Bad stat for the LT

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Not very good news. And some already saw this in the game:





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Yikes, didn’t know he was that bad...

That stat like alone will cause you to loose games, and it’s not even considering running plays, where his guy might have blown up


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Stanford taking away Deverey Hamilton last minute and then Harbaugh inexplicably dropping Swensen with Isaiah Wilson being bought out by Georgia. 

The cherry on top was Grant Newsome's injury. 

It comes down to recruiting. Replacing 4/5 star talents with 2 star fliers and generic 3 stars will not work most of the time. 

The recruiting naysayers like Maizen were right. Harbaugh has not done a good enough job of recruiting the proper positions at Michigan. Now we're going to witness this with the WRs and DTs in a couple of years since he has gotten zilch with those positions since 2017. 

Edit: Hell I even forgot LTT being an idiot also. The curse is real ya'll. 


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Onwenu is obese... disappointed they couldnt keep him from eating tons of grapes, like he says he snacks on...grapes are a ton of sugar.  Being that obese he should move to DT. Seriously. Because as a OG he cant pull and everyone knows it.  As big and strong as he is, this is not good.

Runyan looks like a guard, period.  Watch the tape and one would almost want to put Bredeson at LT and move Runyan inside.   Am actually surprised that after seeing how poorly the LT whiffed, that Warinner would have Runyan outside.

Layman here saying to put Hudson Spanellis Ruiz Filiaga Bredeson as the lineup.  Wasnt Bredeson slated to RT initially ?



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"Comfortable", for now, yes.

But the problem is results, and reputation.

Recruits like to join winning squads, period. Additionally, the better recruits want to play in the bigger games (Big Bowls & CFP), if Michigan is going to keep losing the big games and not advance as far into the post-season (Conf Champ, Big Bowl, CFP), we will of course continue to get "good" players, but not the best players.

The rich get richer. 


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I am comfortable with the talent and depth at every position on the roster except for OT. We have a lot of interior OL, a lot of quality along the DL, really the entire defense IMO. Fine with TE, Qb, RB and FB. Would like a quality WR in 2019 but it’s not the end of the world if we don’t get one as long as our current recruits and Bell are solid and we get a couple more quality recruits in 2020


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Maizen was not "right" any more than screaming about everything means you're right sometimes.  

Michigan has talent everywhere; they missed out on a couple of tackles and had bad luck with a couple more.  Shit happens.  But Michigan has taken between 8 and 9 tackles (depending on your opinion of Hall and if you thought Wheatley Jr. may one day grow into a tackle-sized player) since Harbaugh arrived here.  Maybe a couple of them were destined for the guard spots, but generally he recruited for the spots he thought he had.  But the two previous years under Hoke Michigan had recruited 3-4 tackles total, only one of whom has seen the field in any capacity (JBB).  

Is the offensive line a major area of concern?  Yep.  Has been for years.  But they've also had bad luck there with a couple of guys they did get.  I still have hope that Warinner can pull sub-mediocrity out of the line they have now.


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Nobody is "blaming" Hoke, but sure, it would have been nice to have more than, what, 2 guys on the roster who could even play tackle and be seniors.  I don't quite get this mindset of a subset of this fanbase that if you point out that issues can occur on a continuum and are not created nor destroyed simply when coaching changes occur, you are blaming someone else.

I'm not.  Michigan needs to recruit and develop tackles better than they have basically since Lewan.  But considering that 2 of the three lineman Harbaugh recruited in his first full year are starters and he's otherwise working with RS sophomores, at best, at the other spots is a sign he didn't inherit a whole lot of talent from the past guy.


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Man, I want the left tackle situation to improve but I also hate when a college athlete is dragged through the mud. I hated it with O’korn and I hate it now with Runyan.



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Here is a quote for you:

"What were you doing in practice? Was it football? I feel like it couldn't have been football if Jon Runyan Jr told the media that he was able to win 8 of 10 times against Rashan Gary and Chase Winovich. Runyan won approximately 0 of 10 times against DEs against Notre Dame, once giving up a sack by letting a DL by him to the left when the line was sliding to the left.

I thought this was going to be bad—the tackles got a 1 in the season preview—but even I am shocked by how bad it was in the cold light of morning. Runyan looked so bad it boggles the mind that any amount of practice would not have turned up a better player more or less immediately. It boggles the mind that Michigan was so desperate to replace him last year that they played Nolan Ulizio and Juwann Bushell-Beatty over him and he was still the locked-in left tackle starter since the beginning of fall camp, and a locked-in starter at right tackle even before that. It boggles the mind that Michigan didn't even think of trying Ben Bredeson at tackle, that James Hudson didn't blow past Runyan in spring, that Jalen Mayfield didn't do so in fall.

Maybe Runyan just had the worst three hours of his life at the wrong time and it'll get better. I can't imagine that actually being the case. Runyan is a redshirt junior. He's done most of his developing already. That performance was the equivalent of John O'Korn's start against Indiana in 2016. He's got too far to go, no reason to expect he'll get there, and not enough time left for a fashion makeover.

He'll start next week. We'll see how long that lasts."

This is a quote from "Brian" of MGoBlog

LINK, scroll down :


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I don't think that he's saying this so much as that you cannot expect wizardry in Year 1 with a new OL coach, especially given recent history. As good as Warinner is, we do not know with 100% where we are now or where we are going, only that the ND game - if it is a milepost - shows that we've got some distance to travel yet.


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The team didn't come out on fire. Notre Dame knocked them back on their heels. I was stunned watching it. There was no fire in the team. That's on the coaching.

It's true Runyan could have done better. I net he would say it himself. But they didn't lose because of him.

I don't know if people are singling him out and putting it all on him. They shouldn't if they are. Ed Warinner is new to the job. This game is his biggest piece of proving ground he'll probably have all year. Things are not going to be the same from now on. Ed Warinner is the kind of guy who will not let it stay the same.

In fact, I am going to make a post out of this comment.