Band not going to Alabama game

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Saw this on Twitter. Can anyone in the band confirm? Would be awful if true.

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So, the @umichband won't be traveling to Dallas for the "home game" against Alabama? That's completely unacceptable @DaveBrandonAD.

EDIT: Now confirmed. What a joke.

Stephen J. Nesbitt @stephenjnesbitt

Alabama's band, though, will be on hand at Cowboy Stadium. Members of the MMB that I've heard from are none too happy with the decision.


The Michigan Marching Band has been informed by the Athletic Department that it will not be travelling to Dallas for Michigan/Alabama.



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"If I were you Mr Brandon Id go take a look at MGOBLOG right now..You have become very unpopular amongst many alumni and fans..This REEKS of money grubbing..Sometimes is about MORE than the money its about M I C H I G A N and a real Michigan man would KNOW that"

Im really pizzed about this...


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For what it's worth, @amgodd, a reliable source on twitter, tweets from board of regents meeting:


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Mary Sue Coleman permanently lost my respect today.

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Mary Sue Coleman steady hanging her head in shame at this Regents meeting.

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Mary Sue Coleman refusing to look student speakers in the eye. Shame on her and shame on the Regents.

We like you, MSC, and we know Brandon is making you the MAD DOLLAZ, but sooner or later, you're going to have to stand up to him and tell him that Michigan Athletics is MORE than a business. Once in a while, it'll be necessary to take a hit on something.


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THIS IS MICHIGAN. At one point we ranked behind the New York Yankees and the Dallas Cowboys in net financial 'worth'...the only NCAA institution even close to the top ten in revenue...ONE trip to Dallas isn't going to break any bank, we make enough in concessions, marketing of that little M that Canham made famous long ago, that this is utter stupidity. I could personally care less if the band is there or not and I can say I'm glad things didn't work out for me to attend either.  At this rate as much as I thought DB would really straighten out the athletics programs, he's proving to be a corporate turdbomb in some regards.

This whole issue is moronic. HE screwed up giving away a home game, and like greed always does, the loss isn't coming out of HIS pocket, someone else will pay for it, in this regard the band and the fans who want them there. What a joke.


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Also I was there and Mary sue wasn't hanging her head and shame, she was being her typical asshole self and ignoring all the public commentary speakers. but that's a completely different story. I have supported db until this but god if this isn't a dick move money grab than nothing is


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The Michigan fans better sing their hearts out after touchdowns if the MMB doesn't go to Dallas. I hope the band goes, though. I wonder if the demand for tickets has DB wanting to sell those seats.


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Complain to Mr. Brandon.  I am sure he would really appreciate it.  Seriously if you have a twitter go tweet to him and email to him.  Make sure he understands that the football program is not his cash cow.


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Easy now guys, Dave Brandon obviously took this into consideration when HE SCHEDULE THE FUCKING GAME. Can you imagine Denard scoring on a 70 yard running play in the first quarter and The Victors isn't playing? Great way to open the season. Hope you take the money you save and take your family out to a nice dinner at a restaurant the rest of us can't afford, Dave.

P.S. All of your jersey and mascot ideas are stupid and your pizza sucks.


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Not having the band will also seemingly diminish the presence of the Michigan fanbase a lot, I'm guessing. Bama is going to be there in full force and we don't want this to seem like any less of a 'neutral' site than it already is. 


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majorly pissed off.   

What to go, Daayyyy-ve!

By the way, has there ever been a football game where the Michigan band didn't travel? Is this a first?