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Harbaugh has made clear that he would like to keep Joe Milton’s red shirt this year. If I understand correctly he’s only played in one game. I’d like to see him play this week assuming we have the opportunity to use the backup. That would give him the ability to play next week as well and then have some experience for OSU assuming we need a backup (hopefully not).  If he isn’t needed at OSU (or maybe Indiana) then he can still play in the Bowl game(s). One thing to consider is the possibility of two playoff games. I don’t think we ca beat OSU or compete in the Playoffs with Peters, unless the defense completely carries the team.

Any thoughts on how we should manage the issue of the backup now with Dylan out for the season?



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Milton is not and will not be ready to play against OSU if Shea gets injured. This isn't a Tua situation--Milton completed 49% of his passes as a HS senior. It's Peters or nothing if Shea goes down.


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Harbaugh just said that he’s being considered for the backup job this week. Also, Peters does not make us a competitive team in my view. I think Milton is a real possibility.  Especially considering the fact that Peters has been passed by Dylan this year. I have no info, but, I’m concerned that he may have mentally checked out already this season and may not be mentally ready.  


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I’m not shitting on the kid. But, in a day in age where it is the norm to transfer in a situation like his, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to consider the fact that he may be considering transferring. If that’s his frame of mind, a real possibility, then it’s fair to at least consider how focused he has been on his role with the team. 


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I think you have the motivation backwards. If Peters is thinking transfer, he absolutely wants a chance to light up some poor defense with Michigan's current offense. Could be the difference between transferring to a MAC school, or a program like LSU or UCLA with a chance to start. For that reason alone, I hope he gets a chance to shine after a game is in the bag. Dude deserves something for being a live tackling dummy last season.


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Peters might very well be planning to transfer at the end of the year.  Assuming that is true AND the M staff knows it....

To end up at the best school BP needs to show off his skills. 

This game has been circled ALL year as THE game that he would get significant time (whether as 2nd or 3rd string) so I am sure he has been getting ready for it. 

It also behooves M-recruiting/Harbaugh that his "cast-offs" succeed elsewhere post-Michigan, so I am sure they have been pushing him to stay sharp as well.

Prepping for time to show-out as a potential transfer is no different than normal game prep as far as I know.  Number of reps with the Ones would vary based on depth chart but now that he is the nominal backup he has 2 weeks before OSU to shake off any rust.

We will be fine.  We aren't guaranteed an L against OSU with either backup imo.  However, we have very little chance versus 'Bama even with Shea.  Chances approach zero with anyone else.


PS - It's "Day and Age"


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I remember sitting in NUBS  in the early 90's cruising different usenet groups. Back then, I was young and naive, and I was thinking 'Wow, with the way the internet is exploding people will be able to share ideas, and the best will rise to the top. This country will experience an explosion of productivity as people are able to use the internet as a sounding board to sniff out bad political actors and the marketplace of ideas really works for us to find truth....

I also was eagerly awaiting the next version of netscape, couldn't understand how anyone would think Amazon could beat Borders, a little jealous of the guy who brought his zip drive with him, and I was *SURE* that that one girl who lived on South Main was THE ONE....

I laugh at myself back then. 


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Personally, I believe Peters or whoever the back-up(s) will get in significant work over the next two weeks.

 I expect as soon as we get 2-3 scores ahead, Harbaugh will replace Shea. Less time in = Less chance to get injured.

 I expect mass replacements or at least very deep rotations at the earliest opportunity for all the starters. I wouldn't be surprised by 2nd quarter if we are 3 tds up.


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Exactly this. I think most rational observers would have said Peters might have been enough to win versus OSU last year, with a far less developed O-Line. The last two years, M has outcoached OSU significantly and even serviceable QB play could have won that game. If Peters has remained sharp in practice and the film room, it wouldn't be ideal, but the kid can win us that game, especially with how our O-Line has evolved.


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From a decent sample size, a think a sample size big enough to draw some conclusions / strong opinions, Peters is nothing more than a game manager.  He isn't going to make any plays with his legs that Shea or McCaffrey can.  He isn't going to light a defense up.  You just hope he doesn't lose you the game. 


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I still believe we beat OSU with Peters last year.  Peters, behind a functional OL and running game can beat OSU this year. 

He might not be as mobile as Patterson, McCaffrey or Milton, but they can still use read option with him to help open running lanes.  He might be very effective also because they wouldn't expect read option with him.


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Guys, Peters isn't THAT bad.  Yes, he's more of a pro style and won't be as effective with RPO, but I have to imagine he's better than a true FR with accuracy issues.

Ali G Bomaye

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Let's also keep in mind that the OL and WRs last year were a shitshow. It wasn't just Peters; Speight had a year of pretty decent starting experience and he looked bad too before getting hurt. I'd bet that if we were forced to play Peters for extended time this year, he'd be a lot better than last year.


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He was 36 for 63 (57%), 4 TD, 0 INT in the 4 games where he played meaningful time before he got hurt. Given our OL and pass pro last year, that's the definition of solid.

Also, where in the hell are you getting the 0.5 TDs/game. Are you counting games he's come in in garbage time or something? 


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"and there's a good chance we hold on to beat Wisconsin, too if he isn't injured."


That and if a B1G reply official actually looks at the television camera on the touchdown review to see the difference between a left foot coming down first versus both feet coming down simultaneously. 


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Earlier this season at one of his pressers, I believe JH talked about how Shea, Dylan and Brendon were all doing very well with RPOs. All of them have been practicing for this. Let’s give BP the benefit of the doubt before we slam him.

From all accounts, it was really close between him and DCaff in the fall. DCaff got the reps in early games because BP was injured, then did well enough to earn the backup position.

Let’s assume that BP has progressed since last year and would do a fine job if he were called on to come into the game.

RHammer - SNRE 98

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Don't we also assume we'll be getting a pretty good look at Peters in the next two weeks; fingers-crossed those games work out well for us, we'd anticipate the 2nd string QB getting some, if not a lot, of run in at least one of those games, and we'll have a much better sense of Peters' skills and progress after last year with a better OL...