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I was in the south endzone in row 22 for the big victory over UConn. Needless to say, I was pretty hyped up and having a great time watching the team score in our end and pumping up the other fans. Some "old dude" (I am an AARP member) a couple rows back actually was yelling down in front!

This gave me an idea for a shirt (have not seen this idea before). The front could have something like: I am one of the 109,901 loud and proud fans in the Big House. The back would read: UP IN BACK!!



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Yes.  Because some people still believe that paying their money for a ticket entites them to behave and cheer however they wish.  I can understand the desire to want to generate noise and create a great atmosphere; but at the same time, you need to be respectful of the people around you.  If you stand, how is my five ear old supposed to see over you?  If I take my 68 year old dad to the game, do you expect him to stand the whole game?  Do you really think that all the parents with their school age kids want them to see you all drunk, loud and foul mouthed.  Instead, you should be a great role model to young kids about how to both cheer and be excited while being thoughtful of those around you.  It seems far too many on this board just can't see beyond their own desires.


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it was the second play from scrimmage and some dude piped at me.."hey BigWeb, sit down" I am 6-5 280 and I block about a 5 person section so I understood...I was mostly obliging...I would stand up as soon as the ball was snapped...I was row 77.  I have had enough of it...I paid for my seat in the stadium and I am mostly sure the ticket doesnt say I have to sit throughout the game...right? STAND UP PEOPLE AND CHEER !!!


FROM THE BACK OF MY TICKET IT READS....the University of Michigan may revoke the license and eject or refuse entry to the holder of this ticket who conduct or attire is deemed illegal, disorderly, offensive, obnoxious or unbecoming or violates any stadium/arena rule.

Wolverine Convert

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People coming to a football game should want to get involved. They can stay at home on their couch if they want to sit all day.

I am pretty sure that guy didn't pay any more for his ticket than I did and did not appear to be crippled in any way. I want to get my money's worth and support my team as much as possible...People sitting on their ass and being quiet does not add much to the home field advantage.

Be loud and be proud!

Go Blue!!


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While I am certainly empathetic to those who are physically incapable of standing, IMHO, telling someone to sit down at a football game is the equivalent of telling someone to stop singing along at a rock concert.


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I like standing during the games, but it's important to be respectful of others - for some of our older fans, especially, it's physically uncomfortable to do so all game.  In any event, the bigger issue is that we're vocal in our support.  You don't have to be standing to be loud and supportive.


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Every time I'm at a Michigan game someone tells me to sit down.  Believe it or not I was actually told to be quiet several times in 08 against Toledo for screaming "Defense." Next time I make the 10 hour trip I will pay extra to get near the student section so I can interact with the real fans and get as loud as I want.


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I sat in section 18 on saturday and I was very pleased that we stood the entire game. There was a couple behind us that kept guessing "are they gonna stand?" after timeouts. There's a hell of a lot more room when you stand.


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Didn't happen to be a guy with glasses and an Asian woman, were they? Because I was in 18, and I heard the same thing. But the whole section was standing, and not one or two random assholes. (Because really people, your legs and vocal cords aren't connected...standing doesn't make you louder). I was glad to; my row was so tight (all adult men) that it was the only way we could fit.


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I think it's a great idea. I was going to write about my experience but I will just comment here instead. I was in section 44 row 9 seat 13 and stood through the entire first quarter and a half. Then late in the 2nd quarter I hear "down in front" and I simply ignored it. Again, "down in front" to which the guy next to me turns and replies "It's a football game" The "down in front" gentleman then says "I wouldn't stand in front of you" I then turned to him in a respectful manner and simply said "I would EXPECT you to stand in front of me!"  To this gentleman I apolagize for any disrespect but I feel that when I buy a ticket it is my responsiblilty to stand and be as loud as I possibly can for the entire game. This isn't the NFL! So I sat, for one play. Then I stood for the rest of the game and never heard from him again.


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You've gotta understand though that the old folk may not be physically able to be up and down all the time. And while I wish we could just kick them out of the stadium to make room for more energetic fans, they're paying the big bucks that keep the program at the top of D1. My personal opinion is that if you want to stand for the whole game, get tickets with or near us in the student section. If you're sitting anywhere else, sit down and make as much noise as you can from your seat. Standing up does not make your voice or your hands any louder. Stand up to applaud a big play in progress, etc, but be respectful of the fans around you because they're not going anywhere


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I agree with just about all of this.

Most of the time I've been able to go to games, it has been using one of my grandpa's season tickets. I grew up sitting in a "blue hair" section, and we still get loud even though we're not standing the whole game.

There's something special about everyone getting on their feet as a big play develops on the field, too. It's one of my favorite feelings in the world.


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Cut you wrists. Sit down don't be a dick, old people pwn noobs. Lots of these people telling you to sit your drunk ass down have probably been going to games for 50 years. But bow you come along drink a few bud lights and think you get to tell them the "real" way to watch football. Sit the fuck up and do what everyone else in your section does. When they stand you stand, when they sit. Sit the fuck down


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....but if I ever get to a point where I don't want to stand up at a football game, I'll stop going and watch it on TV.

That being said, maybe there should be a "please remain seated" section or sections, sorta like an extended handicapped section.  They could ask all of those buying or renewing season tickets if they would prefer to remain seated.  When the results come in, they could use them to determine how many sections should be designated for sitting only.  The logistics may suck, and a few people may get semi-screwed on location, but it could be done.

And it might be fun to watch what happens when a "down in front" person buys a regular ticket from a scalper, or a regular person buys a ticket in the "please remain seated" section.


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to standing for good chunks of the game, for big plays, for the fourth quarter, etc.  HOWEVER, I've got a bad knee and it's hard enough to negotiate the steps without then having to stand for the better part of three hours.   I've been a Michigan fan for over 40 years, I cheer and yell with the best Michigan fan.  I don't need to stand, for example, when Connecticut has the ball on second and seven play -- at least before the snap.


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That's fine, everyone has their own concerns. I'm 6'4" and when I'm sitting, my knees are in the back of who ever is in front of me. Sitting for an extended time tightens my back and begins to really bother me. There's a whole hell of a lot more room in the stadium when you stand.


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I'm with you on that one. I'm not that tall (6'1'') but my legs are fairly disproportionate to my body, and I have a bad knee from a sports injury, that was never surgically corrected. Sitting down, my legs are too cramped, and my knees are usually prodding awkwardly between the people in front of me like armrests. I need to stand or else my knee starts to throb.


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I am with the "Down in Front" crowd.  You stand to celebrate big plays.  You might stand to cheer during a critical or tense part of the game.  But other than those and a few other select moments, please sit down and enjoy the game.  I don't want to stand the whole game and don't want to look at your backside the whole game.  I paid for my SEAT and want to sit and watch the game.  At the same time, being at a sporting even does not give you the right to get drunk and scream and make an ass of yourself.  Others around don't want to see you make an ass of yourself and don't want to listen to your loud explitive laced drunken rants and cheers.  I don't want my kids listening to you.  You are not in the student section any more and the rules change.  You are expected to behave like an adult now.  I is not all about you.  By all means, come, have fun, cheer but be thoughtful and respectful of those around you.  I think if I saw someone one or two rows down with an "Up in Back" shirt, I would cringe and know that I can pretty much count on my day at the game will be ruined by an intoxicated immature dickhead.

Frank Drebin

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I prefer to stand whenever possible, but also realized that others are around me and I will limit myself to big plays or big situations. What I don't like is on a big 3rd down or similar situation, someone yelling at me to sit down. Are you kidding me? This is a huge situation in the game and someone is yelling louder at the crowd instead of in support of their team. Also, many people in the "stand up crowd" are not drunk. I also get upset with those who embarrass themselves and act like Buckeyes at games, but you can't say that everyone who likes to stand for parts or most of the game are drunken asses. No matter what, this is a losing argument for both sides, as it is constantly brought up and people will not be swayed on their opinion. There are times to stand, and times to be respectful of those around you, but that goes both ways. If it is a big play, be respectful to the fan who is standing and in to the game cheering on their Wolverines!


September 6th, 2010 at 6:18 PM ^

I hear you.  You are right.  Not every stander is a drunken boor.  There is enough of them, though, that the sterotype is not far off the mark.  For my part, if there is an excessive stander in front of me, I am not one to holler "down in front."  I would likely lean over, tap the person on the shoulder and let them know that I am having a hard time seeing the game with them standing, would they mind sitting down.  It is all about respect and tone.  But having beligerent fans around you can really ruin the day.   


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I agree with you and find it funny that people feel that if you are standing then you are a drunken fool. I don't drink but as I said earlier I sat for only one play. I am also very respectful and I do understand where the "down in front" crowd is coming from. There are equal arguments for both sides but the main thing is that everyone has the best experience possible.


September 6th, 2010 at 9:28 PM ^

I am in Section 33, row 1.  I am damn near as front as front can be.  I've had these seats for 12 years.

I am so sick of the "stand up police".  Trust me, you are not making more noise than me, and you know what else?  I'm watching the game.  I'm not Mr. Stand up, who is more concerned with whether or not I'm standing than with what's actually going on on the field.  Do I stand up on certain plays?  Yes.  Am I making noise while we're on offense?  NO, because I am not an idiot, unlike Mr. Stand Up.  I enjoyed his ass getting thrown out in the 2nd quarter, I did.


Watch the game.  Make LOTS of noise.  Don't be the stand up police.