Backup K JJ McGrath appears to be transferring

Submitted by pearlw on May 8th, 2014 at 6:53 PM

Per this youtube video, it looks like JJ Mcgrath is transferring as this appears to be his film to generate interest. He would have been Wile's backup this year so it turns the kicking situation into a bit of a scary situation.

I would have to guess the scholarship given to Andrew David in the 2015 class is the reason behind it. The below quote comes from a Freep article in Jan 2013 when McGrath said he was coming to Michigan as a preferred walkon.

From Free Press Jan 2013>>>>> Macomb Lutheran North kicker J.J. McGrath announced he will attend U-M as a preferred walk-on, with the understanding that he will get a scholarship when one opens for a kicker. “I’m taking a preferred walk on my first year and there’s a possibility I might end up taking a greyshirt,” he said of the process of enrolling in second semester and not being a part of the scholarship class immediately but being included down the road. “I am going to walk on for sure.” According to the roster, his understanding is that may be as soon as the end of next season, when U-M senior kicker Brendan Gibbons’ eligibility expires. >>>>>

Any clue who Wile's backup will be now?



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OK I made it 1:13 into the video and got bored, but I never saw why you think he's transferring. Because he made a video of himself kicking?


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He is probably next in line at the moment. I know Kenny Allen is backup punter but I have never heard his name mentioned for kicking field goals..,but maybe that was just because he was too far down the line when McGrath was here still.

Here is the hello post for Kyle Seychel from the msg board:…


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Is it really transferring if he was a walkon? Can't he just enroll at another school and walkon there as well, then get a scholly the next year?