean to be a dick but this is a dumb thread and really dumb question(s).

Edit: Damn I was slightly beaten by Adrian, maybe I should type faster.

Moe Greene

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Here's the problem - how can you know Barwis is to blame? We've had numerous defensive coordinators, numerous departures and injuries - and we were parlously thin prior to all of this stuff.

We knew the defense was going to be a liability this year - and no one though S&C was part of the problem.

I really can't look at Mike Martin and fault S&C. He's a raging hellbeast - and the UFR backs it up.

Big Ten play will tell the story about whether GERG should rent or buy in A2.


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You're all over the place there.

Remember that Barwis doesn't acquire the raw materials.

You think we need a little more mass?  Do you think our coaching staff is unfamiliar with momentum (M * V)?  Really?

"Are they not smart enough to know what to do?"  What does Barwis have to do with that?

"Do we not have enough depth?"  Ditto.

"Is it just youth?"  Ditto.

"I just think he is overrated..."  Based on... what?

"Again, this is more about our D."  So... you think he's doing OK with the offense?  Does that make *any* sense?

Finally, do you have any controls here?  Can you clearly see what Mike G. would have done with David Moosman in the alternative universe?  If not, you should probably be nice to Barwis.


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Barwis affects some big changes around the program. Has been doing so since his arrival.

I'm afraid, however, that what you're asking about is the effects he's affecting.

Kilgore Trout

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I agree that S&C coach isn't a magic wand to cure all ills.  Another thing to consider is that if we're trying to compete against the best of the best in college football, wouldn't you think they have pretty good S&C guys themselves?  Barwis isn't operating in a vacuum, he's competing against a lot of other guys who I'm sure are very good at their jobs too.  If he's keeping up and these young guys are hanging in there, he's succeeding.  Wanting him to be an all holy savior and massive difference maker in the program like some people seem to assume just isn't realistic given the environment of who we're competing against.


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Another thing to consider is that if we're trying to compete against the best of the best in college football, wouldn't you think they have pretty good S&C guys themselves?

Naaaaahhhhh....I thought all of OSU's players were doughboys!

(sarcasm not directed at you, just the many who want Barwis to produce winged death angels out of 2-stars)

Nosce Te Ipsum

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I'll post this here since Barwis is the topic. Does anyone know what a Barwis workout is like? What do they do, how long does it take and how long are the breaks in between exercises?

His Dudeness

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but he focuses on olympic style (free weights) lifting, agility, core strength and diet (which is huge). He works on speed training (obvs). Nothing he does is revolutionary, but he is very intense and I think he has done a decent job. Injury rates don't seem to have gone up and the linemen tend to be more fluid and pass the eye test of being "in -shape." I mean they don't look all Boren out there or anything. I think a great indicator of success is if the alumns in the NFL come back to be trained by him (which many have). I mean those guys are looking to add skill and fotball is their job now, so it would seem he adds some value.


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How the program is perioidized, but I would assume they have meso-cycles that focus on different goals for each cycle. Be it mass, flexibility, speed work (rate of force development), maximum strength, etc. The core of any good program are compound movements, as you alluded to. Olympic movements are used, however, they aren't the be and end all of strength development. Most of the athlete's pure powerbase will be built with sqautting. Oly movements are geared more toward intramusclar coordination and RFD.


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I remember reading about when he was hired blew my mind. Barwis said that he had offensive linemen play catch (with two hand over the head throws) with a medicine ball....while standing on a medicine ball! He said some guys couldn't do it at first but by the time they were seniors, all the WVU linemen could do it. What a core beatdown that exercise would be. I know he places a much heavier emphasis on clean and jerk type lifts to increase explosiveness rather than the good ol bench & squat.