Band not going to Alabama game

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Saw this on Twitter. Can anyone in the band confirm? Would be awful if true.

terryfoster @terryfoster

So, the @umichband won't be traveling to Dallas for the "home game" against Alabama? That's completely unacceptable @DaveBrandonAD.

EDIT: Now confirmed. What a joke.

Stephen J. Nesbitt @stephenjnesbitt

Alabama's band, though, will be on hand at Cowboy Stadium. Members of the MMB that I've heard from are none too happy with the decision.


The Michigan Marching Band has been informed by the Athletic Department that it will not be travelling to Dallas for Michigan/Alabama.



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One of the big things that sold me on the game was the event aspect of it for the players. I feel pretty stupid because the athletic department clearly doesn't see it that way.


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Let me see if I get this right:

Sell a home game and replace with Cowboy Classic, it will be like a bowl game.  Next, tell the band they are not going, so now it's basically  a road game.  In the end, Brandon screwed the UM for a $4.7 million road game.

hell, I live in Dallas and I'll open up my house to a few band members if the school is too cheap to pick up the tab.  


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about petitions or tweets or outraged fans or the MGoBlogosphere, not to mention the students in the Michigan Marching Band. He cares about money in very, very large amounts, and caters to and hangs out with people who have money in very, very large amounts. The only thing that will change this decision is if enough of those people who have lots of money complain to him when they encounter him in the Chop House during the desserts and brandy. I wouldn't hold my breath, though.

State Street

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This is overwhelmingly ignorant.  What inside info do you have that qualifies any of your statements?  How much time have you spent around Dave Brandon?  Are you sure he dines at the Chop House?

What do you do for a living, Don? I'd like to make some generalizations and uninformed comments about your job as well.  Please advise. 

State Street

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The band should be there.  I don't disagree with you.  But to insinuate Dave Brandon puts money above best interests of the Athletic Department is laughable.  

Brandon, like all of you, has a job to do and is attempting to do it to the best of his ability.  He has many different interests to please.  Decisions aren't made in the AD based on one single variable. Armchair ADs like yourself have it way easier than those who are actually in charge.



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So you are likening the void of the band to laying off say 500 people? Don't dramatize this into something its not. That band is michigan football, period. No discussion. What the fuck are we fighting for every saturday? Tradition. And as far as im concerned this is a neutral site game as billed, and if their band is going to be there, ours sure as hell better be. Im sick of this crying wolf about revenue. Song of the poor is always the rich mans game. I do well for myself and dont expect a free ride but get real. It wont be cheap to get there and back as im going to do. I expect my monies worth.


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is laughable? I think that he regards money to be THE best interest of the Athletic Department. I don't disagree with you that he has a tough job, and I don't disagree with all of his decisions. However, he's made it perfectly clear from the beginning that he is hell-bent on maximizing every revenue stream he possibly can; if he wasn't, he wouldn't have banned the bringing in of water bottles in favor of forcing fans to buy bottled water. He wouldn't have greatly increased ticket prices for basketball games to the point where long-time season ticket holders whose seats have been near the court are now forced to either pony up large boxes of cash to remain where they have been, or accept seats much further away. The wealthy fans can afford to come up with the cash.


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So you're saying that you need "inside info" before you are able to conclude that David Brandon's decisions are heavily influenced by the opinions—and cash—of very wealthy UM alumni and donors, and that the concerns of average fans of every age bracket are somewhat less important in comparison?

As far as the Chop House goes, It's been well known for quite a while that it's a frequent dining location for bigwigs in the UM athletic department, including coaches and former players. Bo used to eat there before he passed. I'd say that the chances that David Brandon has never eaten there approach zero.

I'm a graphic designer, by the way, so take your best shot, Mrs. Brandon.


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I don't think Brandon considered the players view on this. Do you honestly think the players don't want the band there? I want to hear The Victors in cowboy stadium and this really upsets me. Yet we'll pay more for our tickets next year and they don't have enough for them in the budget. Unbelievable.


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Mr. Brandon,


Recently news has broken concerning the Michigan Marching Band and the 2013 opening game to the college football season between Michigan and Alabama. It is news that clouds what would otherwise be a banner day for the Michigan brand. 

As you have stated numerous times, a key tenet of running the athletic department is to push "the brand". This game in Cowboys Stadium is just as much about allowing other parts of the country to experience the Michigan football "brand" as it is about playing the game. But what is Michigan football - indeed, what is Michigan athletics - without the Michigan Marching Band?

It is the Michigan Marching Band that fuels a passionate student fan base in Yost Ice Arena for every Michigan hockey game. It was the Michigan Marching Band that begun numerous storied traditions in college sports and music, including introducing That School Down South to the script OHIO and being the first band awarded the Sudler Trophy. The Michigan Marching Band have consistently proven themselves to be an excellent group of ambassadors for the Michigan "brand" abroad. These are but a few of the countless reasons why it makes no sense, financially or otherwise, to leave them out of the Michigan/Alabama game. And with Alabama's band allowed to be present, the omission is all the greater.

I sincerely hope that you, or whomever is responsible for this decision, reconsiders the position. As a born-and-bred Michigan faithful since my birth in 1983, I have never felt that anything that truly defined Michigan was in danger. No band at what will be one of the biggest regular season Michigan football games ever will severely shatter my faith and love of the Maize and Blue. The recent installation of "Victors Points", increase in piped-in pop music, and considerations of a mascot have already begun to erode the Michigan tradition - the very "brand" you are rightfully trying to spread. To follow those recent changes and concerns up with the loss of the Michigan Marching Band at the football program's biggest public stage of the year would be a critical blow to the game, to fans' faith, to the program, and to the "brand" itself. Only good things can stem from the band being present at Cowboys Stadium; only negative things can occur without them. 

Thank you for your time.


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What's the cost to bring the band? I bet it's over a quarter, maybe a half mill or so. That's a considerable amount of dough, yo.


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HEY YOU GUYS, there's one thing we're forgetting here... JUMBOTRON.  

Who needs the marching band at the game when you can slap them on that giant TV as they do their thing at the Big House.  Now we can keep ALL the $$$$$$



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They don't take the entire football team on away games either, do they?  

If as someone posted in one of the band-related threads the AD offered to pay to bus the band in, if the band wants to fly, perhaps they could work out a way to come up with the difference.



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I've ranted about Brandon here before. He is not the good shepherd of the Michigan Athletic Department. He's a self-centered, ego-driven dick who, despite having worn a Michigan uniform, does not have a clue about what Michigan fans want, or who we are.

He has created a staff of marketers that weren't needed in the first place, and he's given them all something to do - screw up the hallowed traditions of Michigan football as much as possible.

Some of us say he does it for the money. I say he does it to feed his massive ego. He wants to go down as Michigan's big innovator. Well, he can't. That man was Don Canham.

Instead of good, big ideas, he's all about the trimmings, the foo-foo stuff of having Michigan play in Dallas as though that's somehow better than the Big House. It isn't. The Big House is the best football stadium in America. That's where a Michigan home game is played.

Brand = bullshit.

Someone here wrote a respectful letter, as though the man cares. He needs a lot of letters that say, "What are you thinking, dickhead?"



Sons of Louis Elbel

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All: forgive me for being so old fashioned, but they have these things called telephones we might make use of. lists DB's (such appropriate initials) phone number as 734-764-9416. MSC's number, for good measure, is 734-764-6270. Perhaps a few days of fielding angry phone calls will catch their attention.

Needless to say, we gotta get our new twirler MGoMember to Dallas...

rob f

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on  voicemail for both DB and MSC at those #'s listed a few posts back.  And yes, those are legitimate #'s.  Brandon's bone-headed decision deserves every bit of protest we can muster and then some; so far, besides those voicemails, I've also tweeted Brandon and emailed my protests to the Athletic Dept. website. 

There are many traditions associated with U of M, and one is the tradition of protest and social activism.  Nothing would be more appropriate than to see campus-wide protests in support of the MMB until DB and MSC reverse course and decide to send the Band.


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First off, MSU doesn't have one-tenth of the tradition or brand recognition that Michigan has -- they will never even have the opportunity to play in a game of this magnitude, let alone have a similar situation with their marching band. 

Besides that, this is a very important game for our program. National television, two top-ten teams, two BCS contenders, and most importantly, two very proud programs. It's embarrassing to not have the MMB there, as "The Victors" (amongst other elements of our tradition the band carries) is an essential part of what Michigan represents. It's a NEUTRAL site game -- if Alabama has their band there, we better too. 

Brandon scheduled this game to cash in, and ironically, he points to the budget for not bringing the band along. If we are going to sacrifice a legitimately priceless Saturday at Michigan Stadium to watch Michigan play a game like this, and I wouldn't mind doing so otherwise, we better do it right; not on the cheap. 


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This is what happens when you appoint an asshole Republican to the head of anything.


They run whatever they're head of as if it were a purely profit-seeking business venture.


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In 1980, the band was not sent to the Notre Dame game. We lost it on the last-second Harry Oliver miracle field goal. The next week at a pep rally on the steps of Rackham Auditorium, Bo stood before the crowd--his jaw jutted out in that defiant way--and spit out the words, "The next time I go into a war, I want my band with me!!!" Send the MMB to Dallas when Michigan HOSTS Alabama! The Team, the Team, the Team!


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I was ready to cut and paste your fb status on here, but I'm happy to see that you think it's also worth posting on MGoBlog. This is terrible, do you have any insider info on this debaucle? Many of us are still having a hard time wrapping our heads around this.


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Obviously, I can't guarantee this but I just have a feeling that someone will pay for the band to go. If I recall correctly, when OSU went to Texas or USC a few years ago, an anonymous donor stepped up to pay the band's costs.

I would hope that we have as generous a donor somewhere out there! Calling Stephen Ross!!