Bad news on the Pike front? (another Qb)

Submitted by KrisGoBlue on April 18th, 2011 at 9:08 PM
QB Appleby was offered today. Maybe bad news on our chances for Pike.



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I think that this news doesn't make it any more likely that we know what's happening, other than TomVH's cryptic post, all signs point to Auburn. I really hate the Tigers now...


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Yeah really.  I'm sure verbal commits from high school juniors have some value, but it isn't a lot.  I'm sure if the NCAA starts to look into Auburn again they'll have a rash of decommits.  If we have a bad season I'm sure we'd have decommits as well.  Lots of kids will flip three or four times between now and signing day.  


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That's what I suspected which is why I'm curious as to where the OP heard this.

Can't read the Scout article but thought it would be about the Akron offer. Appleby's been told he needs to camp before he gets an offer. No reason for that to change in mid-April.


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But, using impeccable Get Smart logic, what if Target B knows that Target A knows that it's just a signal? And Target A knows that Target B knows that he knows that Target A knows that it is just a signal.  And Hoke knows that Target A knows that Target B knows that Target A knows that it is just a signal.

Then clearly by syllogistic logic, it is Target C that we are after.

It's devious, it's mischievous and it would be spectacular.

Then again, I like your idea better.


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From previous update.....

I wasn't offered on this trip, but we sat down with the coaches and they told me what they want out of me to get that offer. They said they want to see me at their camp and based off of that we'll talk about an offer. They told me that they've seen my film and that they really like me but they want me to camp before they offer.

I don't see Hoke changing his strategy whether Pike comes or not.


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If I am Pike I would have to at least consider the possibility of NCAA sanctions on Auburn before I graduate. It would definitely be great to land Pike but the QB situation here at Michigan is looking bright for the future. Last time I checked Devin was a pretty big time recruit himself. All that being said, I really do like our chances that Pike does go blue.

Snidely Doo Rash

April 18th, 2011 at 11:01 PM ^

my background might swing me at times to the SEC so I can be the next Clammy Clam Juice except that would suck and then I might have to suffer ncaa noodle lashings and that would be garbage.  

Then in times of clarity and during celestial replenishment, MEECHIGAN's output of NFL QBs and the cosmic order and ancestral need for me to play a major role in the return of the Big Ten* to CFB dominance could well in me like the need to spawn in the tributaries of the great lakes and sky blue waters of the up and propel my lunker loins into the fish weir that is M football.

Let it be.  The ypsitucky connection is real and needs to be reactivated now.  I also liked the QB from Columbus IN but that is not whappin.  

Good luck and Go North Zeke.  

*and alas ND

King Douche Ornery

April 19th, 2011 at 8:59 AM ^

I'm all for stream of consciousness and stuff, but WOW sometimes it still does need to make some sense.

It would probably be real hard these days to sway kids from one of the big SEC schools, seeing as how they win all the national championships these days.

Yeah, Michigan might have sent Tom Brady and some journeymen to the NFL, but Pike was probably about 10 years old and more worried about cooties than anything else at the time.


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Can you imagine all of the douchey stuff that the pike (pi kappa alpha) bros would wear if pike was ou quarterback? Seriously, if I saw a Michigan jersey with Greek letters for a name I would INFARCT.


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Well I just listened to the Recruiting Roundup, parts 6a and 6b, twice now, and heard nothing about Pike. So... what are YOU talking about?  (as Harbaugh said..."whats YOUR problem?" lol)