Bad Choice College Gameday

Submitted by ijohnb on October 24th, 2009 at 8:28 AM

I know that the Gameday crew wants to mix it up, but I'm sorry, the BYU-TCU atmosphere looks pretty lame from what I've seem. I'm not saying it should have been Ann Arbor, hell, go to East Lansing, or pick one of the several SEC games of interest. There looks like there is literally like 14 people behind Herb and Desmond, just a strange pick.



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I thought they were at BC because the one BC defensive player (Mark Herzlick) announced he is close to being cancer free and will be back to play football next year?


GameDay makes a very special visit to Chestnut Hill, MA for Florida State versus Boston College to hear about BC Linebacker Mark Herzlich's inspiring story and struggle in his battle against cancer.…


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I'm fine with the location. There are really no compelling match-ups this week, and I think it is a huge deal for many of these schools like TCU and BYU to have the gameday crew stop by. I fully expect to see a large number of fans behind them during the actual show.


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That campus is perhaps the worst setup possible for a Gameday crew. The city hates the noise (my wife grew up near BC in Newton, where the main campus is located), so everything is subdued and not nearly as raucous as other schools, and the campus itself is largely built on some major hills, which limits the crowds gathering around the set.


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In fairness to BYU, it's 6:30 AM mountain time. Only the lunatics would hang around the ESPN booth at this hour (rather than the somewhat mentally off that normally hang around it).


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This is the best game nationally, and it is nice to see ESPN mixing it up. I remember when they went to other venues like Penn's Franklin Field and Army, which allowed fans to learn something about college football history. I am hoping that they will be at Oregon next week for Oregon-USC, which would be another new site (or site that they have not visited in a while). Part of what makes college football so great is that there are so many wonderful programs around the country, and, as a fan of the game and its history, I like to see variety (especially when there is no other game that is clearly better on a national scale). I'd love to see the gameday crew visit Wisconsin, which seems like a really underrated place to me nationally.

Additionally, it makes great business sense for the network to get out and show that there are other schools of interest outside of the SEC (this is particularly important for them on the West Coast and in the middle of the country), since their origins can be linked to covering UConn sports and the Hartford Whalers.

My two cents.

Beat Penn State!


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Why on earth would ESPN go to the location of a game that they're not even showing. It's basically like saying don't watch the games on our channels.

MI Expat NY

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This is back to their roots. Back when gameday was a studio show and only occasionally traveled, they only did so for the years biggest games. These were rarely, if ever, on ESPN and since there was no ABC affiliation yet, basically the big game was guaranteed to be on an unaffiliated station.

I hate it when the ABC primetime game dictates where gameday will be. Often times they end up overhyping a game that doesn't deserve it (and is also a bad trend for Michigan since besides the odd night game at PSU or Iowa, most big 10 teams play during the day).

MI Expat NY

October 24th, 2009 at 1:02 PM ^

I understand the reasoning of why ESPN would want to have gameday at ABC/ESPN's "game of the week," however, that brings up all the questions on whether ESPN is a news organization first or purely there to promote their own properties. They have to choose, too often they try to play it both ways.


October 24th, 2009 at 10:26 AM ^

I have to say I'm glad they're going to what they think is the best game of the week, regardless of what network the game is playing on. I remember a few years ago they were only going to ABC/ESPN games even if it clearly wasn't one of the better games of the week, they must've gotten a lot of heat over that. I think pushing their own agenda is one of ESPN's biggets problems - one of the reasons the Daulerio's of the world get readers - so I'm glad they aren't doing it here.