Bama Flips Texas A&M DB Tonight as well

Submitted by CincyBlue on December 8th, 2018 at 11:02 PM

Ranked in the top 40 on ESPN, Alabama also flips Texas A&M commit 4 star CB Jeffery Carter.   That is quite a coincidence in the same night.



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Give me a break.  Kids want to compete for national championships, not the Paul Bunyan shit.   

Don Brown is one trick pony and will have that same stupid look on his face that he had against Indiana and OSU because he has no fucking clue how to stop a modern offense. 

Ghost of Fritz…

December 9th, 2018 at 9:25 AM ^

No, it is not the only thing. Far from it.

But it is a key ingredient in being able to build up, and then maintain for so long, a program to the level where the other things--winning the conference and going to the playoffs almost every year--will be major factors too. 

Alabama would never have become so dominant, or remained so dominant for so long, without a level of systematic and well organized dirtiness that many other schools (Michigan among them, which had an existential crisis over extra stretching) are willing to tolerate.

In the end I prefer that Michigan stay as clean as is reasonably possible, even if it means that they won't get certain high 4 and 5 star guys.  The relatively clean place can still get certain high 4 and 5 star guys. 

And I am not saying the Dax Hill in particular was purchased.  Maybe he was.  Maybe he wasn't. 

What I am saying is that Alabama benefits (both when Saban built it up and now) from a level of organized and institutionalized 'taking care of guys' that just is not going to happen at Michigan.

So Harbaugh is in the same situation as Beilein--competing by programs that have been and will continue to be very dirty in a systematic and organized way.

He can still have a great program.  But he won't ever do it with the kind of beyond belief recruiting classes that certain other programs land every year.

The real naivete is thinking that what Alabama has done since Saban arrived is solely due to Saban being a great coach.  He is a great coach.  But that is just one necessary ingredient to creating the greatest run in the history of CFB. 



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I don't blame any kid for decommiting when their family gets put in a better place.  I blame the NCAA for enabling a system that disproportionately rewards programs that disregard the rules, however archaic.  Change the rules on recruiting, police the rules better, and see how well these snake oil salesmen continue to do.  


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You're both offering opinions with no evidence.  Prior to Saban arriving at Bama they had not cracked the top 10 in class rankings.  Since he came they have not dropped outside the top 5.  The same trend happened at LSU.  There is reason to question why he has had recruiting success prior to on field success whereas the expectation for UM is that we need to win and beat OSU before we have it.  One possible explanation is extra benefits.  It makes sense.  So, unless you're providing an alternative rationale it's not very polite to tell your fellow UM fan to "give it a rest."

The Chancre

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And unless you and the other whiners and equivocators find and provide clear, concrete PROOF of all this cheating you claim to know about, then it does indeed need to be given a rest.

Harbaugh came in here like PT Barnum, and has not delivered on his brave postures and loudmouthing. Big deal Michigan is back to 9-10 wins every year. We were all taught that he WILL get it done, right the ship, bring us back into the elite, beat MSU, OSU and all others with alarming frequency and recruit like a mother.

Now we have backtracking, the usual excuses, the "give it more time", the "We're better than everyone because we don't cheat" and of course, "World class education"--from guys who've of course, never set foot on a college campus.

Rich Rodriguez was going to Make Michigan Great Again, Brady Hoke was Golden Pewp, and now Harbaugh and multiple NC's would be just a matter of time.

But when the reality hits, again, it's time to dig out the old excuses, like Al Bundy wearing his old high school letter jacket.


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it does indeed need to be given a rest.

We're supposed to be supportive of our fellow UM fans.  You can disagree, but why take the rather rude stace of "give it a rest"?

unless you and the other whiners and equivocators find and provide clear, concrete PROOF of all this cheating you claim to know about

Of course there is no proof.  That's the whole point.  However lack of proof of also not evidence of lack of wrong doing.  So, in the lack of any evidence either in support of or against this idea all we have to go on is circumstantial evidence and that evidence points to something different in the past 15 years of Saban's college football coaching.  It is a sound theory, but it is just a theory as is yours.  Neither can be proven right or wrong and both are valid arguments.

Harbaugh came in here like PT Barnum, and has not delivered on his brave postures and loudmouthing.

I think you're confusing JH with media reports.  JH guaranteed nothing.  When asked if we wants to make guarantees he merely said "I want to do a good job."

We were all taught that he WILL get it done, right the ship, bring us back into the elite, beat MSU, OSU and all others with alarming frequency and recruit like a mother.

When were we ever elite?  One year in 1997?  Bo wasn't elite.  He usually lost in the Rose Bowl...when he got there.  Carr had one elite year.  Moellar wasn't elite.  So, when was this elite...1905?  C'mon man.  We've never been elite in the modern era.


I think you have unrealistic expectations.  JH has brought us back to our historically W/L records of 8-10 win seasons and has beaten MSU and has recruited well.  The only thing he hasn't done is beat OSU.  I know that's frustrating.  It is to all of us.  But, we are recruiting at the level we have in the past.  He is averaging a top 8 class ranking.  When did we ever consistently do better than that?  We've never recruited at a Saban/Meyer/Carroll level with top 5 classes every year.  That's the problem.  That's what we are trying to compete against in our division now with OSU.  They never did that prior to Meyer either.  OSU is recruiting at a historically high level and we are recruiting at a level back to what we were.  But, what we were is not enough to beat them.  So, JH has brought us back.  He just hasn't made us better than we ever were.  The bottom line is Meyer was a better recruiter than JH, any UM coach ever, as well as any OSU coach ever (as is Saban).  You want JH to be a better recruiter than Meyer and he's not.  He never claimed to be or guaranteed he would be.  We all hoped getting close to him would be enough and it hasn't been.  That doesn't mean he's not successful and hasn't brought us back to what we used to be because he has and we are.  OSU is just better than they've ever been.


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Something tells me you would have made similar arguments about Louisville, Arizona, Kansas etc recruiting in basketball. They're all premier programs too. They're also all dirty as fuck and have been cheating like there's no tomorrow. And I promise you, that's nothing compared to the culture of dishonesty that exists in the SEC re: football.


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It's hard to say who does and who doesn't provide extra benefits and how much extra benefits they are giving because there is very little evidence.  However, Bama was never an elite recruiter in the modern era before Saban and since he arrived they have not dropped outside the top 5 in class rankings.  The same trend happened at LSU when he was there.  However, the expectation at UM is we need to win and beat OSU before we can have that sort of recruiting success.  So the question becomes why does Saban have recruiting success prior to on field success but the belief is we cannot?  There must be an explanation because JH and his staff are by all accounts good recruiters and UM is by all accounts a blue blood program with a track record of recruiting success.  However, Saban has taken 2 schools that were previously not at UM's recruiting level and surpassed them.

Navy Wolverine

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No.......because he has bag men.

It’s not like Saban has always been God’s gift to coaching. He was above average at MSU (worse results than Mork). Won the one title at LSU. Totally sucked with the Dolphins. Now he’s the greatest coach in the history of football who can snatch any recruit he wants with the snap of a finger.


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Quit bitching about a single game result that was an outlier of the entire season.  If our team was truly THAT bad they would lost more games and would have blown out at ND.  Also, OSU lost to Purdue worse than we lost to them.  It happens, it's football.  Take the anger and be constructive with it Instead of whining.


December 9th, 2018 at 9:06 AM ^

Holy shit this gets old. It's the biggest game of the year on the national stage and we got completely pantsed by an elite team, demonstrating how not elite we are. The thing that made that game an outlier was that it was against a real talent.

If fans would take a step back for a moment and look at the state of this fanbase, we are little brother to OSU, and it's really kind of sad. Complaints of "bag men" and resting on our superior academics is the most little brother thing in the world, blaming those things for not being elite.

Honestly, I don't know if it's in the Michigan football culture to be elite, and I'm not talking about an unwillingness to test what you can get away with.