Bacon's Latest: New Coach Won't Be a Surprise Name

Submitted by BursleyHall82 on November 21st, 2014 at 10:47 AM

John U. Bacon on WTKA this morning:

- The new coach won't be another RichRod (an outsider).

- The new coach won't be another Hoke (a mid-level relative unknown who does have Michigan ties).

- The new coach WILL be one of the 4-5 names that won't go away: Jim Harbaugh, Les Miles, etc.

He claims no inside knowledge - these are just gut feelings. Nothing new really, but when JUB speaks, it's always worth a thread.



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I'm not saying he should be the coach at Michigan, but it seems like taking Rutgers to a team that averages 8 wins a year (over his last 5 years, AFTER his 11 win season) and lands talent like Ray Rice is a pretty far from terrible.  Pointing to his record is only vaguely more worthy than pointing to Rodriguez's at Michigan.  The overall arc seems positive.

The failure at TB is more concerning, but that happens to lots of college coaches.  Pete Carrol, Nick Saban, etc.

Not sure I want him at Michigan but based on what he did at Rutgers he deserves another major conference job.  If Harbaugh falls through I wouldn't rule him out, personally.


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He made that program relevant, recruited well (for that school) with around 15 guys in the NFL today from his time, and like him or not, did an objectively good job at Rutgers. The NFL was a different story granted, but that doesn't eliminate him IMO, lots of guys fail in their first NFL job. 


    Insight Bowl-L  
2006 Rutgers 13 11 2 0 .846 12.88 1.11   7 12 Texas Bowl-W  
2007 Rutgers 13 8 5 0 .615 6.75 0.44 16 10   International Bowl-W  
2008 Rutgers 13 8 5 0 .615 6.35 -0.26 Bowl-W  
2009 Rutgers 13 9 4 0 .692 6.34 -2.12   25   St. Petersburg Bowl-W  
2010 Rutgers 12 4 8 0 .333 -6.76 -0.76          
2011 Rutgers 13 9 4 0 .692 6.42 -0.12

His record the last six years at Rutgers, after his first two were 2-9 and 1-11. there's no way you can say he had one fluke year


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Not negging you and I don't want Schiano but his record at Rutgers is pretty strong considering what he had. Gary Moeller won 3 of 5 Big Ten titles at Michigan and only 3 games in 3 years at Illinois. That's what makes Brady's epic fail at Michigan so surprising to me. A good coach should be great at Michigan.


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I have a scout subscription, mainly for Webb's recuriting knowledge, but Beaver does seem to have contacts that know stuff about the coaching change situation, as does Sam. Beaver's annoying as hell though and he types like a 5 year old. Wouldn't be mad to see him booted from scout at all.

RB's Mustache

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Sam Webb's "Gut Feeling" Tautology:

Sam: "I think A will happen, but it's possible B could happen."

If A happens:

Sam: "I told you A would happen. No one listened to me!"

If B happens:

Sam: "I kept telling you that B might happen. No one listened to me!"

See recruiting of: Da'Shawn Hand, Malik McDowell, and 20 other guys who didn't go to UM.


November 21st, 2014 at 11:20 AM ^

Me, too. And I would go back to my Monday tune-in's of the live stream of the press conference. I don't know if they even do them live stream with Hoke  like they did them with Rodriguez, but either Miles or Harbaugh would be infinitely more entertaining.