Bama SBNation - Prattville camp was set up for sole purpose of evaluating Dytarious Johnson

Submitted by EastCoast on June 10th, 2015 at 11:23 AM

After the putz at RollBamaRoll was called out for getting the Dytarious Johnson story wrong, he responded in the most reasonable way possible...

By doubling down on his claim that Harbaugh is evil incarnate.

While my title SLIGHTLY exaggerates his argument, it doesn't do so by much.

What makes this excellent is that instead of a true "light bulb" feel-good story, we have Michigan all but setting up a "camp" for the sole purpose of reviewing players they were considering offering. It was never about having a true teaching camp.

The Michigan fans who've given us feedback can be upset about a prior mischaracterized sentence, and that's fine, because in the end the fact that the Prattville junket catered to these kind of targets makes Harbaugh's behavior worse, not better. Finding a diamond in the rough is one thing - intentional obfuscation and shady-as-hell torturing of the rule to turn this "camp" into a specific recruitment visit is quite another.

It might even be an NCAA violation.


There you go. The Prattville Camp was set up to evaluate a single, two-star recruit (since I'm unaware of any others who were nearing an offer) and therefore Harbaugh is dabbling in NCAA violations.

Also, to reemphasize the point, Dytarious was the ONLY recruit who went to this camp because of the coaches telling him he was on the precipice of an offer. So the entire thing was a charade (which included hundreds of athletes, coaches from a number of schools, etc.) to evaluate one possible recruit



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The accidental self outing of Roll Damn Tide may have been the best moment on the MGoBoard.  The lengths that guy went to mascarade as an Alabama fan with respect for Michigan and their recruits was unbelievable.  He even had imaginary sources from down south to match his imaginary persona and imaginary degree.  Roll on I say!

Victor Hale II

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I wonder if he will feign the same outrage when he finds out about Caleb Kelly and the Fresno satellite camp. Actually, I really don't care what this douche thinks.


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I'm sure this LB has been on the radar for a considerable time.  The writer forgets that NCAA recently finished the spring evaluation period and Bama has actual spring football.  Any member of the staff could have gone down and watched him back in May.  Didn't need a camp to do this.


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This guy has no idea how illogical he is.

If DJ were good enough to hold a camp solely to evaluate him they wouldn't need to hold a camp to evaluate him. 


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I don't see where he said that Harbaugh setup the camp for the benefit of a single player, but he is trying WAY too hard. Few Michigan fans will deny that Harbaugh is primarily doing these camps to scout players and connect with recruits, but there is a teaching element to the camps that is beneficial to the players. And they're being pretty transparent about their motives when they brand the Ann Arbor camp as "Exposure U".

But I guess since these camps benefit Michigan's recruiting, they're pure evil. That's some solid logic.


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As I said, my title is an exaggeration. 

However, he does say that the camp was set up "for the sole purpose of reviewing players they were considering offering." 

Considering that DJ seems to have been the only player that this applied to, that's the logical conclusion of his argument.


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he at least strongly implied yesterday that the camp was all about DJ.  (I gave the article the time it deserved, so my recollection isn't perfect; I refuse to click on the current one).   I suspect he hedged his bets after rethinking the logic (such as it was) of setting up an entire camp solely for one "lightly recruited" two-star who was somehow simultaneously under Michigan's radar, yet worthy of setting up an entire camp to evaluate and recruit.  In addiition, DJ could have been offered without doing the camp at all.

For anyone within 6 degrees of separation with the SEC to complain about this is absurd.  He's just trying to gin up support for a ban.

Brian Griese

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didn't discuss recruitment at the camp, how is it a violation? On top of that, is it earth shattering news that a college coach evaluated a kid at a camp for a scholarship? Quite the novel idea!


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Consider the broader context ...

  • For quite a spell the narrative was the SEC was dominant and would be so forever
  • Then Florida State won the NC
  • Then Ohio State won the NC
  • Alabama looks merely mortal
  • Florida has yet to prove they've come out of their slump
  • Arkansas has Brett Bielma, fergodsake

What we're seeing is the expected behavior of children when they realize they're not the center of the universe they thought they were.


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He's dead on, he just doesn't realize how deep the rabbit hole goes.


Not only was the Pratville camp set up for sole purpose of evaluating Dytarious Johnson, but all the other camps on the swarm tour are just a smokescreen to mislead people.  The whole TOUR was about Dytarious Johnson.  In fact, the only reason why Jim Harbaugh came back to Michigan was so he could recruit Dytarious Johnson.  Why?  Because the old seers have foretold that Dytarious Johnson is the only man who can kill Jim Harbaugh.  Or, more exactly, the archdemon Xyzzzratzx that inhabits Jim Harbaugh's empty shell.  Nick Saban knows this as well and has been working his whole life to defeat the demon, but unfortunately he's currently being hampered by SEC regulations.