The Bartelstein Blog: The Final Entry

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The final edition of The Bartelstein Blog is posted on and it's a doozy. Read this thing and continue to marvel at what we were given this year by the Men's Basketball team.

The love we had for each other, the memories we made would never be forgotten. I told my guys for the rest of my life if they EVER needed anything I would ALWAYS be there. We were brothers now. I care about every one of them like I do my three sisters, and we shared something that one day when the time is right we will all consider ourselves champions. We then sang the greatest fight song in the world one last time, and it was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.

I knew I had about five minutes before the media came in, and I sat in my chair with tears running down my face and a towel over my head. I pinched myself one last time this time hoping I was dreaming, but the moment was real. My story was coming to an end, 23 years worth of basketball, 23 years of my life being dedicated to a sport I loved. Then I remembered this is so much bigger than me, bigger than my whole family contingent, bigger than us 15, bigger than our program.

This is for the University of Michigan.

I get the chills as I write this, but we made it so our fans can hold their heads up high when they speak of Michigan basketball. We brought the Fab Five back into the same stadium again. We gave you guys one great run and had the time of our lives doing so!

Yes, you and your teammates did, Josh. Thank you for that.



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It's the guys on the team like this that made this Final Four run possible. I truly believe this team, with as much talent as it has, would not have been able to accomplish and overcome everthing it did without the fantastic senior leadership from the guys that almost never get a chance to play. Thank you seniors!

Dutch Ferbert

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Love the ride these guys gave us. From our national player of the year to the last guy off the bench, this team truly appeared to care about each other. Go Blue!



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" If everyone bought in and just did all the small things that make great teams elite, we could end our journey in Atlanta. There would be more bumps in the road for sure, but a vision on where our journey was going to end; a final destination was established on that day."

Much has been said about the senior leadership of the team, but here it is in a nutshell. Setting the expectations and the goal and then leading and talking the team through the tough spots along the way is what Bartelstein and others did masterfully, and they got to Atlanta and played like they belonged there. Leadership like this, on the court and off of it, goes a long way towards making talent like Michigan's that much better. 

Excellent entry by Josh Bartelstein. Thanks for sharing this. 


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for a long time. My son just turned 18 and he participated in the last 11 Michigan BB Player Development Camps and this years Elite Camp. He got to know the players very well because most of them worked the camp. He especially became very close to Eso Akunne. But all the rest were very nice to him and my family. It was especially nice this year when the team scrimmaged for the camp participants. They were short one player and they asked my son to scrimmage with them for 20 minutes. At 6-7 and 190 he was as thrilled as the first camp we attended when he was 7 years old. The bottom line is the players on this team are great people. At games we attended they would always acknowledge us during warmups or afterward. They all took time to share a bit of themselves even though they were tired and wanted to get out of the arena. This team gave us lasting memories that go way beyond the Final Four. Thanks to all of them for being good citizens. Thanks to Eso for letting Chris beat him in one on one four years ago, then for taking a big ribbing from Tim Hardaway and Trey Burke when Chris really beat him this year. Lol. The memories will last forever for my family when it comes to this team. I can believe Josh when he says how close they are. They got close to a lot of people, if they knew it or not, by being themselves.


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Great post!  You should write a diary about your son's experience sometime.  I'd love to hear what it is like, especially covering so many years and talent levels.  My son just turned 12 and loves the game and is quite excellent for his age.  We are hoping to move back to Michigan soon (from Korea) and I would likely look into him attending these camps.  

I, and I'm sure other MGoBloggers with children, would like to hear about the camps, how much it has/hasn't helped your son - from skills/confidence/cool perspective.

Consider it - best of luck.


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I can tell you from a parents perspective that basketball is a game that takes years of work at an early age to even become a solid high school player. My son went to at least two different basketball camps every year. He also played in middle school and played on AAU teams. One perspective that I noticed early on was how Chris loved the game and wanted to play. The passion he showed early on made it easy to move him forward.

Regarding AAU, there are hundreds of teams and coaches out there. We started in a suburban setting and I can tell you that after several years it wasn't working. Many coaches have sons playing and it appeared to me they wanted their sons to succeed more than the team. Also there is a different brand of basketball in the suburbs. We discussed this and moved Chris into a inner city AAU team. Two reasons. Social diversity and harder faster play. We couldn't believe the difference. It worked for us and not all kids will make the adjustment. But my son grew in more ways than one from doing this. Life is more than basketball and Chris learned great life lessons early on. After our first practice Chris got into the car and looked at me and said "These guys are tough, they trash talk their own team mates." I knew we had arrived. His game improved and he made some great friendships. Good luck with your son and don't be afraid to lead him in a direction others might not.


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Great write-up. Gave me chills a couple times. A few times this week I have had to step back and think about how amazing this season really was and how proud I am of this team. An amazing group of players and an even better group of young men. Thank u boys, for being great representatives of the University of Michigan.